A Message To The World On The Obama Inauguration

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By David Duke

Change? Obama is controlled by the same Jewish extremist financial, political, media and financial forces that have led America to the catastrophe of 9-11, the disaster of the Iraq War and the financial robbery and economic crisis.

A message to the world on the Obama inauguration…

Wake up!

Obama: the Zionist wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If you want to know who the real establishment is in America and around the world, the real power behind the so-called “military-industrial complex”, the real maleficent power that has led this world to inexorable conflict, war, hatreds, destruction of real human values, morality, conscience — it is the global media establishment.

This same media witnessed the Zionist slaughter of 1,300 people in Gaza, and the maiming of 6,000 more, half of them women and children. More than 20,000 homes and buildings were destroyed or damaged and thousands became homeless. This horrendous mass slaughter of Palestinians is compared to the loss of 3 Israeli civilians. Yet, the media never dare to call this slaughter exactly what it is: terrorism on a horrendous scale! This same American and global media has not informed the American people or the people of the world of the damning truth about Barack Obama.

In truth, Obama is a complete creation of extremist Jewish Zionists and he has already begun to serve Israel by his top appointments.


The Jewish-dominated media in America is promoting the Obama inauguration as akin to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. (If you question Jewish control of the media read Who Runs the Media? and you will find documentation proving the Jewish control being far greater than you might suspect) The rest of the world’s powerful media (Which also has a powerful Jewish presence in the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Russia, and the rest of Europe) takes its cues from the NY/Hollywood media axis, and presents Obama as kind of a superhuman agent of real change.

In fact, it is a Huge Lie!

Obama is completely controlled by the same forces that have controlled George Bush, so much so that The Chicago Tribune quotes leading Jews bragging that Obama is so in the hands of the Zionists that he is “the first Jewish President.” Obama received about 80 percent of the Jewish vote in the United States!

The Three critical things that made Obama President:

1) Jewish political influence

Obama’s chief handler is David Axelrod, a radical Jewish Zionist whose previous claim to fame was the fact that he was the Zionist political hit man against Illinois Senator Charles Percy, who was not deemed to be pro-Israel enough. (He was only 99.9 percent Israel’s lackey, not the required 100 percent) Obama went to Israel and made sure he pronounced himself even more radically pro-Zionist than Bush or McCain.

2) Massive amounts of Jewish money

Obama’s campaign was kicked in high gear by Jewish Hollywood and financial moguls. In just one of the early fundraising parties in Hollywood by Spielberg, Geffen and Katzenburg it raised over a million dollars for Obama. Obama raised more money than any political candidate in American history and his biggest contributors were overwhelmingly Jewish activists, Jewish international finance and banking firms and Jewish globalists. His largest single contributor was the international Jewish Banking firm of Goldman Sachs. He received more money from the same international bankers that ripped off trillions of dollars in the recent economic scandals than even John McCain. Is a man totally under the power of the most powerful financial organizations in the entire world, really an agent of “change?”

3) Overwhelming positive support in the Jewish-dominated media

By a large margin, Jewish-owned media officially endorsed Obama, and that is not counting tens of thousands of positive articles by Jewish; owned publications and pundits.

Obama’s first act as President-elect was to appoint a Jewish extremist, dual citizen, Rahm Emmanuel, as his chief of staff. As the people of Gaza were slaughtered, Obama would not make a single statement to stop this murder and maiming of thousands of innocents!

Israel, very carefully timed its terrorist attack on Gaza to be in the remaining days of the Bush Administration. The day before Obama’s inauguration Israel announced that it would be completely out of Gaza by the time Obama took his oath of office.


Before Obama took office, Israel could make this terrorist slaughter against Palestinians and Obama would still be perceived as having clean hands. Because Obama is completely under their control, they want him to have an image of fairness, honor and peacefulness, and as representing a new direction of American policy, as he begins to deal with the Mideast turmoil.

Since he is Israel’s boy in the White House, what better scenario could they have than a President perceived as practically the Second Coming, of high moral conviction, and dedicated to fairness,  but who is actually bound hand-and-foot to the Zionist agenda, just as the last president’s have been. Talk about a perfect shill. And the game is working, for even many Palestinians are filled with hope that the new President will work to end their long suffering.

With an almost godlike positive image around the world, a Barack Obama who is in reality controlled by Israel, is a much bigger danger than was even George Bush. We know what Bush is, but too many Americans and other peoples around the world are falling for the lies about the new “savior” of the world: Barack Obama. He already says we are to put thousands of new troops in Afghanistan and has rattled the sabers against Iran. Obama with highest positive image (created by media) in the world is in a more dangerous position to lead us into catastrophic wars than George Bush ever was.

