A Vision about World War III – John S. Torell


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  1. Give it up folks – the west will lose. As he mentioned the west has disarmed.

  2. LeeJai Cook says:

    Nov. 24, 2014.  Ms. LeeJai Cook, Roaring Springs, TX. 
    It appears that the woman who had the vision was not given complete information about the future.  Jesus has elevated Elijah, the Old Testament prophet, to the position of World Ruler. I do not know when he will appear. In the near future, I believe.  Just what actions he will take I do not know.  However, he has said that both New York City and Washington D.C. will sustain near-lethal attacks. Even now terrorists are surveying the largest cities in America to determine which cities they will next attack.

  3. veniceit1 says:

    There is within this Pastor the Way of Yeshua.

  4. The allegedly "prophecy" that was given by this unknown Norwegian old woman is totally a lie made up by the Norwegian Pentecostals, also Mr.Torell himself is a pentecostal too.

  5. Australia  will not  be  attacked   with nuclear  weapons  there is nothing  here  to  waste  missiles, this  vision is  wrong, it looks  like it  is  made  up.

  6. k odu says:

    No the trigger to ww3 is North Korea not Ukraine.

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