3 Reasons Central Banking is a Plague on our Economy


J.G. Vibes
Activist Post

Millions of American’s are thinking about pulling their money out of the big banks this week, and of course the mainstream media has wasted no time in marginalizing the real issues at play.

The banking industry has been an enemy of this country since its inception and the resistance that is boiling over right now goes a little bit deeper than overdraft fees.  Before we take the banks head on and start thinking about ways we can stop them, let’s review some of the fundamental reasons why banking (as we know it) is a plague on our economy and our way of life.

FIAT CURRENCY AND INFLATION – A fiat currency has been described by many as “Currency that a government has declared to be legal tender, despite the fact that it has no intrinsic value and is not backed by reserves. Historically, most currencies were based on physical commodities such as gold or silver, but fiat money is based solely on faith.” (Source)

In other words the money you have in your pocket is just worthless paper that only has value because the government says it does. This is why we have a constant increase in the cost of living that is known as inflation.  The Federal Reserve Bank assigns a certain value to our paper currency, but that value is constantly diminishing because that same bank continues to print more money, thus taking value away from the money that is already in circulation.  So when the price of food goes up at the store, it doesn’t mean that the food is getting more expensive, it just means that your money is less valuable than it was when you made it, meaning that now you need more of it to pay for the things you need.

FRACTIONAL RESERVE LENDING AND USURY – Fractional reserve lending means that banks are lending out money that they don’t have; in other words, they only have a fraction of the funds in their bank. This is all perfectly legal, under the laws that have been created and pushed through this elite class, of course.  So a central bank or government that uses fiat (worthless) currency and distributes money using fractional reserve lending can lend much more money than they actually have and then charge interest on the money that never existed in the first place.  This really is one of the best and most well-thought-out scams of all time.  This process of creating money out of thin air and charging interest on its use automatically creates a system of debt and dependence where those who aren’t born with inherited resources or the ability to print money are ultimately indentured to those who have enough extra real or imagined wealth to lend it out at interest.  Lending money at interest whether it exists or not is called “usury”, an immoral practice that is no different than the “loan sharking” that is said to take place in organized crime.  What we have in the global financial market today is a system that takes usury to a whole new level because traditionally bankers and goldsmiths were limited to lending out only the money that they had in their coffers, but with fractional reserve lending they are now allowed to lend out as much money as they want, even if they don’t have it.

WAR – The banking industry may have not created the concept of war altogether, but it has certainly made it far more dangerous and deadly.  Without fiat currency, fractional reserve lending and the “invisible tax” known as inflation, governments would be forced to rely on taxing their populations directly to fund their wars, a venture that rarely ends well for the establishment.  When taxes are raised during wartime, wars get unpopular very quickly, but if the government is able to extract the money that they need from the population through the use of inflation, most people won’t catch on until it’s too late.  The same goes for a growing homeland police state. If the people are heavily taxed and see a direct increase in police technology there will undoubtedly be outrage, but if the price of living just slightly increases every so often it will be much more difficult for people to figure out where their money is going.

For these core reasons, and more, I urge you to join the millions of American’s who are withdrawing their financial support from the major banks.  The ideal thing to do would be to put your money into tangible resources, but if your life situation makes this difficult then maybe just switching banks is best for you.  You really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  Smaller banks and credit unions are typically a lot easier to deal with and have far better track records when it comes to customer service. Of course, you’ll also be making an effort to bring down the system that enslaves us, by simply removing your support from it.

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