5 Nostradamus Predictions For The Future


5 Forecast for the future of Nostradamus Michel de Nostradamus was a 16th century Frenchman who studied astrology and various other sciences .


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  1. Matthew Lin says:

    It's all up for interpretation. Half of these could be anything really.

  2. James Evans says:

    He is talking about I.S. When he is talking abou ww3

  3. Frank McEvoy says:

    Nostradamus's predictions are so vague, we can really project them on anything. I had a book of his predictions published in the early 1940s. There were some predictions dated through astrology. He was wrong, wrong, wrong. Events in 1968 about the Muslims warring on the Pope's navy…well, I was busy, so I must have missed it.

  4. Frank McEvoy says:

    He was consciously obscure as well. He once wrote a divination for a client who couldn't read French. He wrote it up in…French. Go figure.

  5. zombie world so hard to survive but is cool i like to kill as many i can before i die I want to fuck many girls and then i die happy

  6. RickyG Killa says:

    The next evil antichrist…..

    Donald Duck i mean Trump

    Wake up america!!!!

  7. Butt Pain says:

    holy fuck i hope I'm dead when the apocalypse happen

  8. jose valdes says:

    I think he's talking about Iran and the 3rd anti Christ is Hassan Irans president

  9. Its called ISIS and its about to go down!

  10. Remoniq says:

    We can talk to animals, some primates can use handsigns to talk with us. So that one kind of came true?

  11. keith cozart says:

    call me The Negroedamus

  12. the won aboute the anti Christ is the. dajal it says in the holy quran a being will come and will trick people especially the jews

  13. HAZIQ MHALIM says:

    3rd antichrist is dajjal massiah.

  14. I can already understand animals

  15. TestedModz says:

    2019 – A nuclear launch from north Korea will happen but it will be unsuccessful, however this will be be the start of WW3, And will last for 4 years, 420million people will die.

    2029 – We find life on another planet

    2040 – 14 humans land on mars

    2078 – flying cars are the norm

    2410 – WW4 – 6 Billion people die

    7882 – more people live on mars than earth

    7929 – earth is destroyed, 2 billion dead.

    8392 – humans 2.0 come find us, they are humans with wings and some other cool stuff.

    8393 – humans 2.0 kill most of us and take the rest to test on

    8402 – some of us escape and travel to a new world

    9234 – we find out how to time travel

    9236 – they send me back to the year 2015 to write this and warn people not to believe everything they read.

    2015 – Don't believe everything they read..

  16. Invasion through Europe…happening now with the "refugees"…the guy with the blue turbin is already in Germany…


  18. Looks like people are making things up from vague little poems.

  19. Evan Murphy says:

    How the fuck do you sleep

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