Abandoned World War II Tank Wrecks Part 3. Tank Destroyed. Old Rusty Military Vehicles WW2.


Cool collection about abandoned tank wrecks time second war. Destroyed old rusty military battle tanks around of the world 2016. Music- First Track: Riot …


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  1. Echoes of War, can be repaired and the museum, people will look nachem fought our grandfathers and won.

  2. really liked the selection, still look after so many years it is well able to do before high-quality equipment in which the battle is not scared to go.

  3. photo just super, made with a great angle, I as a fan I ponravilos tanks, I would like to see them live.

  4. Old tanks, stands rusting and useless. How many killed enemies? did the crew.

  5. Meet along the way German soldiers did not react to the tank, taking it out for the trophy. One cyclist decided to have some fun, and some time went ahead. But the driver-mechanic T-28 got sick, he nearly gazanul, and from the German left alone memories. Then the Soviet tank crews met several officers who smoked on the porch of the house. But not to declassify themselves ahead of time, they have not touched.

  6. When I was watching this video I felt like I'm a part of history, I would like to see them in real life, very interesting video

  7. A terrible sight . And look terrible, what to write about to sit in the tank

  8. A terrible sight. And just awful what to write about, to sit in the tank !!

  9. That's the real essence of the war . Human and material resources are thrown to the dustbin of history .

  10. Wonderful and informative video. Interesting stuff. I recommend to all

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