[6] WORLD WAR 3?! – Let’s Play Hearts of Iron 4 (Comrade Greece) w/ SurrealBeliefs


Hey everyone, this is Hearts of Iron 4 where I’m playing as Greece in World War II. We’re off to expand into the Balkans and later into the Middle East! Enjoy this …


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  1. you should send modern tank volunteer divisions to china, and use em as a battering ram

  2. King of Taco says:

    Press the last button to the right that looks like a square to delete all orders

  3. Netaxe 265 says:

    Please play as Luxembourg

  4. will spohn says:

    I played as Communist Sweden, and I finally won the war. I was responsible for capturing Berlin and Rome

  5. Richy Hu says:

    Recap of this episode:
    – Greece starts WW3 by invading someone who immediately goes to the allies
    – Surreal wonders why he can't assign a missile to an airbase
    – We get to witness a rocket orgy

  6. Liquidor says:

    Comrade Greece making the World great again

  7. garakaldin85 says:

    Man I was like itching out of wanting to tell that you've looked every little tiny button except that Rebase one 😛 . I think drag and drop between bases works also. Great series ! Like your Total war ones !

  8. Caediusis says:

    To stop the moment of troops there is a red circle with a slash through it press it, use it the next time you miss click Surrealbeliefs

  9. to cancel an action by a whole army just click the hold all button it looks like the ghost busters sign but without the ghost ….sorry that's the only way i could describe it

  10. wcpwnsuto says:

    what ive noticed while playing is that bombing counts as a LOT of warscore … i took over all over germany and Italy and all Britan did was bomb and they still got 35% warscore

  11. Jyrskis says:

    Finland wasnt completely invaded here since in real history Winter War ended in a pact like this, losing 11% of the country but staying independent. Just sayin' c:

  12. Surreal, just a suggestion. In the plane region mode next to the close button "x". Try the arrow on. The button show the statistic of the plane in that region ad since rocket use the same tab they might show up there

  13. Mr Steee says:

    I must beg if you get as far as Ireland don't let the Soviet union conquer us plezz

  14. CPoC says:

    Didn't even take a year for the Cold War to go hot…

  15. great episode. looking forward can be done with nukes in this game

  16. The secret to Greek fighting prowess? Gyros and Tahini sauce. That's their secret weapon… or should I say secret sauce
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. New Zealand would be nice

  18. To leave the communist party, click on the Soviet Union, I saw the option in one of your previous videos but it may not be there now. Good luck with that.

  19. gamer spai says:

    noo finland shit my home

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