2Pac – White man’z world


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  1. "Every woman, in America, Especially Black. Bare with us can't you see, that we under attack"

  2. deonnaxx my birthday is Feb 27 the same day of independence of my country

  3. real O.G live FOREVER!!!



  6. Makaveli the don! #RGM

  7. mark bagwell says:

    one of the realist people on the mic!! truth be told!!

  8. smh… what a damn shame. Our brother the Revolutionary!! Warning All Black and Brown people of the affects of White Supremacy on our Men, women, and children… and what a fucking mockery to the spirit of this Black man… that all these pale faces comment on here about what a great loss to fucking Hip Hop *ugh…
    Are you assholes even paying attention to the got damn WORDS of the song or does the English language, somehow, lose its validity when the words are spoken by a Black person? These fucking oppressive, thieving, murdering ass Peckerwood's have degraded our generation's liberator to a fucking "Hip Hop artist"; on a list where his words of hope are compared to the mumblings of psychotic junkies such as Lil Wayne, or the egotistical maniacal ramblings of Kanye West as to Who's the greatest "rapper" ever; just to have him lose out to a pale faced, pill poppin, man ass raping, culture jacking wiggers such as Eminem???
    Why 20 years later… are we letting them still exploit us and murder the voice of reasons within our culture?
    White people, this song is Not for your entertainment; Black people, it IS to spark your liberation.

  9. will Coleman says:

    Reparations are due pac said but in they eyes slavery was'nt that bad they'll never give a nigga a dime.Word

  10. Sgt. yet? Love tupac 2016

  11. In a world where everyone's lieng

  12. It is so sad how the world is fucking crazy. All we can do is pray keep I head ☝

  13. rip leashe parish crooks

  14. the beat along with his flow is a great combination.

    the beat is raw tho.

  15. Sickmatic says:

    Man, me being a white male makes me feel bad…

  16. Eureka Woods says:

    "Being born with less I must confess it only adds to the stress." (totally insane)

  17. Anyone know the name of the song and speech that come in around 5:17???

  18. Bob Bobers says:

    the first part is from the Malcolm x the movie

  19. Ray Ray says:

    God free our minds,and our communities! !!!!!!!

  20. Vault Boy says:

    being born with less I must confess it only adds to the stress

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