7 Elephants Now Thrashing Your Living Room


by Zen Gardner

According to the mass media fog machine, the following phenomena are really not worth reporting. In fact, by their omission they literally do not fully exist in people’s minds but are just slight vague ephemeral illusions dancing on the fringe of their consciousness.

As many people say to this day, “if 9/11 was an inside job the media would have been all over it.”

Conditioning complete.

Here They Come…Just 7 Of The Herd for Starters

1. Fukushima Is Irradiating the Planet

Estimated to have already far surpassed Chernobyl in dangerous radioactive emissions that are not abating in the least and expected to get worse, we hear nothing about this in the mainstream news.

In fact, the level of denial is outright Orwellian. Here’s a perfect example in recent news:

Nuke agency reports unusual radiation in Europe

VIENNA (AP) — Very low levels of radiation, which are higher than normal but don’t seem to pose a health hazard, are being registered in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Friday.

The agency said the cause was not known but was not the result of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which spread radiation across the globe in March. Source

Go ahead and rub your eyes, but you actually just read that. In fact in Japan the denial is so great that people are moving BACK to Fukushima and eating the contaminated food while children play in its highly toxic playgrounds.

All part of the same message; “The elephant doesn’t exist.”

2. Illegal Drone Attacks are Terrorizing Innocent Populations

Be sure to click on the BBC link at the bottom of this quote for a glimpse into a terrorized teen’s last words before he was beheaded by a drone attack while driving his car with his cousin who was also murdered.

The human toll of the US drone campaign

The principal reason so little attention is paid to the constant victims of American violence in the Muslim world is because the U.S. Government refuses to disclose anything about these attacks and media outlets virtually never report on those victims (MSNBC demoted and then fired its then-rising-star Ashleigh Banfield when she returned from Iraq and pointed out that fact in an April, 2003 speech denouncing the “one-sided” coverage of American wars: meaning, the invisibility in U.S. media of America’s civilian victims). It’s easy to cheer for a leader who regularly extinguishes the lives of innocent men, women, teenagers and young children when you can remain blissfully free of hearing about the victims. It’s even easier when the victims all have Muslim-ish names and live in the parts of the Muslim world we’ve been taught to view as a cauldron of sub-human demons. That’s why it’s periodically worth highlighting the actual impact of those drones and the actual people they kill, as the BBC did today:


3. Geoengineering and Weather Wars

The amount of documentation and evidence supporting the existence of these ongoing programs is staggering, yet never a word in the mainstream press. All you hear about is more hype regarding “climate change problems” and the scientific community’s “concern” and ideas for “mitigating this problem”, where they slowly introduce weather mod “ideas” that are actually black ops programs already under way for years.

That the UN had to pass a treaty to NOT use weather weapons as far back as 1977 says it all. Where do you think they are with that technology now, 34 years later?

Wikepedia: Weather control, particularly hostile weather warfare, was addressed by the “United Nations General Assembly Resolution 31/72, TIAS 9614 Convention[19] on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques” was adopted. The Convention was: Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977; Entered into force October 5, 1978; Ratification by U.S. President December 13, 1979; U.S. ratification deposited at New York January 17, 1980. [20]

With earthquakes and storm systems demonstrably proven to be manipulated or outright caused by powerful EMF manipulation and our skies constantly streaked with a chemical haze emitted by 1000′s of planes worldwide one might think there would be cause for alarm and a little public education.

“Nope, no elephant here….cuz we don’t even talk about it.”

4. The Obama Hoax

Now this one you may think is obvious but it’s a doozy. Here’s a guy who came out of nowhere and they can’t even find anyone who knew him where he claimed to go to college. He produces no paperwork on his nationality, education or health records, has multiple social security numbers and whose only credentials are a book by himself about himself! ..and of which he is very likely not even the author!

And the contents of the book? How much is true and how much is just made up and cleverly packaged? At least with a food package you get a contents list. This fable rivals a Disney production.

He comes in on a hope and change anti-war ticket and what does he do? The same as the rest of them and no one seems to notice!

He escalates America’s illegal wars and wins the Nobel Peace Prize. He promises transparency and we know less about the government’s goings on than ever. And he has devolved the US government into a defacto fascist dictatorship with his use of Czar appointments, executive orders and arbitrary war forays without Congressional approval.

And he’s President of the United States! Not only that, he has presided (as figurehead) over the worst downturn in American history and is now running for re-election based on his amazing record of accomplishments!

“No elephant here. He’s hope and change! More smoke up my butt please…”

5. Universal Sickcare

This is business as usual for the PTBs but it’s still a giant stomping elephant in every room of the house.

When organic food and supplements are on the verge of being banned, growing your own food regulated and hindered, and the Federal Drug Administration approves poisonous toxins in your food and water and the genetic modification of living organisms that we consume but have no right to know which ones they are…we have a problem.

When our children are being drugged and vaccinated, and given a steady diet of junk food laden with MSG, aspartame, wood pulp and genetically modified high fructose corn syrup, just to name a few of their poisons…we have a problem.

When doctors won’t treat unvaccinated patients, chemotherapy becomes mandatory and natural and homeopathic treatments are illegal…we have a problem.

