5 Theories On The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam


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20 Responses

  1. I think it was a demon because look at her hands

  2. lemillz says:

    Poor woman had bipolar disorder. She was mentioned as being "happy" before the incident. This indicates that she was entering a psychotic state that defines bipolar type I disorder called "mania". During an episode of mania, the person is in a psychotic state of abnormally and persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood and activity or energy. In this state, one can do anything including jump out of a window with the confidence of thinking s/he can fly. This is clearly a manic episode as she seems really happy and is seen pushing many elevator buttons and talking to someone that is not there. She climbed to the roof and got into the tank due to her state of mania. I'm a medical student so I have learned much about this. I don't know why people always look for conspiracy theories like the illuminati lol.

  3. Sassy24 says:

    Here from Buzzfeed

  4. boyscout says:

    she went there because there is telephone give you best rate or taxi drivers get money in exchange to give customers but she was murder

  5. boyscout says:

    I was guest at the hotel 2006 I was at the 8th floor and then went to the 14th floor to my concern the security guards are the only who manipulate the elevator when there is some one is not welcome they stop the elevator and bringing down to the lobby hotel in 14th floor they give only to the people has money (special rate) why? there is many different people in that floor serial killers and drug dealers this a murder look the way she beg for her life I know what I saw in that hotel they sure investigative the security guards

  6. boyscout says:

    she was placed in the water tank she was naked do you think she will removed her cloths and place where? the police did not found her cloths on serial killers take the cloths from their victims is not mystery is a crime from a serial killer he was in the 14th floor this individual has long time there a years hold her cloths is called "souvenirs"

  7. Samm/Lucas says:

    My theory is that she was schizophrenic

  8. Denny Smoke says:

    Strangest part about this video is the elevator door remain open for more than 20 seconds without obstruction in door path. Either times after she step out or while she in the elevator, notices how the door closed only after 4-5 seconds on other floor. Seem like someone held on the call button to keep the door open (that call button is located directly behind inside panel), and when she step back out second time, notices she look left and appear no one is there, than immediate turn to the right and talks to someone. Appear that person she's talking to is someone she must know, otherwise she would have run and or show sign of distress.

  9. Sue Burgess says:

    Seedy and Creepy looking hotel. I wouldn't stay there.

  10. Based in North Korea? U.S. Army personnel?

  11. my theory

    1. Someone was outside holding the lift button to prevent it from working (door mystery solved)
    2. she was playing the lift game with someone (strange behavior solved)
    3. the person she was playing with was the murderer (how she got into the water)

    if not the murder was taken at a different time, dont forget her body was only discovered weeks after, so in between that time many things could happen. if she was playing the lift game, i would assume she would do some really weird stuff or even hang with the bad people which could lead to murder.

  12. Zayik Gaming says:

    She was on Vertigo

  13. Ms. Lam's behavior in and near the elevator shows that she is mentally unstable or delusional as she was talking and seemed to be singing (with hand movements) to herself. No one else was physically present there. She probably committed suicide by jumping into the water tank.

  14. i fell so bad foe her she was so pretty to

  15. Tom Scott says:

    I have an idea as to why she was naked, seeing as she's bipolar, could she have switched to a crazy personality that we see in the elevator and then climbed into the tank, but once in there became herself again and desperately tried to save herself by removing all of the heavy clothing that was dragging her down?


  17. John Doe says:

    I'm pretty sure she was murdered. She is acting weird because the elevator is not moving after pressing the buttons and she probably can sense someone outside the elevator. She is paranoid looking around because she can hear the suspect but not see him because he is hiding. The suspect clearly knows where the camera is located and is hiding from being recorded although part of his foot is recorded when he grabs her. Probably an employee who knows the camera location and has access to the water tank. The fact that the elevator is not moving also suggests an employee who has access to the elevator control panel.

  18. Jet houn says:

    @6:21 her eyelashes cannot be that dark with the camera can they? Or is it that her eyes are all black..

  19. Fred Borden says:

    Thanks god i live in a 6 floors building,no elevator game for me.

  20. She might've been searching the hall to see if anyone would see her, she saw someone and hid (probably a staff member), cuz she was going to the top floor, then the fire exit, to the water tank, and killed herself after abuse or harassment. She suicided in this way to maybe kill the abuser while drinking bad water.

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