29 Very Interesting Stock Market Facts and Statistics!



October 2008 has elevated fascination in the stock market place due to prevalent information coverage on the banking institutions closing and as a result stocks falling. So to dietary supplement your fascination listed here are 28 quite exciting stock market place statistics for you!

$36.six trillion – the approximated size of the world stock market place at the starting of October 2008.

22.six% – the major drop of the Dow Jones in 1 working day! (1987)

fifteen.34% – the major attain of the Dow Jones in 1 working day! (1933)

thirty% fall in the market place – Would imply the NYSE would close buying and selling there and then for the working day.

eighty% – the sum of capitalisation represented by the FTSE a hundred on the full London Stock Exchange.

four hundred-1 – The leverage provided to you by some Forex trading firms!

$2000 – the preliminary deposit you have to lawfully have in the US to open a margin account.

£0 – the sum of tax you have to pay back on a unfold betting account in the British isles as its classed as gambling.

86.three% – the sum of Forex trading traders that trade the USD

five hundred% – The sum the stock market place grew concerning 1982 and 1993 in phrases of capitalisation.

1602 – the year the initially shares had been issued on the Amsterdam stock exchange

$eleven million – the sum a company have to have acquired around the previous three many years to attain a listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange

83% – The percentage of wealth provided away by famed trader Warren Buffet to the Invoice % Melinda Gates charitable foundation

$26 trillion – The recent price of mutual resources

1790 – The date of the oldest stock exchange in the US opened (Philadelphia)

143,646,198 – The volume of the most traded ETF on the US markets, SPY.

.5% – The agreed throughout the world fascination level fall in October 2008 to counteract the big drops in shares.

GRRR – The symbol of Lion Region Safari (ok not technically a stat but worth figuring out!)

24.39% – The sum shed on the Dow Jones index due the results of Planet War I.

£9,600 – The sum you can receive (British isles) before shelling out funds gains tax of eighteen% on stocks, far better than the £5,600 money tax allowance!

– The sum of funds gains tax paid in Mexico, Malaysia and Barbados to title a number of.

50% – A rough estimate of the increase in the share value of Apple in the aftermath of the Apple iphone.

1984 – The year the FTSE a hundred index was introduced with a staring price of one thousand.00 (6950.60, the maximum price attained to date, 1999)

1 – The place of Royal Dutch Shell as the most capitalised share in the British isles (Oil company, 31 Dec 2007)

1993 – The year the initially ETF was introduced tracking the S&P five hundred

89% – The sum wiped off stocks concerning 1929-1932, during the fantastic melancholy.

2 – The place of the Tokyo stock exchange in phrases of most capitalised stock exchanges.

2008 – The year oil attained $a hundred a barrel

14.sixty eight% – The fall in the Dow Jones in the initially 50 percent of 2008.

I hope these stock market place statistics have quenched your stock market place fascination for now, good luck with the buying and selling men! Don’t overlook to check out out my web site for extra information and facts on the stock market place!


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