2017 Spring Men’s Fashion | New Arrivals in Men’s Underwear | Parke & Ronen and Modus Vivendi


2017 Spring Men’s Fashion | New Arrivals in Men’s Underwear | Parke & Ronen and Modus Vivendi. Sign up for the club at www.underwearexpert.com/shop/susbcription/

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23 Responses

  1. Body completely ruined by tattoos.
    Almost did not noticed the Underwear.
    I guess to each to Each His Own .

  2. I've gone back to my Andrew Christian trophy boy undies. I love the black and pink pair of boxer briefs with cut outs. and I have the pink and blue jockstrap.

  3. He is a cutie!!
    he sells it for sure.

  4. Zach is sooooooooo beautiful! <3

  5. Jose MTF says:

    i love the briefs!

  6. I really love this model <3

  7. Just D8vid2 says:

    Your model is so f'ing hot……unfortunately those tattoos are a little busy. They are oddly misplaced.

  8. Jbyo Bravo says:

    the most perfect body-guy in the universe, WOW , nice castin kevin, thsi man its so delicious—– I like the flamingo hawaii

  9. Dino M says:

    Why this model? Is so cute and sexy and lovely ?

  10. hellodlo says:

    this needs to be in 4K

  11. ritchiereech says:

    that model is hot and straight acting but I dont like tats.

  12. Mrk836 says:

    Anyone know the background music here?

  13. sparkers70 says:

    Those contrast briefs look very cool.

  14. Ander Balzak says:

    It was just me who did not even pay attention in the briefs, this model is very beautiful! Loved it! Come to Brazil please! ??

  15. Ciclopea2 says:

    The underwear is fantastic and so is the model

  16. Love zach but damn this glasses are THICK

  17. figang hum says:

    Some models ruin clothes !!

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