5 Strangest Photos of World War II


Presenting the first 5 strangest historical photos of the Second World War . A special collaboration with Top10Memes and AllTimeConspiracies … Top10Memes : Top 10 …


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  1. Imagine being a german pilot shooting at one of the planes carrying beer…only to have the pilot jettison the tank. The last thing you see, before the cask smacks you in the face is a beer keg.

  2. Trev S says:

    We knew a old gentleman called George now long since dead who told us as ground crew in WW2 he once had the job of finding the hard points on spitfires to fix beer barrels – its amazing to find it referenced here after all this time

  3. Werepyre X says:

    Jack Churchill
    "Give war a chance!"

  4. Morru Qu'aan says:

    No… the Japanese balloons were really shit.

  5. The One says:

    Another interesting subject ruined by making you listen to music when someone should be narrating

  6. Wow, Mad Jack actually looked bad-ass with a sword and longbow, showing that guns didn't scare him one bit.

  7. err…will the beer land without breaking into thousand pieces?

  8. You have the best music for your videos.

  9. gedolt788 says:

    sometime they´ll give a war and nobody will come

  10. Jay Santana says:

    I'd let Mad Jack do my wife.

  11. Tannis says:

    Mad Jack is a fucking theatrical moron with that stupid sword.

  12. its not the ghost army its actually called the magic gang

  13. can anyone tell me what freakin Music Genre this is? Its awsome x_x

  14. you are a moron, i hate you

  15. Amani Andrus says:

    English im hereto kick ass and have tea and it past tea time

  16. Amani Andrus says:

    English im hereto kick ass and have tea and it past tea time


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