7 New Technology Gadgets You Must Have in 2016


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  1. epic gamer says:

    blue carbon is pointless it's just used to listen to your phone calls

  2. Azure Crow says:

    Please Edit the ampl backpack link and such as the project has gone MIA. I doubt we will ever see it.

  3. clickpwn says:

    useless, useless products

  4. Can't find your EVO? Use your EVO to track your EVO!

  5. 19:54 Broad & High Columbus Ohio. That's where I stand to wait for the buses. lol

  6. defender where is electroshoker? dummies mthfcrs

  7. Daniel Luca says:

    14:54 That B1 thing, even if it sounds pretty awesom and Amazing and all the things you want, it's pretty damn scary at the same time. I mean you basically have a port to you all your devices. If you're hacked, you're fucked. And i don't know why, and o don't want to sound like a crazy paranoic person, wich btw i am, but i seriously think that that this is te perfect way to constantly monitor us. The thing is that it has a fucking self-learning feature and it's equiped with an incedibly advanced artificial intelligence. And the truth is that thing may go wrong here. I believe the gouvernment would loove to have and play with this toy.
     Guys don't get me wrong, i embrace technology, but only up to a certain point. Cheers!!

  8. elchapetas says:

    eva drop, how about we put a water collector instead of a sink in our showers and use our used up shower water for our toilets or watering our gardens

  9. Kevin Mendoz says:

    Please make a hoverbord

  10. Jibin Joseph says:

    where can I get EVO,EMOFIX

  11. YANG JENEWOO says:

    You really call this, "You should have,"? This is just junk that is just expensive.

  12. Jake Lee says:

    heyyy evidz wht If i loss my evo? how can i find it?!!!!

  13. how do you get to know about these inventions??

  14. 7 new technology gadgets you must have but cant afford

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