A.R.M.Your Internet address is being Recorded By?



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  1. Mordius says:

    @SuperBrokenpencil you should take a break from your conspiracy theories. You clearly cant handle information without getting worked up about it. Our side of the war needs free thinkers. Not arrogant ragers.

  2. Mordius says:

    @SuperBrokenpencil Dream all you want, you make it oh too obvious of what your true situation is. In the long you wont ascend if you keep attracting low vibrational entities into your reality with your mentality and speaking. You can think of yourself as superior than others because you looked up youtube videos that the asleep dont care to think about. but until you expand your consciousness, your still on the blue pill. cheers

  3. o yeah disolve the boarders in canada and mexico you conspiracy therorists are retarded its 2012 and baby's need a passport to fly. the uk had cctv for several years now and honestly if itll make some piece of shit think twice about trying to kill or mug me after a night of partying who cares. you know how many people a year go missing and or are killed on the streets just in vacouver,bc alone

  4. so your saying we should be affraid of our goverments so your propoganda is just to spread fear of the goverments….interesting

  5. EDOGZ818 says:

    ARM owner Nancy Genevese aka Mysticstar on youtube has been outed as informant in j4p case.
    Google : "Charles Dyer Informants Exposed " & " I will make Trayvon look like a gotd*mn walk in the park!"
    Rick Light of Well Regulated america Militias ( Minuteman ) .
    Check out how they set you up!!

  6. geminimc69 says:

    If you question known liars you are a "conspiracy theorist"
    Anyone who uses this term is completely lost in tthe dillusion of freedom
    Go ahead tards keep using this term in your early denial stages,you are too far gone to escape your own death now. You better grow up, and stand up against secret government agendas and tyranny

  7. Free Truth says:

    Thanks for the upload

  8. Its funny. This was uploaded in 2008,

    Now we want war with Iran, US troops are doing terrorism drills with UN troops, freedom of speech is now a felony, and the 2011 NDAA allows indefinite detention / torture / execution of US citizens by the military.



  9. reasons for war, land, power, money, and to kill of the population.

  10. the only weapon we have to fight this take over, is to keep spreading the word.cuz it seems all americans are sleeping, watching reality tv. or just dont want to face the truth.If the ppl dont wake up and at least try to do something, then we get what we got coming!!!

  11. T.S.T.W.B says:

    Why hasn't this person made a video since 2008?

  12. Bigmanbam44 says:

    obama had him killed

  13. rine303 says:

    they just want the next season of jersey shore

  14. I gave you a thumbs up. But I am not freaking out. I am preparing for the worst instead. I have the basic tools to survive. I am trying to get a little better prepared. My goal is to get off their grid completely. I plan to live in a barter/trade world right here. I will create my own means. I want nothing to do with this fake government and it's illusions. I will NOT cooperate and play their games much longer. I will go my own way!!! So should EVERYBODY!!

  15. I bet half of you don't live in the USA youre just making it up

  16. Ross Family says:

    That really is crazy that this was made in 08 and yet 2 of the warning signs have already pretty much come to fruition.
    signs of the times for sure

  17. James Nuxoll says:

    They are trying to replicate the bible´╗┐

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