A military dad pulls off the best homecoming surprise!


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  1. DARK Vader says:

    The mom walked over as if to say that nigga back.
    Fuck, what am I supposed to tell my jumpoff.

  2. rodeo o says:

    why are onions around me,,,,,,

  3. Ghost says:

    Wife? She looks like the oldest sister damn.

  4. Garry Oldham says:

    There would be 478 Assholes who disliked this, probably all libbs

  5. wtf happened to the sound

  6. The surprise would had been better if he was the mascot :)

  7. rod powers says:

    it makes me very happy to see one ours come home outside of a box!…being an ex serviceman..and military child..i know how it feels to have that person in your life finally able to come home alive….my heart and prayers go out to everyone that has had to sacrifice…not just in flesh..but in the day to day life…..God bless you and be with you…each second….Amen!

  8. I'm tearing up
    what a beautiful family

  9. Sonic Praa says:

    I would of exposed that mascot and asked him a serious amount of question. I would of told him that my friends died in that uniform and that he was a phony

  10. try not to cry one tear slips out and the water works flow

  11. Who's cutting onions

  12. Omar Barrios says:

    wife Don't seem happy

  13. Joshua Ramos says:

    Oh man, Where are the onion ninjas?!

  14. D X says:

    Way to ruin the video by muting the sound at the best part

  15. 40 months? Why can't Congress be sent away for that long?

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