A Healer’s Description of the Illuminati


by Mendel

Many people are mistaken that Illuminati or Satanists are mediocre and seek an unfair advantage by betraying society. The Illuminati actively seek out and recruit the gifted, especially those with spiritual gifts.

Typically, they will approach the talented with offers of fame and fortune and promises of high rank within their organization.

Satan himself has been known to personally make his offer to certain individuals. He does not have horns or a pointy tail. He is handsome, incredibly intelligent and charming. Like Al Pacino in Devil’s Advocate.  Nevertheless he is the father of all lies.


Yes, Satan is a real entity. Demons are organized and he is the leader.  He is a spirit. I personally know 3 people that have had the same experience of being offered fame and fortune if they would go over to his side. These 3 individuals are not acquainted. 

Similarly, the New Testament records that Jesus had been approached by Satan and offered the kingdoms of the world, if he would bow and worship him. Jesus also alludes that they are organized with the statement “a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand”.

This is a real experience, few ever speak of it.

They carefully place their intellectuals within universities. I have discovered them teaching not to educate, but to discredit morality and religion. They mislead youth by covering up or even falsifying science.

Some towns are dominated by Satanists; they are in city halls, police and fire departments. They are placed in the highest offices of politics, courtrooms and law practices from coast to coast.

They are in our churches. Even some well known evangelists are involved, where they teach guilt and dogmatism rather than love and forgiveness.

They are in the helping professions such as medicine and psychology. They are not there to help. They are there to milk people of all the money they can. They will connive to close down any MD that discovers cheap or easy cures or any psychologist that speaks out against homosexuality or ritual abuse.

In my experience, the tool they use is ridicule and shame to detour people from truth. However, they fear exposure and if I suspect them and allude to it, they quickly back away.


Having worked with several escaped Satanists, I can tell you that the Illuminati and Satanism are not based upon trust, but upon the fear of exposure of crimes they have participated in. None trust each other. In fact members generally envy and hate each other.

Generational Satanists ritually sexually abuse their own young children. These events are filmed. Should the perp step out of line, these films will be used to blackmail them.

When a certain governor endorsed a presidential candidate that was not the Illuminati’s choice, his use of expensive prostitutes was exposed in the national press. His life and career were deservedly ruined. The press were well aware of his proclivities for some time.

Should they be found out by honest law enforcement and still are in good standing, corrupt law enforcement will drop the charges as in the Aquino abuse and pedophilia case.

Today you can’t get anywhere in politics unless they have dirt on you, in order to keep you under control. If you are not one of them, you will not get publicity. You may even find yourself in prison under false charges.

The Illuminati could not have gotten where they are today without the help of their worldwide minions in the press

When their Babylonian economic system fails (which is very soon) they will be the first at each others throats. They may even instigate World War III as high ranking members are in the U.S., Chinese and Russian governments.

Therefore I suggest that all of you prepare quickly. Get enough food for your loved ones to last a year or more. We that refuse to lift the sword against our brothers will have to separate ourselves physically from the ensuring chaos for our mutual benefit and survival.


Witches and sorcerers are the lowest level within Satanism. They believe they have learned to harness demons to create havoc and receive gain.

But really it is the other way around. Their demons can confuse or enrage people to the point that they do savage acts or even commit suicide.

Demons can posses us if we allow them. Attempted possession usually happens when you choose to make a major positive change in your life. The demons want to stop your progress at all cost. There is absolutely no self doubt when you are attacked. It is like a train wreck, and will make a believer out of the staunchest atheist.

Demons can operate on the physical plane. They can make things go bump in the night. They can cause physical injury such as bites, bruises, cuts and can even cause illness. They come in different sizes, shapes and strengths. A powerful one can literally cause a stone building to shake to its foundations.

But demons have power over us only if we allow them. We allow them by feeding them with our own fear, guilt, shame, rage, greed, lust, or hunger for power; though we may not always be conscious of it.

To those rare few that can see them, most demons are hideous and deformed non-human entities. Through Hollywood, (Satan’s propaganda machine), our culture is now reflecting the same ugliness in our entertainment and arts.

Vulgar TV programs, rap or rock music, arguments and fighting also attract them into our own homes.

Even Christian rock music will attract them. They are attracted to the ugliness of the music; it’s not necessarily the lyrics that bring or repel them.

The use of mind altering drugs and alcohol debilitates us and enables them to gain control over us. This is why so many heinous crimes are committed while under the influence.

Promiscuity will open us up to their influences in addition to adding and sharing the “Karmic’ burden of each sexual partner. That is why the promiscuous heap huge problems into their lives, suffer multiple health and emotional problems and age faster than the rest of us.

Getting rid of demons is not that difficult. Firmly invoking the name of, God or Christ can send them away. But if you do so with fear or anger they stay and laugh at you. They feed off of your fear or rage and become stronger.

Those that carefully repent and live upright lives are protected by being free of the guilt associated with sin.

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  1. sveta says:

    First, I am not sure that my teachers in university are satanist, maybe two, one of them in first year who told me that I have to learn again his lessons, and one woman who told me that I have to be serious. To win in that battle you must use your brain. Demons is doing their demon things, so we must do our human things.

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