7 Deadly Myths Now Manipulating Your Mind


The “Big Lie” has many facets. Each is particularly devious and deceptive. We may think we “get” what’s going on but we may be making more daily assumptive conclusions than we think.

Here’s a quick cross section of the lying “methodology” being foisted upon us which I think we need to keep pounding on to keep the truth-ray machine squarely on the damned ephemeral “predator in the shrubs” crawling around our lives.

Let’s take a look at a few of the major factors of “the biggest lie ever sold”. And don’t miss the revelatory ending, it’s better than you think.

1. Overpopulation and Food and Resource Scarcity.

Now if these suppositions turn out not to be true we may have something of a scam on our hands, wouldn’t we? After all, even now they’re introducing rolling black outs to areas with plenty of power, just to remind people they may not always have it. Uh, prices will increase but that’s totally unrelated, isn’t it?

That’s how nuts the programming gets.

And overpopulation? First let’s make a serious effort to feed and care for those already here. But you have to understand, that is not part of the agenda. The ethnic “third world” (who numbered these worlds?) is being driven to economic slavery via big Agra projects annihilating local farming and real sustainability, not the false “sustainability” meaning the greener weiner or whatever. Countries converted to cash crops for export via globalist corporo-mega farms now have to import the simplest of foods they once grew. Besides, the cross pollination from Monsanto’s GMO fields has now given Monsanto ownership of whatever they have left.

Nice people. I’m sure feeding the world is their primary concern.

The insidious power of this lies in the entrainment of this scarcity, fear mentality, and underlying left-brain animalistic dog eat dog mindset. We can’t just get along and help each other, we are supposed to think we need to hoard and fight to protect the dwindling supplies that are ours. It’s obvious yet very subtle.

The proof of this agenda is the fact that the premise is a bold faced lie. There’s plenty of room, resources and love. They’ve just socked it away in their little pre-planned coffers through their corporate control. All for a day most of us “cattle” may never see.

Tell me, why do the Elites hoard? Where’s the love there? Whatta crock.

2. Climate Change Scare and Faux Environmentalism

Be careful not to think you “know” this one. It may be deeper than you think.

Initiated by a self appointed think tank called the Club of Rome decades ago as a means to engineer social change, the myth of man-made global warming (which has now morphed into climate change as if the climate would never change) is a mega tool for public guilt manipulation, false causes, money grabbing and social engineering.

Thoroughly debunked, this nonsense still plays in mainstain media as if no one ever said anything. And while this may appear old hat to researchers, never underestimate this mindset at work in the human psyche after decades of propaganda and reinforcement. Just count the “green” and “recycle” and “sustainable” and “energy saving” propaganda signs and labels, it’s overwhelming. That sickening corkscrew emf emanating light bulb over your head is a direct result.

It’s working. That’s the point.

As usual, all of that is cloaked in something “good sounding” called “conservationism”, a long forgotten term. Keep and protect nature, be sensible, don’t waste etc.

Really?…You elite corporate hypocrites! Ever notice the packaging explosion at stores? What you get is 1/3 of the contents and it’s wrapped several times! Plastic is in more use commercially by big corp than ever, and commercial waste is out the wazoo with even fewer regulations. What lying propaganda.

And how about wars, the military mega-use of oil products and disastrous chemicals and bio-weapons? And what about chemtrails, you “earth saving” caretakers? Or let’s talk nuclear waste, depleted uranium and oil pollution in the ocean.

The hypocrisy makes you want to spit nails. And that’s the plan.


3. That The News Is Real

Hey, if you “officially” say it didn’t happen or you “know nothing about it”, and that’s published in the mainstream tabloid media, it didn’t happen! Period.

You’re in.

The thoroughly brainwashed masses have been entrained to believe, or should I say NOT believe, anything they haven’t had confirmed by the press. This is is simply a fact. People don’t think any more, they’re led. And they’ve come to love it. Easy breezy.

Like Bill Hicks famously said, “You’re free, America, to do as we tell you! You’re free America, to do as we tell you!”

