Must observe: “Using tobacco GUN Hd Alien Moon Buildings Identified! Large Motor vehicles & Bases six/nine/2015”
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UFOS filmed by Shuttle in excess of Electrical Storm: https://www.youtube.com/observe?v=0mk0BqkXfgw
Houston News Report: http://www.click2houston.com/information/ufo-picture-sparks-desire/27435252
8/fourteen/2014 – Multiples of individuals from all in excess of Houston Texas, took to social media with descriptions of what they saw hovering in the night sky, and some with images snapped with their phones. This is object is a definite UFO of the truest sense, and we believe that that immediately after searching at the proof, that this is not a gentleman built craft, nor is it an LED type drone or kite. Continue to be tuned!


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  1. Aubrey Rex says:

    Makes sense since the craft recharge from the available power surge.

  2. You would be able to clearly see lights bouncing off of the fabric if it was a kite.

  3. "aliens" are demons, so dont be fooled.

  4. xti fuerte says:

    many sounds from the sky heard that yr. "trumpet sounds"reported by many ppl all over houston at different times of the day. i heard none in the daytime that i can recall but i heard these sounds usually after dark. i began to notice about may 2014. they continued throughout the summer.

  5. I once saw a UFO in Houston and at first I new it was a airplane. And just watching for a while it took of so fast with a blue trail. Like sooo freaking fast I got scared

  6. I remember that day here in Houston specifically. I didn't see the UFO but, the electric storm was the weirdest craziest I have ever seen in my life

  7. Joey Dowdell says:


  8. Joey Dowdell says:


  9. houston have been bathed in prayer for decades.prayer is power.beins are attracted to houston tx.biens on earth and beyond

  10. Teapot S says:

    No, Chuck Noblet wants to be a ROCK STAR!!

  11. i live in Houston and that night i seen this i work nights and i saw it

  12. David Solis says:

    I will have to shoot at it to confirm if these are real . Just saying .

  13. maybe they get a charge from the lightning's ions

  14. Lee Debono says:

    Lol, not trying to disprove anything. However your comment about LED lights being too bright and not dull like the ones in the photo's… Ever heard of running LED's in series or lower voltage through them? Also if the thing is flow that high in the sky for people all around to see and inside the Storm Clouds. They will need to be bright to be able to see from that distance as through the clouds. So that point is wrong.

  15. U know all those Asians on that bus had cameras…so where's those photos? Not being an asshole..but let's face facts

  16. It's Frieza's space ship!

  17. if you watch natgeo ufo chasers they seen it it was on TV 

  18. i want to believe but someone called secure team a "serial hoaxer"

  19. Wait, "Metallic texture" and "Shiney"? You can't see anything but lights! It's to dark to make out any texture, and NOTHING is shiney about it!

  20. WOLF Wolfe says:

    It looks like a UFO I agree but it can also be a different Galaxy so it's a 50-50

  21. Looks like that helicopter borne object that was featured a few years ago.

  22. DK Kempion says:

    If I were an alien with super-advanced technology, then the first thing I would do when I visit another world would be to…

  23. jathanator says:

    UFOs have gotten to the point with me, that I have stopped caring what/who they are. They are simply a part of every day life, just like wind and rain. They are perfectly content with keeping their distance, and I don't mind, I guess.
    Now I just google to see if we had any cool sightings this year.

  24. Nothing to see here. Obviously just ducks with flares in their mouths.

  25. That was my Drone..I paid a lot of money for that thing. The lightning storm made me lose it!
    Please, if anyone finds it, contact me. I will reward you!

  26. JPS2151988 says:

    Same type of ufo filmed in Brazil

  27. Strobe by Deadmau5 at the end. 🙂 that's been my favorite song for years, and this is the first time I've seen it used in anything.

  28. TimeOfYah says:

    Is that a giant triangle over there?

  29. robinchwan says:

    if they are here! and they want to talk to us! then i say let's do it! BUT very very very carefully! i want to give them the option to talk to us about why they are here! can't just do 1 person at a time! maby the reason for why it is taking so long is because the governments are readying for contact ? i mean just imagine the mass panic when the word hits the street! so they need people to calm the other people down!

  30. ceelm says:

    Oh shit alf is back from melmac!!!

  31. I think it's a reflection in the car windshield of some object either in the car, or outside of the car coming through a side window perhaps. The light is unrelated, coincidental lightning.

  32. AJ JONES says:

    just because the lights didn't match the specific drones you showed, doesn't mean it wasn't one……DUH !

  33. cookaboorra says:

    just STOP that frantic way to speak !  You are SO boring !

  34. topgame2010 says:

    This was over Channelview a city right outside of Houston.

  35. Doug G. says:

    who pee'd out the fire ?

  36. D Angel says:

    Damn how did I miss this…. I just seen a bunch of people uploading different angles of it on the internet. If it was on August 12 then it was on my bday! Whoop whoop!

  37. ….comunicate with others using wireless telephones.. the whole classroom laught at my face. then in the 80 's suddenly emerges the mobile phones. it is a matter of time for people realze what's coming.

  38. joy laidlaw says:

    Do think i have seen one but a lot of doubt on last part. Seems like footage of firework in reverse then a sparkler and then a guy walks by it on the ground. Toy obviously.

  39. Sue Mead says:

    We need to ditch the term, "UFO". Jenny Randles suggests a much smarter designation. "UAP" or, Unexplained Aerial Phenomena. This woman knows of what she writes and speaks. Check her out.

  40. Dan says:

    Ya lose all scientific credibility at the word "craft"

  41. Jim Bronaugh says:

    when the videos of the two guys with the radio controlled little helicopter thing came out and confessed that they were the ones flying the 'UFO' it was really a let down. But even so the flying saucer they were using looked really cool.

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