5 Nostradamus Predictions for 2016!


5 Nostradamus Predictions 2016! Very accurate predictions of Nostradamus of 2016! Ready?! Transcript: – 1. Unusual Weather Patterns Nostradamus predicted …


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  1. -TheFillion- says:

    June 11th, no asteroid.

  2. That guy was wrong there was no asteroid in April.Yay we're all gonna live.

  3. Obama is the last President because Trump will convert America from democracy into monarchy.?

  4. Neriouswag says:

    Thank god some of this already passed

  5. Jaime A23SSJ says:

    He was wrong about most of these

  6. number 1 is spot on man… other day it was 85 degrees and it started to hail and snow?!?! lasted 3 minutes then got sunny again. either our solar system is dying or the government sucks at controlling the weather using HAARP lmao

  7. Cindy Marino says:

    May 15th and May 16th of last month ago there was no meteor hit in Russia it can't be

  8. jjmar56 says:

    Nostradamus did not predict anything beyond 2012.

  9. Donald Trump- The Supreme Leader of USA. Donald Trump will become friends with Kim Jong Un. The rest of the world will fight aginst them. (The USA will quit NATO.)

  10. 2:51
    does anyone else see the numbers?

  11. David Sale says:

    who is watching this in

  12. Meep Gaming says:

    I think 5,4,3 is gonna come true but 2 didn't come true but 1 kinda did come true

  13. a prediction is a prediction without any exact and accurate date and time..

  14. I dont wanna end the world i love the world

  15. This is the end of the world nooooooooooooooo :(

  16. 4444555566677889 years old

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