I’m beginning to think even these fundamental points I’m making right now are missing people in the absolute profundity of what they mean. The propaganda and brainwashing is so pervasive and so in the fabric of so-called modern society it’s almost a done deal for most.

Public denial and omission are far greater tools than any so-called fact sharing. Propaganda is an art, and the mainstream media is all over it. Look for what they’re denying and not saying. Therein lies a path to more truth.

4. The Fear Mongering Terrorism Scam

I’m just touching on what to many of you are obvious machinations of these Machiavellian control freaks who are now making their final push. The power of enumerating some of these points serves as a kind of spotlight on absurdity, and light on the scam being perpetrated on humanity is always a good thing.

You have to admit, the terrorism meme is a powerful one and has woven its way into every aspect of society. They began way back, first starting with Israel who now proudly admits they bombed the King David Hotel and started the staged war with the Palestinians way back when. Since then it’s army barracks, embassies and ship bombings leading up to the 9/11 scam.

All staged. And even many of them publicly exposed as fraudulent and engineered…but to no avail.

It’s like Pearl Harbor or Vietnam or MLK–it’s come out in mainstream news they knew Pearl Harbor was coming and let it happen, that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never took place, and an entire war and the death of millions was based on fabricated lies, and that Martin Luther King was killed by CIA assassins.

But who’s looking? Who cares? Therein lies the tragedy of a people headed for slaughter.

5. The Chosen Ones and Holocaust Narrative

A very influential and rapacious nation was forcibly founded in someone else’s back yard based on so called “holy” texts…and a lot of money, powerful propaganda and influence.

And a big engineered excuse. Just watch your knee-jerk reaction to this subject if you haven’t “gotten” it yet. Very well done programming, I must say.

Hey, anyone in the American Zionist movement ever mention “separation of church and state” when it comes to their religiously fueled support for “the chosen people”  of Israel and its aggressions? Ooops. Doesn’t apply. They have that dang “exempt from everything” card.  That’s today’s media ploy on the butt-ignorant public. Disgusting, but does the job. Hey, the end game is control. Anything goes for these types.

And by the way, some “inconvenient truth” regarding this “chosen ones” inherent racist supremacy card;

The old Testament of the Bible is nothing but an indictment against the so-called Jewish people for their rebellion against the God they pretended to worship. After their foretold destruction for their behaviour, all you’re left with is lonely, persecuted Prophets who were rejected and excoriated and even killed by the same people they warned, including Jesus. What’s not to respect?

And that’s the meat of the Bible. A how NOT to manual.

Yet these same rebellious, violent people are venerated? Ha. Well done, wouldn’t you say?

But who’s looking, anyway. The media mongered sympathy card, guided and controlled by a “guess who” controlled media is so damn effective no one makes the connection.

6. The Myth of Personal Freedom and Sovereignty

More powerful than to tell you that “you are now a slavish subject to work for Big Brother and give up your freedoms”, is telling you “you are free and have helped create this wonderful system of freedom.”

More powerful that telling you “you don’t matter” is telling you to “participate and vote for one of the candidates we’ve carefully selected” when the vote clearly doesn’t mean a damn thing.

More powerful than telling you that you can’t make a difference is telling you “we (all) are change” and then absolutely nothing changes. In fact it gets much worse. The debilitating power of total disappointment and the power of the subliminal lies involved is then unconsciously shifted to you as the participant and cause as you keep holding on for what you invested in…in someone else, mind you, never you. Always someone else.

Pretty clever, eh?

They know what they’re doing. As for “they”…see point 7…..

7. That There Is No “THEY”!

The whopper of myths.

The absurdity of this kind of denial is like employees in a big company thinking there’s no board of directors, it would be a conspiracy. Nevermind a meeting of CEOs in the same industry to control prices or distribution, unheard of. And that they’d collude with government oversight agencies to insure permission and markets? OMG…not a chance in hell!

“So don’t even TALK to me about a plan for a new world order, the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Tavistok Institute, Rockefeller Foundation etc. etc. I KNOW it’s not even a possibility such things could exist! After all, the media says conspiracy equals conspiracy theorist and they’re all known wackos!”

“Besides, it’s free enterprise so if there is some measure of wrangling about and deal making, that’s how the system works.”