It’s not a healthcare system. It’s sick, and promotes sickness. Hey, don’t believe me? Follow the money. Cui bono?

6. Media Magick Madness

That they can get away with camouflaging and ignoring and getting the public to ignore major issues such as these is akin to magick or sorcery. They do this by,amongst other things, introducing subconscious rules and guidelines as to what we should consider truth or not. And one of the rules is, “if we the media mogul mouthpieces don’t talk about it, it might as well not exist because we don’t consider it important”.

Truth erased by omission and supplanted with a false narrative.

The perfect example again is 9/11. There’s not an iota of the official story that is provable except that things blew up, while the anomalies in what transpired that day are myriad. And is this even debatable? No. In fact even challenging the official story has become tantamount to heresy. After all, rule #1 is to NEVER point out an elephant. Elephants simply do not exist.

That kerosene can’t melt steel? Sorry, never heard that on TV. That an Arab passport flutters supernaturally in perfect condition from this horrific exploding plane hitting and supposedly melting an entire building? Wow, what luck!

And the pancake theory? Anyone see any pancaked floors? “Oh well, I’m sure they were there cuz they told us that’s how it happened, move along.” And to this day mention building 7 and you’ll be shocked how many people never even heard of it.

Why? The old news blackout trick. Do the same with Oklahoma City…review what was on the news the first day and notice how you never ever heard again about “the other bombs” they found that day that were sophisticated military grade munitions. The reporters said these were crucial evidence and were going to help identify the culprits.

Gone. Erased by omission from the public mind. Virtually the “lone gunman” story once again. JFK redux. How convenient.

Besides the lies and political side show, when the populace is bombarded with shallow roll models, decadent athletes and rock stars, degrading sexual deviancy and an endless stream of horrific violent images via TV, movies, computer games and even actual war…we have a problem.

7. Marginalization Of Extra “Ordinary” Phenomena

What UFOs? 10′s of thousands of sightings doesn’t apparently mean squat if “official sources” don’t acknowledge their existence. A secret space program and mega militarization of space? “C’mon, they couldn’t hide something like that! And underground bases? That would be such a story the media would never ignore and surely someone would have spoken up about them.”

Mind control? “Now who would do that to you but a demonic Asian in a POW camp? Get over it. It’s not possible any more. I’m a free entity, there’s no way they could pull that off. Pass the cool aid, honey, I’m thirsty..”

Funny, they talk about the technological capability to do things like these, and put out scores of movies on these subjects, but in order to apply it to your reality they’ve positioned themselves as the final authority on every subject. For example, that the wicked PTBs may be targeting the general population with mind control techniques, never mind manipulating thousands of actual Manchurian candidates around the world would seem crazy to most. Yet they know advertising works on this very basis.

But again, that’s been cleverly camouflaged, excused and justified as “free enterprise”. Clever little bastards, aren’t they?

“And now those wackos are talking about secret societies? All that stuff’s nonsense. Why the news man would laugh at all that, honey. I could tell by the smirk on his face not to believe all that stuff…”

And consciousness and extra-dimensional realities? That’s relegated to “scientists” to package up and serve in some remote non-applicable sanitized fashion. Otherwise, you talk about that stuff and you’re a new age paranoid conspiracy nut job.

Again, the false choice technique…neither option they give you is the Truth.


These are just 7 of these things. There is an entire herd of elephants running around the whole human household with more roaming through each day! The extent to which humanity is being massively manipulated can be overwhelming at first, but it’s actually quite liberating once you get through most of the maze and start to “get it”.

But this is real education. The other is predominantly programming your mind to accept a predetermined version of reality that they would like you to have.

Solution: Pull the Plug

It’s clear the so-called government and it’s plethora of bloated agencies are not there to help you, but to manage, seduce, suppress, subjugate and control you. Yet they convince you otherwise to keep you dependent and upside down and backwards while telling you everything’s on the up and up.

Their fundamental technique is trauma-based mind control and cognitive dissonance. Keep affronting your senses with violent images and then reversing your sense of right and wrong and telling you white is black and black is white long enough and you’ll finally give in.

The only place to turn is OFF. Turn it all off. Get your real life back. Read, play, love those around you, laugh, visit inspiring and revelatory alternative internet sites while they’re still available. Spend time in nature. Just get away from televisions and any form of mass media. Have you noticed how TVs are constantly playing in just about every lobby, restaurant, lounge, terminal etc., and people leave them on at home just for companionship?

Big Brother wants your attention. Don’t give it to him.

And be careful as to what music you listen to. I cringe when I see young people with their earbuds in and a strange stare on their faces or slumped over in obvious depression. I can only imagine what rubbish their subjecting themselves to thinking it’s cool or OK cuz it’s some famous group or something iTunes is pushing. Music is programming, either good or bad.

Skepticism Is Good

Their pollution has become so pervasive it’s hard to trust anything any more. Don’t worry, that’s a healthy attitude.

Stay free…it takes some doing and undoing, but it’s what life is all about. And help others do the same.

Conscious awareness is a thrill worth detaching for!

Love, Zen


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