2PAC IS BACK! | Tupac Dissing Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Drake, Kanye and more *PROOF 2015*


2PAC IS BACK. Dissing Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Drake, Rick Ross, 50 cent, Puffy, Bad Boy, Young Thug, 2 Chains and mobb deep wizzle After nearly 18 Years, Tupac …


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  1. John Lyons says:

    i partyed with pac 12 days ago he is pissed at these people for stealing his music

  2. TheSpikeDK says:

    if he was alive.. he would be arrested for faking his own dead

    only if he got busted


  3. dude if 2pac where alive he would Show him self on camera he dont have to say where he is

  4. Daquan Davis says:

    tupac is dead but for us he's alive making mix tapes

  5. I think Tupac is dead if he's alive I hope you scratched every MC out there because he is the best then all you rappers are just candy wrappers compared to him

  6. and I love just see Tupac I know Eminem and destroy him

  7. 2:19 where can I find that song playing on the B&Y beat?

  8. DanJa GzUz says:

    TuPac= For Life !!! cause he still under us !!!

  9. Fallout King says:

    even dre,50 cent,and slim shady? this has to be fake

  10. Cody Griffin says:

    this dildo tricked ya 1 million really

  11. yo pac hated all his enemies and his affiliates

  12. Iv listened to tupac for many many years I know about every word every song he has ever made I grew up listening to him amd still do to this day and this is his voice

  13. Hol'up. I need the full audio of the diss, where can I get it bruh!?

  14. Markus Ali says:

    stupid motherfuckers stop talking out ur asses the nigga got his army ready to bomb on ur fake ass bitchz

  15. The Suspect says:

    We'll see what will happen in 2016. If nothing will happen, then I quit looking after him.


  17. Bill Stamos says:

    +Tupac Thug Theory i believe this im not a fan of pac but drake only started producing his "rap" in 2009 pac died in 96 also d r ake was born in 89 he would have been 7 when pac died no where close enuf for 7 y o drake to get pac to listen to his mixtape lol i believe simply because drake wasnt rapping when 2pac died so how would somone have a recording of him saying fuck drake when theres no chance he actually knew drake

  18. TUNI G 94 says:

    the beat was from a my favourite song from tupac hit em up

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