I’ve heard it myself.

It’s that pathetic in the mass public mindset. I guess they just can’t face the possibility of that reality. I’m sure this has been the case through the ages, but we’re at an accelerated stage of this in a vast, connected world and it ain’t gonna be pretty as this last era unfolds.


There are those who wake up and those who haven’t…or are YET to. That’s what I hold on to. I was awake at varying stages starting distinctly when I was about 8 years old when I looked into the mirror and realized I was me. A sovereign, sentient being, and that I had a distinct purpose and calling. My search started there, consciously and unconsciously and I’ve never forgotten that moment.

They say you can’t mess with peoples’ karma, but I definitely wonder. No, never force anything on anyone, but if we have no effect on each other and the world around us, it wouldn’t be the interactive life we know and experience nor much point to interpersonal existence.

I don’t mean to wax too philosophical but motivation is everything and we need to know why we’re here and what we are purposed to do.

–First off, it’s not to accomplish, it’s to find out who we truly are–already. Therein lies the key. You’re then off the false treadmill and on to the realization of loving truth and the amazing depths of true living experience of the world around you they say doesn’t even exist. Ha, how they try to shut down the human spirit!

–Second, to do this, to realize your true potential, to consciously react to the world around you and within you, sets you free from the false lies and vibes being thrown at you. You will truly and inherently be an asset for Truth. That’s a wonderful thing and will take its own path as you follow synchronicity.

–Third, you’ll realize to become who you truly are and express this manifestation in any and every way you can by simply being conscious and consciously reacting accordingly is the direct fulfillment of the purpose for being, and will have the most profound effect possible in the world we live in and your own life’s course. Very powerful. It’s truly all you can do.

Cool? I think so. It really is that simple.

We all DO make a difference–a big one. At the very least what should motivate people is the conquering of their own world. We don’t even need to see the whole picture, we just need to become conscious and live accordingly. It will wrench the old world the controllers built out from under you and empower and enliven and encourage you beyond your wildest dreams!

It’s really not complicated. It’s just disturbing to the field of information you’re living in!

Screw the matrix…break out and be alive!

It makes ALL the difference!

Love forever, Zen


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2 Responses

  1. Angela Flynn says:

    None of the issues here are myths. Sure you can say that the world is not over populated by humans, but the reality is that this is a finite world. We can keep the population stable and/or increase it, but most people will be left without adequate resources. Clean water may be something you want to look into. It is disappearing quickly. Using energy causes pollution which harms all life and most people are looking to live with electricity and automobiles. We are already choking off the skies with pollution. So yes there is no over population, but if we want every one to have a high quality of life then there are too many people.

    My take is that people who “believe” these are myths are people who refuse to acknowledge their role in impoverishing others and polluting our world. The latest nuttiness in my neck of the woods was when the Chem Trail believers claimed that the sky was such a clear blue the other day because the military needs it clear in order to use their drones. Some people are just stuck in a mind set where they have to have an evil plot controlling their lives. The fact is that the mess of the world is made by individual choices. Yes there are people who market and manipulate, but you can tell people the reality of a situation and they will ignore you because they don’t want to take responsibility. This writer is a good example of this mindset.

  2. Observertherealone says:

    AH… so the News ISN’T real…. except when there’s something on it that makes Israel looks bad – that bit IS real.
    The climate ISN’T changing…. except when someone wants to suggest that the Zionist Jews own this thing called HAARP which can change our weather. Then the weather IS changing.
    There are NO terrorists…. except Jewish ones who are blamed for starting everything bad.

    OK. We can see where all this is going.

    Look… you can do better than this, okay? Why not just come out with it and say upfrong “Jews are the shit of the planet! They are ruining everything. Jews are evil.”

    Because you want everyone to believe that it’s only ‘Zionists’ that you hate – yes, those nasty, in-bed-with-the-Illuminati-&-the-Masons people.

    Hating “Zionism” is just so much suit-and-tie for good ol’ Jew-hate.

    Martin Luther King knew it. I know it. You know it.

    Or do you think Martin Luther King was part of some evil Zionist agenda, too, huh?

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