5 Reasons We Are Being Chemical Subverted #NWO #Illuminati


Male sperm rates are dropping in western countries; male testosterone is dropping, and women are more unhappy? What is the reason behind this?
Are we being chemical subverted? #NWO #Agenda21


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  1. vinny de says:

    feeegggittt NEVER the NWO must SUFFFAH!

  2. DocBMT says:

    Research Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals EDC, Wikipedia will give you a huge look at what is going on.  Food's wrapped in plastics is a big factor with estrogen like substances filtering into the foods.  That is just one….   GMO's have not even been considered yet,  Bovine Growth Hormones found in dairy products is a big one.  Radiation is so prevalent today from TSA's x-ray scanning of the unprotected reproductive organs to the galactic gamma radiation bombarding the weakening magnetosphere of earth.  Now Fukashima is just terrible and ongoing and is an ELE.

  3. Lottie R. says:


  4. 12 masters says:

    there is too much going on on the screen to actually pay attention to what you are saying. this makes it difficult to listen and process. if there is any way to fuck someone up, this is how to do it well. The CIA could not do a better job than you have done. keep it simple, without creepy background images.

  5. The Trump says:

    Great Artic.le. I tweeted it. We ned more public awareness about these things.

  6. See! Us blokes were right to pull the piss out of metro sexual boys back in the early to mid 2000's! Lmao! There's making sure you look good in the mirror before you go out, then there's standing in front of the mirror and playing with your self like a girl! Hahaha. Blimey… This is sad and scary at the same time, bc I've watched and felt the decline in testosterone in blokes for the past 15 years and it's like an out of control snowball turning into an avalanche. Is this really apart of Darwin's theory on evolution in such a short period of time? Or is it man tampering with the theory? I'm also poised to lean to the latter.

  7. I think it's one of 2 things happening! 1st it might be another country or like many believe N.W.O. is poisoning us to lower population or experiment went wrong, or right! 2nd I don't think God is doing this, there's no point, so I need all details like race,good intake,work,life style to answer but it could be someone just playing God cause they know how! Our government already gives our kids ADD before their our the womb. no buster shots for pregnant mom.

  8. I Am Chosen says:

    the start of the near end

  9. Pick says:

    agenda 21 do a vid on it its all tied in

  10. moe p says:

    the outer dark! just wanted you to know I love your work, please keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  11. The Truth says:

    Here is a list to get you thinking: GMOs, poisoned water (fluoride, VOCs, medicinal waste, chlorination), cell phone radiation (SAR), general microwave radiation everywhere, WiFi/Bluetooth radiation, consumption of pesticides (insecticides/herbicides), man-made (patented) disease, chemtrails (I cannot say for certain because I am not as well researched in this area)?

  12. wally perez says:

    what this video is talking about is talking about the changes in the Macro Universe, the grand Arc, also known as the great work and occult circles. the bafomet was an androgynous figure. there is something behind this and is occult in nature. understand that and you understand the great work

  13. dj Carrera says:

    no..you are bang on the money, check out a chemical that's affecting frog sex.

  14. U got it.
    I've seen this in myself MN weaker

  15. Ric Og says:

    Any good hidden research on increasing sperm count, or increasing testosterone? If so, this may be something that persons can use to counter act any actions of trying to affect the population.

  16. dubbleplus says:

    Great Analyses of our current world situation.

  17. goy guy says:

    Drink ALOT of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar!!!!!!

  18. dean counts says:

    it's an effort to exterminate white race, it's partly due to pollution such as estrogen like compounds but it's not effecting highly polluted East and South Asia as bad as Europe and North America

  19. Almost seems like this was planned by the (((elite))).

  20. Why only in Western countries? Well, it's for the same reason Western countries have been guilted into accepting their own demise, via mass migrations, as a moral imperative. This was all planned long ago, read the Kalergi Plan: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2016/10/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-white-genocide-by-design-part-1/

  21. Glowball Dom says:

    Thanks O D you have touched upon the tip of the iceberg here So much engineering of the human experiment goes undetected unquestioned & unchecked I've long clocked their diabolical plot Its one twisted bit of pandoras box hiding in plain sight When the full truth is finally told the shock will actually kill some people while enraging the rest enough to engage in a complete & extreme overhaul <3 gbd

  22. traversk77 says:

    Pesticides- atrazine and glycosphate in herbicide "round-up" both reduce male fertility and testosterone. Atrazine turned male frogs into females in lab tests that were highly downplayed and these two 'cides are still widely used. Also plastics-
    bPA increases estrogen in men. Since our gov't. systems won't protect us, we must do our best to find clean food. Eat organic and find clean spring water. Plastic bottles must have fill dates. Crystal geyser spring water in gallon bottles have fill dates. Less time in plastic- less chemical in water. A sante'.

  23. everything is manipulated today, food, water, medicine, the air , entertainment, news, politics. were screwed!

  24. Jim porter says:

    New subscriber to channel great info
    I think it's about wiping out the WHITE Race. The massive migration of immigrants forced onto us the break down of the family

  25. jim crow says:

    Welcome to the NWO. Breeders are no longer required. That is what they call us.

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