9/11 – Anatomy of a Great Deception – Complete Version


More info at http://www.ae911truth.org/ Should you like to buy your own copy of ‘Anatomy of a Great Deception’ you can do so here: …


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  1. Jeff Koczak says:

    All 3 building came down like they were demo's.

  2. Jeff Koczak says:

    Its Obamas fault LOL.

  3. Loved this. Thx for sharing.

  4. two buildings gone new ones right now that twin buildings are so aesome

  5. Don Cabron says:

    Yes, this conspiracy story is a great deception

  6. When this happened I just was 11, I remember when the towers fell could not understand how such a structure could fall by the crash of a plane , and I'm talking when he was 11 years old friends !, for years whenever I stay giving turns in my head what really happened, thanks to all documentary specialists could "calm " my anxiety truth. Nowadays my doubts do not exist, this was a macabre fact I can not digest , and I speak as Total Foreign of what happened, but you know what? I am human , and have watched the death and pain of those people who suffered even suffered what day it hurts. I hope someday the truth is told, not only Americans ( within their rights ) are worth , but all humanity deserves it. Greetings from Argentina. PD: sorry for my bad english.

  7. A lot of commentary is predicated on anticipatory statements,  comments and pure conjecture. The comments allegedly used by firefighters and/or first responders concerning semantics of bringing down verses coming  down are language variances and likely nothing more. It would be incongruous that EMT’s, Paramedic’s and Firefighter’s would be a knowledgeable firsthand about the intricacies of a conspiracy to destroy our nation.

  8. Anon 1 says:

    If this wasn't a inside job I guess Hillary was under sniper fire

  9. I'm curious…who would you be blaming this on had Gore won in 2000? The Republican Congress? Reagan?

    Liberal fucktards.

  10. 911  is a crime against humanity. Human lives don't matter to them we are just the means to an end. This government should be charge with accessory to this crime. Or rather high treason. For covering up this atrocity. Only the guilty fear the truth.

  11. 7/11 was a part time job. Then along came a new saddam huessien aka boogyman.
    We made great progress. Osama bin Laden is a good actor. He's probably alive too.

  12. Timbo Whalen says:

    Molecular dissociation…how?…directed energy. Remember Nikola Tesla. Remember his safe was emptied at his death, and not by his family. The truth is out there. Research for it.

  13. shilynn harp says:

    It wasnt untill this year that I really started to look into what happened on 9/11. Mind you, when this happened I was in fifth grade. The more I find out, the more I want to know. I am deeply sad that something to this scale had to happen, for our people to wake up to reality.

  14. Brett says:

    I applaud you Sir for our commitment to uncovering the truth. I watch this video regularly to remind myself that there is hope for the human race. Every second of your investment in this project is so so so so important. Much love from Perth Western Australia.

  15. MrStelmacki says:

    The fact that there are this many people who think it was an inside job keeps me up at night. So many fucking morons.

  16. MrStelmacki says:

    I think your wife left you because it's obvious you are a closet homosexual.

  17. Denika Hung says:

    Though very interesting food for thought, there was no need for the narration about your inability to manage your life

  18. 方繼來 says:

    @[email protected] [ JK ] THE PREACHING OF LOVE =[] + ] # [ 15年前的 911恐怖攻擊 ]

  19. Trev Mac says:

    One example of 27 demolitions i have taken part in was The Dunes hotel in Las Vegas back in 1993..It took 400 well trained workers and explosive experts 4 months to prepare the building for demolition (to bring down 24 floors) So in order to bring down two 110 story buildings it would take 12 months and upwards of 2500-3000 men to prepare the buildings..(i'll be sarcastic) they must have drilled holes in the middle of the night to accomplish this historic feat (to avoid any witnesses) not to mention imported all the explosives to cover up and bill of sales..It's amazing the moronic nuts that comment here with one sentence and have no comprehension of engineering or how this happened..The 9-11 conspiracy imbeciles are the most uneducated,uninformed lunatics to ever tag on to an event..not to mention how not one of the 3000 people who helped carry this out never talked about it (even if they were on their death bed.What a collection of losers

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