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9/11 Conspiracy Documentary: The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Documentary

9/11 conspiracy theories attribute the planning and execution of the September 11 attacks to parties other than, or in addition to, al-Qaeda or claim there was advance knowledge of the attacks among high-level government officials. Government investigations and independent reviews have found no evidence for the theories. Proponents of these conspiracy theories claim there are inconsistencies in the official conclusions, or evidence which was either ignored or overlooked.

The most prominent conspiracy theory is that the collapse of the Twin Towers and 7 World Trade Center were the result of a controlled demolition rather than structural failure due to impact and fire. Another prominent belief is that the Pentagon was hit by a missile launched by elements from inside the U.S. government or that a commercial airliner was allowed to do so via an effective stand-down of the American military. Possible motives claimed by conspiracy theorists for such actions include justifying the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as geostrategic interests in the Middle East, such as pipeline plans launched in the early 1990s by Unocal and other oil companies. Other conspiracy theories revolve around authorities having advance knowledge of the attacks and deliberately ignoring or assisting the attackers.

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  1. RIP to those who died on September eleventh and may god alleviate the suffering of the families. George Bush should be tried for war crimes and hung like Saddam Hussein was!
    All of the scumbag officials at the white house and were involved should have been there in 1814 when we set fire to that shit.

  2. Listen Up
    immediately after 9/11
    a radio special was put together in DC
    I had to work but I ran out the night before and purchased a large pack of cassette tapes.
    My mother lived with me at that time and I made her my recording pupil.
    I called her every hour to be sure she was recording and asked if it was over and she said "Nooo they are still talking"! This is very important information too bad everyone can't hear this.

    They gave NAMES, DATES & TIMES & they saId FOLLOW the MONEY!
    Information said, found and shown in this Documentary was given during that radio show years ago.

    Did any of you know
    the week & days prior to 9/11 businesses in the Towers shut down, moved out. Some of those companies & owners names given.
    Employees in those companies were informed not to come to work as late as the day before…
    How can anyone in the ALPHABET SOUP "wink" NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS?
    They didn't completely move out they took the valuables you know a scared rush!

    This information was like having the answer to who really killed Kennedy.
    Listening to the tapes was mind blowing.
    At the time I was a member of a chatroom of "CourtTV" all of us were regulars. I told everyone about the radio show and I would share the info somehow.
    I went to work the next day with a mini tape player and I logged in to CTV CHATROOM it was 5:45am I posted the message I have the Truth about 9/11 & I will play the tapes live in chat.
    Everyone interested in listening answer up. I don't know if you are familiar with the old chatrooms but we were able to speak to each other rather than type.
    Talking in chat could not be spied on that's why that feature was shutdown soon after.
    I played the tapes in 30min intervals by "clicking on the microphone pic in the chatroom" and playing the tapes. I told everyone to have paper & pens ready to take notes.
    Whenever someone needed me to stop or pause they typed a message in chat wait go back to whatever….

  3. micahT - says:

    Alex Jones works for the people he's "exposing"

  4. it's not the left vs. the right.  it's the top 1% vs. the rest of us.  They lie, cheat, steal from 'our' treasury, control the banks and control our loyalties.  Huge lies to keep us 'patriotic', in fear and obedient.  We will never win justice or truth unless the rest of us unite against them – the Elite.

  5. SWP 215 says:

    it makes my heart drop when i think about what the people who were traped went thru. they were faced with the hardest decisions. i couldnt imagine having to call my family and say good bye. knowing they were most likely gonna suffer a brutal death. that shit is crazy

  6. Where there is tragic, immoral death, the Bush family is there, front row. I am sure there is a Bush wing in Hell for this deplorable family.

  7. Tide Hou says:

    Welcome to americon

  8. syntaxed2 says:

    But they still found the passports of the terrorists…papers survived that inferno but not blackboxes?

  9. Shawn Foster says:

    All the the stuff that has come out. The miltary grade thurmite. And the only sky scrapers IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD to fall like the twin towers. WE WERE SOLD OUT BY THE BUSH CHENEY GANG YOU CAN BET YOUR LIFE ON IT.

  10. CK GAMING says:

    I still don't understand how the millions of military soldiers didn't do anything, where they could have helped and might of stopped the 3rd or 4th plane from hitting. Sometimes I think my own country is ridiculous.

  11. remy zero says:

    i am always Amazed at how closely we always align with Pakistan…. what is the Deal??

  12. Me says:

    Why is george bush not in jail??

