65TH MISS UNIVERSE || Day 1 Arrival, Registration & Fitting || Miss Universe​ 2016



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  1. Luz Murillo says:

    There are some amazing girls there that just need to be better advised regarding their looks like Turkey. Some others look not so stunning as their photoshoped pics and some others are just better than the pics like Thailand, Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Curaçao, Netherlands and others stand for their character and elegance like USA. Let the games begin!!

  2. Darkhorses:
    – Barbados, USVI, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Slovak Republic

  3. Miss Namibia is really nice in person

  4. i love miss Kenya bcoz aside from being beautiful, she's humble. i really hate arrogant. love from philippines

  5. 007MrStudio1 says:

    la chilena…wooooow

  6. Edith M. says:

    Miss Brazil is Beautiful!!!

  7. Angelo Cyrus says:

    Ganda ni Mexico. Pero PILIPINAS pa rin!

  8. Angelo Cyrus says:

    F I L I P I N A S

  9. aklan pinoy says:

    good luck to all the girls competing for the miss universe!!! mabuhay!!!!

  10. When does Miss Colombia arrive?

  11. Every woman has there unique beauty, good luck girls ?


  13. jaye emuel says:

    hi Lauren, welcome to the Philippines! you did a great job to Pia during miss universe 2015…

  14. Welcome to the PHILIPPINES girls! Our country is not that rich and has a lot of problem right now but we are SOOOO happy that You guys are here. Hope you enjoy your stay and GOOD LUCK to y'all!!!! 😀 Mabuhay!!!!

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