9/11 Video: Tower Explosions Occurred Prior to Plane Impact, Claims Writer Reflecting American Distrust of Government on Wide Array of Issues


That what everybody saw … or at least what they believed they had seen.

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Why do we get so much written about 9/11?

It is almost ten years now since the tragic and deadly attacks on the world trade center WTC in New York, and still so many bloggers, writers and political pundits are writing on the subject trying to better understand what happened on 9/11. And no matter how much is written about 9/11 it always seems not enough for them nor for their audience.

This insatiable appetite for any 9/11 related literature is telling us many things. It is a clear sign of uncertainty. It is an eloquent testimony to a lot of people’s dissatisfaction with the official story of 9/11which in fact doesn’t hold water.

It simply tells us that the truth behind 9/11 has not yet been reached.

9/11 attacks are quite unique in so many ways. They are by far the worst terrorist attacks ever to take place on American soil and they are also the first terrorist attacks to be aired live on everybody’s TV screen… And this as painful and shocking to watch as it seemed but on the other hand it left no room for doubt as to how it happened, millions were simultaneously viewing the planes operation as it took place by the minute…and they were in no need of a commentator to describe what they were viewing.

Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing; … the planes hit the towers … then the towers collapsed like a house of cards … that’s what happened … that was the main story, wasn’t it? .. That what everybody saw … or at least what they believed they had seen.

Like the WTC towers the official story of 9/11 has been the target not of terrorism but of the skepticism and criticism of a lot of people who couldn’t buy into the awkwardly lacking logic narrative.

What you see is not necessarily what you get …especially when you’ve been deceived.

Some conspiracy theories tried to figure out what happened and solve the mystery behind 9/11. Most of them tend to believe that the WTC towers went down due to controlled demolition and by utilizing high-tech explosives namely, Nanothermite.

A lot of people inside and outside US denounce the official 9/11 story amongst them are firefighters, writers, engineers, veterans, politicians, chemists and architects.  They all are part of multiple and free movements for 9/11 truth.

Technology and truth

9/11 was a live broadcast on almost every news channel all over the world because it happened in the third millennium, the age of high tech media communication

Modern Technology has helped man to discover new findings in life and to settle unanswered questions as well. One of the most debated and amusingly popular questions of the late 19th century was whether or not all four of a horse’s hooves are off the ground at the same time during a gallop. In 1877, Eadweard J. Muybridge – English born photographer- settled this question before the advent of moving pictures with a single photographic negative showing a racehorse airborne in the midst of a gallop. Studying the photographic negative -back then- was like playing a film or a video in slow motion.

The slow motion feature allows the viewers to capture minor details otherwise imperceptible to the naked eye. It also excludes any possible visual anomalies or tricks of light better known as the rods phenomenon.

The 9/11widely known video has recently been examined, enlarged and played in slow motion

In the video there are two shots of the planes colliding into the World Trade Center towers, the second airplane didn’t exactly look like a commercial plane. In both cases, the explosions relating to the planes’ collisions appear to occur prior to the planes’ impact…!

Like the late 19th century debate about the galloping horse which was settled by examining the photographic negative of the photos taken of the racehorse while running in a race the debate of 9/11 official story vs. 9/11 conspiracy theory could be brought into brighter light by reexamining the planes` collisions footage.

The video shows us that we’re still away from the truth behind 9/11 and it clearly demonstrates that sometimes things are not what they seem to be.  The official 9/11 story – like the WTC- is collapsing not by collisions but by explosive evidences.

Seeing is believing… only if we have seen it all.


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  1. mike says:

    looks totally normal, the nose cone hits the steel and heats up. did it both times.
    and no one studied the two metal on impact results yet?

  2. Tina says:

    So you want me to believe that someone rigged the towers before the planes hit them and managed to hide the explosives in EXACTLY the place where the planes entered. The precise point where the planes entered the towers was where they just happened to plant their explosives? Not five or ten or twenty feet off or on another side of the building? But the precise place where the planes hit the towers? You guys need to spend your time on something worth while — like curing cancer.

    • tony c says:

      You are yet another example of the proudly ignorant. You are too stupid to understand so don’t bother. And there exists a cure for cancer, bonehead; not that it will ever be provided to the sheep.

    • randy says:

      The cancer that you speak of is in our gov. no? If you think not,you’ll proably let them insert the “chip” in your hand or forehead won’t you? SO SORRY!!

  3. Nokriinfo says:

    OH……. great attention to the point, i have never think about these point before, everyone should open his eye, its primarily cheating. why 2500 Jews absent that day?

    • Robert Hauser says:

      I had heard a long time ago that no jews died in the 9/11 conflagration….I do not believe that we the people in America will ever know the truth as to the exact number of fatalities that day…just as the government has never leveled with us about the dead count in Pearl Harbor where it was later said to be between 11,000 and 12,000 (Wash Away the Tide)—-quite a contradiction to the official “2984”, “3008”, etc. we have been handed all these decades. As to whether a number of jews were trapped in the WTCs and perished that day, I would find it impossible to believe that because if the truth ever came out that there were NO JEWS WHATSOEVER killed that day, a homicidally enraged public in this country would make every pogrom throughout history look like a Tupperware party….always remember that the jews would not hesitate to kill or allow to be killed their own “lesser brethren” to fulfill their own ends.

      I am absolutely certain that a number of jews lost their lives that day…..file clerks, entry level accountants, the usual nine-to-fivers….but the real question is, how many high ranking CEOs perished in 9/11?…..I think the truth will emerge that there was not one solitary damned one and that those high ranking and stink-rich CEOs who had a heads up as to what would come down that day were in fact predominantly if not entirely jewish and all had their very handy little excuses in place for not being there in the WTC towers that day. The whole affair is completely covered with Mossad and CIA dirt and filth.

      As I said decades ago, never believe ANYTHING the U.S. or Israeli governments say and less than half of what you thought you saw them do.

  4. jojo says:

    First of all–two Quebec brothers just happened to be on the RIGHT spot for both planes and cameras panning just in time and NOT released until day after.How did networks get their shots? Freebees from the Quebec brothers
    2nd–after 1st blast WTC2 tower, hundreds of cameras were pointed at both bldg towers—not one was captured and shown at the alleged time.
    I could be wrong but the big stinker is that CANADA was envolved in the 911 scam. Night before Sept 11 2001–a massive build up of heavy earth equipment and men was waiting to cross USA/ Canada border –ended up at ground ZERO.
    The shots of planes hitting the towers were very grainy–to deceive–Photo shopped just as was the Pentygon clips.
    Note: All the fuel in airliners is stored in the wings–Wings should have been clipped off and fallen outside the towers. The ball of fire was NOT of a plane crashing but–pre-blown up stored gasoline/diesel tanks,laden in the towers
    Over $300 billion of Royal Bank of Canada gold was never found—Big steel vault just turned to steel fragments—What fools Americans are–more like STUPID saps!

  5. Richard Sievert says:

    the explanation is clear all people involved set there alibi around children they are the ones responsible where better to hid than behind a child!

  6. I see the explosions on each clip prior to the planes hitting the tower… However as has been covered a great many times from many angles it is extremely difficult to fly a plane directly at a specific target. Then if this was a drone of some kind a prearranged explosion could be triggered from the actual approach of the plane…
    That doesn’t make sense either as any prearranged explosion would eventually be discovered and serves what purpose? Unless it was to ensure the plane did not bounce off the side of the tower…
    Explanations please…

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