  13. I have been trying for absolutely YEARS to comment on these sites and until now could never work out how, So before ANYONE starts calling me dumb ass or telling me how bad my grammar is, not to mention my punctuation or that my spelling is atrocious, because their opinion and mine perhaps differ then let me start my rant by saying your NOT telling me anything I don't already know, so do your best. I know NOTHING of science, Newtons law, Physics and some might say I have no common sense either. Having said that I am no less entitled to have an opinion just as everyone else does, and this is mine. I cant for the life of me understand why the US Government knowing that some American citizens, as well as more then a few people around the world do not agree with the Official story. Wouldn't it make more sense to re-open and have an independent investigation done? If for NOTHING else it would be one way of putting a STOP in the divide it has caused. Either way I see it as a win win situation, either the Government would be able once and for all lay it to rest, or the people that believe it was a conspiracy would have their thoughts validated. I for one firmly believe if for no other reason then that the then Government had prior knowledge of the attacks and done NOTHING to try to prevent it nor at most try to warn their Citizens of impending danger, for that reason ALONE I believe someone in the chain of command should be held accountable. I know this investigation is going to be made harder now as almost 16 years have past, not to mention the fact that most of the evidence was long gone BEFORE even the official investigation was done, BUT the people that LOST their lives that day, their FAMILIES, the people that are STILL losing their lives TODAY, hell even the people GLOBALLY that have had their lives changed because of that day have the god given RIGHT to know EXACTLY what and why it happened.

    End of Rant

  14. Whenever the President appoints a commission you can believe there is a cover up, such as in the Kennedy assassination.

  15. Despite all the evidence, there are people who still believe this was not an inside job. They are the same people who believe Oswald and Ray were lone gunmen. So sad.

  16. 9/11 was run by Al-Qaeda out of Mohammed’s ‘Bojinka’ operation’. Arising from operation ‘Cyclone’ the Pakistani ISI had become the CIA’s major client and back channel to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Through them the CIA learnt of the 9/11 operation, monitored it, and provided cloaked input into it.
    The CIA ensured the hijackers got their US visas and their flight training and were left unhindered. On the day they ensured various military operations were in progress to cloud matters ensuring the planes got through. The CIA’s involvement and awareness of the plot were cloaked from all parties except those at the very highest level, for instance the ISI General Mahmoud Ahmed.
    Since Bush needed a ‘casus belli’ the CIA put the demolition charges in place, ensuring the towers came down transforming 9/11 from an ‘act of terrorism’ into an ‘act of war’, thereby ensuring the ‘cycle of war’ continued for the MIC (book ended by the CIA ignited Iraq wars).
    The CIA got the Patriot act, Guantanamo, Homeland security, the closure of the investigation into the missing trillions, the Authorization for use of military force Act, the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2002, the ‘War on terror’, sanction for wars on Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran with the war on Afghanistan kicking off on October 7th 2001. Oh and control of the Afghan poppy fields generating north of $500 billion p.a.

  17. Bush Sr JFK – Warren Commission, Bush Jr 9/11-9/11 Commision

  18. Bitch Please says:

    Majority of Americans are still sleeping. Wake up and question your government's motives. You've are being lied to for the past 15 years. Wakeup Sheeple!

  19. Brian Pecsi says:

    wow CNN was the news group that dug into prior knowledge and now there basically an extension of the DNC propaganda machine. I remember news reports actually doing there jobs and reporting facts not what narrative is being pushed. The after math in media alone is a red flag for me

  20. Kam Khan says:

    My prayers go out to all the family's who lost their loved ones its very sad to have to go through all that heartache and pain yes GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD BLESS THE WORLD AND ALL MANKIND but 911 was an inside job BUSH was behind it bush killed all them innocent life's burn in hell bush and everybody involved may god bless the dead and bring peace to the hearts of family's involved

  21. where was Barack Obama during 9/11

    in Harvard

  22. Larry Fisher says:

    I love my country, but I hate its government. It is crooked. There was NEVER a trial to investigate WHO was criminally responsible for what happened on that day. The media and Israel said that it was Bin Laden and that was that. Innocent until proven guilty. He was never even on the FBI's wanted list for 9/11. At 49:50 Bush gives a little speech then smiles as the applause comes. In his own words "I'm a war-time president." This is what he wanted. On November 23rd 2001 Al Qaeda (Taliban) said in person to CNN that Bin Laden did not do it. If you have proof that he did, show us. We will turn him over.

