(4K) JOE BIDEN ONBOARD – US Air Force Two Boeing 757-2G4 Landing & Motorcade – [98-0001]


Joe Biden the Vice President of the United States of America seen here arriving at Melbourne Airport onboard Air Force Two a Boeing VC-32A + his Motorcade …


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  1. I first thought it was an onboard video on the Air Force Two … I think I'm a bit tired XD Awesome job mate !!!

  2. Super video mate! Would have been great to see this in the day time! I see you have upgraded to 4K! Looking forward to more 4K videos! Hoping to upgrade to 1080p by the end of the year haha

  3. Cool!! Super nice catch, Daniel! I'm so excited to see it here, I believe it arrives Wednesday in AKL. I liked the extra footage at the end too. The fire truck was random in that line up, haha! Big Like, buddy!

  4. Very cool! Awesome you caught this. Nice video. :)

  5. AdAndPlanes says:

    Wow! Awesome, catch! Absolutely massive motorcade too! Any shots going into extras?

  6. Amazing catch! :)

  7. George says:

    Not bad mate

  8. Great footage mate, such a shame she arrived in the dark.. Massive like (even though you have disabled the ratings)!

  9. Nice catch mate! Good to see you uploading 4K videos now big thumbs up

  10. Wow! Amazing catch and even better, its in 4K! I liked a lot! The Motorcade was great to see too! Not every day do you get stopped to wait for one to pass by.

  11. Nice catch mate. Congrats again on your 1000 :-D! You deserve that number so much and I can't wait for further amazing Melbourne spotting :D! Huge like from me

  12. Good spotting position. Always fascinating to see how long the motorcade is when Air Force One or Two are arriving.

  13. PaulHills says:

    i don't know what I'm supposed to be looking at

  14. Amazing Spotting!! Tomorrow I going home tonight.

  15. Matthew B says:

    Never have I seen a fire truck in a presidential or vice presidential motorcade! Overkill?

  16. great night video, thumps up! ;)

  17. flybyplane says:

    Great shot. Very nice video mate. :-)

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