60 Minutes US (2015.09.27) Vladimir Putin Documentary 2015


60 Minutes US (2015.09.27) Vladimir Putin Documentary – Season 48 begins with Charlie Rose interviewing Russian president Vladimir Putin, and Scott Pelley …


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  1. ZigZag Fly says:

    I'm an American, and firmly believe now that America is a bully. If the shoe was on the other foot and Russia was supporting a country on the US border how would America react? America should let Russia Be responsible for its own sphere of influence ( Ukraine ). Also America has a shit policy for destroying governments then leaving terrorist to fill the void. I never thought I would be more Pro Russia on the political front, but look at the bullshit going on in the American presidential primaries. What a joke ! Go Putin !

  2. every one like Putin

  3. Deestay says:

    Love him or hate him, I respect Putin because he shows strength an determination. I'm Australian, and our politicians are soooooo soft and scared….. It would be so refreshing to see a politician who stands his grounds, and lives completely by his convictions.

  4. Deestay says:

    OK so I live in Australia – so thankfully I'm half a world away from American TV. And as much as I loved their country and enjoyed my time there – American citizens – (particularly lower income) are screwed! You're culture has food is riddled with preservatives and fat, your TV is soaked in bullshit medical prescriptions, and the most unfortunate part is that you all believe what you watch.

    DO yourself a favor, think for yourself. No disrespected intended, i just think its the one key element the American public lacks – The ability to educate and think for themselves.

    "Feeling drowsy? Take this life saving pill! Available now at Wallmart"

    "Feeling anxious? Take this amazing pill! Available now at Wallmart"

    "Coming up next on CNN… Is your neighbour a terrorist? We have exclusive footage of terrorists operating in your suburb! Don't let then over run your local neighborhood"

    If you listen to that garbage every day, for your entire adult life, you're going to grow up imbalanced and paranoid….

    Best everybody buy a gun to protect themselves against stupid idiots. (With guns)
    Peace! xx

  5. Hiram E says:

    Putin and Trump will get along just fine.

  6. Can't be free it must be fair. I love that

  7. I think that Trump and Putin will open up free trade with russia and get along better

  8. thetrayne says:

    putin seems a much better leader and person than obama

  9. thetrayne says:

    pelly is a jerk off—i will never trust him again

  10. thetrayne says:

    pelly= jerk off —what a maroon!!

  11. thetrayne says:

    pelly should look at who tells obama no and does he ever accept it.—no .–obama is a terrible unamerican leader if you can call the muslim ( its even hard to call him an american) a leader. obama is a super huge failure. bottom line here is —-pelly sucks! i am going to show this to everyone. i hope he gets fired. this dumnass pelly would and didnt talk to obummer and hillary this way. they probably bought his unwotyhy ass.

  12. Putin makes some good sense.Listen to what he is saying and you will find out that what he is saying is true.The usa should be allies with russia instead of enemies.Russia has become a christian country,while the usa has become more immoral.Not the american people themselves but like this directive that obama sent out that all bathrooms in schools and locker rooms should allow men who are mentally ill by thinking they are a woman trapped in a mans body,to be able to go into the bathrooms and locker rooms with our wives and daughters.Obama ,by putting out that insane dorective assures that Trump will beat Clinton by a landslide and thats a good thing.lmao at obama and hillary.

  13. Derpa did not invent the internet.

  14. St T. says:

    Russia has had some very terrible setbacks. WWII casualties for the Soviet Union are estimated 27,000,000. The USA suffered an estimated 419,400 casualties. Russia as it stands today is not the same Russia of 25 years ago since The Soviet Union ended. We, as Americans, need to consider Russia's history to understand Putin's carefully chosen words. These are tough people who know pain, loss, and hardship.

  15. e milton says:

    amazing, Zionists use goyim brains to control our freedom and promote their supremacist ideals.

  16. Our president is weak next to Putin. I might not agree with Putin all the times, but I must admit he's a strong leader that knows how to rule a country.

  17. I'm not a particular fan of Charlie Rose's journalistic style, but I think this was one of his better interviews.

  18. Putin got a big smirk on his face when Charlie asked what he thought about Obama.

  19. Trump wants UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. Classic.

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