4 Blood Moons Prophecy: Blood Moon Tetrad Special Program


In this end of the world prophecy video, we take a look at the 4 blood moons of the new world. In the last 2000 years the blood moon tetrad has happened only …


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  1. You can not discover a land that was already Inhabited

  2. John Maxwell says:

    Mark blitz tried to sell his book via this Sid Roth show (I still can't believe this fact because It's Supernatural is one of the best shows IMO). I can't see anything credible here.

  3. Ron J. says:

    "During the 21st century, there are 8 sets of tetrads, so I would describe tetrads as a frequent occurrence in the current pattern of lunar eclipses, And between 2000 to 2100 there will be 8 more" Fred Espenak, NASA eclipse expert, said of the lunar tetrad in 2014

  4. C File says:

    Idiot, fearmongering christians! What do you say now that NOTHING happened after September 28? The world carried on as it always has after each and every end times claim. How many times must you cry wolf before admitting what gullible fools you are? NOTHING CHANGED after September 28. NOTHING! SHOCKING!

  5. wells theres a blood moon and nothing has happend :/

  6. Eve Ihlone says:

    The moon was red and the sky was clear. This goat was not as willing as the previous three. It made a lot of noise during the sacrificial ceremony. The Lord expressed pleasure for the aroma of the burnt offering. The reading of the entrails foretold that the arrival of the Beast is close at hand. This is it folks. Are you ready?

  7. zxzrp0 says:

    NOthing happened, epic fail, blood moon wasn't anything special

  8. Its October 1st and nothing happened on the last  blood moon, so you were wrong and scared or gave people hope over nothing, but you made your money, you are scamming gullible people knock it off.

  9. America was already founded by many indian tribes, Columbus visited he didn't discover anything, because Indians already had government, laws, trading systems, agriculture, history, culture cities etc regardless of where Indians may have come from they were already here when Columbus visited. so try again.

  10. the devil is going to tamper with the calendar so we miss the signs? is he honestly serious? lol

  11. Robert Hardy says:

    Still here !!!!
    Sid Roth has made 3 predictions since 1998……suffice to say he is chicken little

  12. I started #JohnHageeIsaScammer  on facebook because John hagee is full of crap, a liar, scaremonger, and scam artist. don't support him anymore please, he is a liar, and a scammer.and if you agree check out and like my hashtag. because he is obviously full of crap.

  13. Alford young says:

    He didn't found America cause people was already there stupid

  14. black people are the true jews

  15. Jack bassman says:

    Good job I didn't hold my breath LOL

  16. These words are not for the unbelieving…

  17. the last blood moon is on next year

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