5 Most Incredible Coincidences of World War II



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  1. at 5:46, you can see the silhouettes what looks like two japanese floatplanes.

  2. Gammafox5431 says:

    People can hate on this as much as they like, but the music Dark5 used was pretty good.

  3. nmn b says:

    flawed list

  4. Chris Lucier says:

    good video but it sucks having the words covering it you should have someone reading this stuff

  5. Robbie M says:

    love the video and music.

  6. the last account (midway) has serious linguistic and syntax problems to be understood

  7. Interesting facts, but the "music"… :-(

  8. McZidanne says:

    The US is still to be tried for war crimes against humanity for having used 2 atomic bombs.

  9. The Arashi didn't lag behind. Before McCluskey's squadron was up in the air, the Imperial Japanese Fleet was already under attack by a small squadron of bombers. Arashi was ordered to stay behind to check if they came back. It wasn't a coincidence, it was a mistake that the Japanese made. McCluskey's gunner spotted Arashi's smoke. The Arashi was given strict orders to go full speed by the flagship of the Japanese Attack Fleet. That's why the American's won the Battle of Midway. I watched a document about it. It was supposed to be about Kaga and how she sank but they showed McCluskey's "luck" out on the battlefield.

  10. This could at least have been a passable video but was wrecked by stupid background 'music'…

  11. Logo-Port says:


  12. Glitter says:

    #1 take that slanteyes

  13. fern van says:

    one of the brothers of the Boston bombing's name was Tamerlan.

  14. adam madmax says:

    i did not understand the last one even after going thru 5 times

  15. Jäger Lovag says:

    Everyone bitching about the music, and oddball me would really like to know what it is. ._.;

  16. Finnish soldier Mikko Kallionpää should be in this list. He was amazingly soldier who fired very first shots in both winter war (shooting first invading Soviet soldier in Lieksa as border guard) and Lapland war (scouting & shooting german convoy as platoon leader)!!! There's a book written about him, Kahden Sodan Aloittaja (One Who Started 2 Wars). I doubt there's anyone in history who have done that!

  17. Von Liberté says:

    That nummer five is really intressting. Makes you think!

  18. Chuck Van says:

    This was back when the FBI could be relied on to do a proper investigation.  Comey was NOT in charge.

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