  23. will wagner says:

    These poor families. In their grief become victims themselves. The questions they ask have very straightforward answers that were given to them. In their grief they became victims of the conspiracy people.

  24. will wagner says:

    The proof that it was not a conspiracy is the jets flying into the buildings. Nobody in their right mind would cook up something like that. They would set the explosives and blow it up. The chances that someone said "Hey let's hijack some passenger jets to fly into the WTC and after an hour or so we'll set off demolition charges." The chances that these airliners could both hit the WTC is about a million to one.

  25. GALACTIC RlG says:

    TRUTH that was tha funniest Shit l ever seen an attack on WHITE TRASH 719 IS HERE ?

  26. Jesus christ ! What do you expect ? Bush Senior was head of the CIA , his son is a crook and knows all the cracks to hide in and use to his advantage. This stinks .I guess that takes care of the 2.6 Trillion dollars unaccounted for in the defence budget eh? Ooops the whole paper trail and accountants have all been destroyed! How god damn convenient. The proliferation of war and the use of terror to hide their accounts deficit ! God damn crooks the lot of them. The Government says they did not know anything or had any warnings! LIARS ! The NSA knew exactly what was going on. They didn't tell the FBI or any home policing agencies. The NSA have proof of the phone calls made by the terrorists from within USA to Yemen , yet they didn't do a God damn thing.

  27. KC Darby says:

    Than you, good night and god bless America? Fuck you, Bush.

  28. Adrian Ezzo says:

    9/11 was the death of America that was the day we all lost our freedom, rights and, many, many people lost lives, and loved ones!! The fact our government could commit such a crime on it's own citizens should show you how scary of a time we live in!!

  29. Adrian Ezzo says:

    From 25:30 to 25:43 you can tell that George W. Bush was scared as hell and almost slipped fuckin corrupt ass president!!

  30. Terry Carr says:

    It's all about trust ladies and gentlemen and fortunately/unfortunately come 12-09-01 when most Americans rose from their beds knowing life for them had just begun again because they knew their governments had betrayed their trust with the disgraceful,emotionally heart wrenching event of the prior day,they knew even then that they were being lied too by their governments and especially their media,come the days,weeks and months later there beliefs were even more concrete that they had been hoodwinked,the worst thing I believe is that they did it all in plain site (no pun intended) of them all,free speech,freedom and free rights,please,god bless all you good Americans for you all deserve much,much better than what you've been assigned and believe me youse have!!!

  31. King Robert says:

    Anybody else pick up on how Bush always licks his lips when he's lying?

  32. King Robert says:

    Condoleezza Rice's own words: "I don't think that anybody could have predicted that they would try to use a hijacked airplane as…(wait for it)… a MISSILE." She just gave it away because she knew they were missiles and not airplanes otherwise she would have phrased it differently. Just that on it's own is proof enough for me that 9/11 was an inside job an not carried out by terrorists.

  33. Tom Evans says:

    How. did the dems make Clinton a hero the rep Reagan Both should have been impeach and put in prison.They both commited war crime and crime3 against humanit

  34. Tom Evans says:

    Why were many government officials told not to.fly commercial flights?

  35. Tom Evans says:

    Why were many government officials told not to.fly commercial flights?

  36. 9/11=504/616. pythagoras 345. 616+345=961. 169 m washington monument. 3²+4²+5²=50. 616+50=666. 961-50=911. 169-50=119. 200 sheep-1=199+119+911=1229 devils bible HOW SIMPLE IS THIS GOYIM.

  37. Ezekiel 45:15. from every 200 sheep 1 ewe must be burnoffered. 200-1=199. 911; 119. 119+199+911=1229; year devils bible written; codex gigas.

  38. Javier B says:

    Operation Northwoods 2.0

  39. always remember, and never forget

  40. "War on terror" was the birth of WAR ON HUMANITY. God Almighty help us all.

  41. terrymanning? architects 4 truth are college educated experts in physics, architecture, science, math….ect your calling them retards?

  42. Bush you know what's coming :)..

  43. but why would the U.S government want to do this?

  44. Nicholas K says:

    9/11 holiday to celebrate American ignorance and stupidity.

  45. Ace Captive says:

    Proof alien technology used on 9111 ace captive

  46. Ka Yin He says:

    It's so freaking obvious when he lies, how can anyone not see it??

  47. L.P. Rrurris says:

    26:31 hijo de puta, eso es lo que respetas a las familias de las victimas?

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