2017 World War 3 Events Before Imam Mahdi |Shocking Illuminati Destroying Turkey and Saudi Arabia|


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  1. MashAllah
    Muslims’ awareness and understanding of the importance and their identity . Wicked forces are behind this planning . Please open your eyes …

  2. Leila Ali says:

    I am going to mecca and if this happens I don't care. I'm seeing the hardships my Syrian brothers and sisters have subhanallah. we're paying to the Syrian medical centers , if saudi arabic is gonna get dystroyed by the black jet fighters subhanallah welp inshallah all my devoted muslim brothers and sisters that want to see imam mahdi will remain safe inshallah

  3. Leila Ali says:

    brother I'm going to mecca in six months where should my brothers and sisters hide when this occurs? I need to think about this

  4. Na Lu says:

    SubhanAllah a very nice and sincere effort! May Allah SWT bless to you and your family too, aaameen! ^^ Really like this video, Gonna replay it times & times!

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