5 Celebrities Allegedly KILLED by The ILLUMINATI!


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  1. Jackie Smack says:

    Wow can this get out of my suggested videos XD.

  2. Wowmeow 120 says:

    bruce lee (ps u made the worrst movies ever) bye idc bout u anna bye idc bout u 2pac bye idc bout u John bye idc bout u NOOOO MICHEALLL JACKSONNNN NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Schranzhand says:

    i watched now a dozen of your vids and each one is even worse than the other

  4. Why do people think illuminati is just a childlish joke, it's so annoying.

  5. Surprised Paul Walker not on here. lol

  6. Denkas says:

    9+10= 21
    31 rhymes with 21
    4 sides of a square
    A square is a shape
    A triangle is a shape
    Illuminati confurmed

  7. tyler burke says:

    shut the hell up the illuminati is dead

  8. sadhu n says:

    like city of owls from GOTHAM

  9. Anna Nicole Smith was a horror a gold digger and she probably tricked out old man giving his money to her she could easily gave his son or whoever most of the money but she was a whore in a gold digger there's plenty of people who would have wanted to kill that bitch I don't think the Illuminati give two shits about her I know nobody else did

  10. tupac was an amazing person I think he didn't die I think he just want to be left alone I hope he's on a beach somewhere or an island

  11. Tupac is pronounced ( Tu- pock ) get it right man.

  12. StrafyMC says:

    The illuminati was founded in 1776. That's awfully close to… 1738! 1776 – 1738= 38. 3 + 8 = 11. Illuminati is 11 letters. Illuminati = Illuminati confirmed.

  13. He said tupac on Michaels turn at 14:18

  14. anna nicole smith was also taken methadone.

  15. Dank Meme says:

    as a member of the illuminati i can say this video is only 82% true PS: pepe told me to tell you he was a danker meme than you, he's also a member of the illuminati

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