Jewish screenwriters in Hollywood couldn’t have written a better script for the Zionist agenda than what is being played out on inauguration day, USA.

Of course, why should they write it, they did it.

God save America, God save the Palestinians, God save peace and justice in the world!

–david duke

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10 Responses

  1. Ed Lewis says:

    Actually, the KKK was and is a Jewish controlled “divide Americans” organization as are all the dividing organizations, including such as the feminist movement, NAACP, etc.

    David Duke was in the KKK but now speaks out in support of white Christianity and anti-zionism, which the Jews and their supporters hate. He knows full well the dangers of the Zionist so-called Jews and Jewry in general, as do all who research the matter and are willing to accept the truth about the evil engulfing the world.

    Forget that racism crap. The Jews are the most hate-filled, racist group ever. Read their historians, writers and others (including their madmen leaders) to find the truth about this bunch of scum intent on destroying 90 percent of mankind. Search for and read the direct quotes from the Talmud and Kabbalah, the two sources of Judaism.

    Forget anti-Semitism because the Jews are not Semites and never have been. They are – at least 90 percent anyway – Khazarian Mongols. The balance are Sephardim Jews who cannot claim Shemitic blood, or very very little in some cases. They know it – look it up in the Encyclopedia Judaica. The Jews are of radically mixed blood and have never been a race, let alone a pure race. They are mongrelized being in which one might find DNA from every race of humans on or have been on the Earth.

    Duke is an Israelite, and the Askenazim and Sephardim Jews know they are not Israelites but are descendants of the Edomites from the bloodline of Cain, who was not a descendant of Adam but solely of Eve and Nachash.

    The true Isrealites are Anglo-Saxons, Celts, and Caucasians. And you will not read or hear any so-called Jew say or write that Jews are Israelites. And, if they are honest – fat chance – they will state that the State of Israel was a political creation for the quite mad and criminal Zionists, that is in addition to a headquarters of Zionist Jew hatred, a hide-out for those that are caught and must flee prior to prosecution.

    You people that support Jews and try to put down people that essentially put their lives on the line to expose the Jewish threat really need to study with open minds rather than getting the crap put out by the Jewish controlled media and the lies of over 2000 years of being the “chosen people”. It is a lie and it is pure crap invented by psychopathic Jews in control of not only most countries but the lies taught to their own.

    If you were smart and better informed, you would spread the truth, not the propaganda instilled in your minds through Jewish mind control and its media. Study their history – that is, the history of the Jews – and you will find them directly responsible for 200 million deaths of innocents in the last century alone, and that they fabricated the cases of their persecutions (Jews are persecuted if anyone tells the truth about them).


    Get the truth, People, and then write your commentary.

  2. Freeborn says:

    Ominously for Obama,Wilson’s health declined as House’s control over him increased.Seemingly a sure way to depression is to achieve high office as the instrument of others who remain unseen.

    Like Obama in the run-up to his achievement of the Presidency Wilson made public obeisance to Zionism.

  3. Freeborn says:

    Chicago Tribune is misleading itself and its readers in putting it about that Obama is the first Jewish President.

    Haven’t they heard of Woodrow Wilson?

    Wilson was the creature of House,a Rothschild agent,and Rabbi Stephen Wise Chief Zionist Organizer in the US,who used Wilson to deflect US state policy towards Zionism.House served as liason officer between Wilson and the Zionist movement.

    In his highly autobiographical novel of 1912 Philip Dru Administrator House describes a plan devised by a Senator (House’s alter-ego) and a priest of High Finance (no prizes for guessing to whom this is a reference) to use a secret behind-the -scenes organization employing “the most infamous sort of deception regarding its real opinions and intentions would elect its creature to the Presidency”.

    The group around the President-elect in the novel resemble the Chicago Jewish mafia in the White House today.

    Wilson came to power like Obama with the blessing of powerful sponsors like Soros.Like Wilson he will now do their bidding.

  4. Adashal says:

    The way to human end has come,the more we live ,the nearer our trouble comes.

  5. Robert says:

    In case you did not know: Duke is a white supremacist and racist. He is a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, who regularly rubs elbows with neo Nazis.

    While I am not a big fan of Israel and do sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians, I would think twice before getting drawn into any of David Duke’s racist ramblings.

  6. jdhawg says:

    I’m not a big Duke fan, but the more I read, the more I agree with him.

  7. Donald Mega says:

    Very informative article, well put together it provided for a great read. Im going to forward this blog to my work study group so that they can read and review this article also. You’ve got a new subscirber!

  8. George says:

    Very inetersnaya article. I would like to know more details on please. Over the past thanks
    Sincerely George

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