Abortion – Illuminati sacrifice children – Witchcraft – New Documentary


epiphany ( a manifestation of God) 50 million unborn children have been interrupted in America . Will this can continue. . . Or is this the reason …


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  1. PEREXUSREX says:

    Satanism is alive and well . . .

  2. PEREXUSREX says:

    Satanism has now legalized human sacrifice . . .

  3. kiicion1 says:

    I'm amazed at these people would believe in an afterlife. That they believe in the spirit world all. They will enter this Realm and meet the spirits they have denied life too. There they will be judged by them. They will be denied life too judged and caged for all eternity. They will be judged by the purity of the life they took. They will be denied life love and freedom. It will be there children does judge them.

  4. you do realize that before there was yer stupid chart, or terms, people forever called the unborn, unborn babies… you can do what you want but yer still a pathetic baby murderer that God will deal with

  5. PEREXUSREX says:

    The world needs to watch this documentary so that their eyes can be opened – this is diabolical behaviour . . . when the judgments come people will know why

  6. PEREXUSREX says:

    This is an outstanding video on the subject show me a better one.

  7. PEREXUSREX says:

    This is an outstanding video on the subject show me a better one.

  8. wakeus777 says:

    Its alright and Ill tell you why. If this information is Christian and meant to be shared, then why hide it under a $Bushel$????

    That is why it will stay where it is. Besides we Bible Truthers have been aware of this for awhile and preaching out against it with budgets of $0.00. You can do it also my friend. Dont let satan attach greed to great research. NOBODY SHOULD CHARGE A DIME FOR THE WORD OF GOD!

  9. Its hard for me to watch this… anger grows as I hear what these women say… Idk if I can finish this…

  10. PEREXUSREX says:

    Its an eye opener for those who have eyes to see . . . what is ldk?

  11. TIYX says:

    Seriously? People believe this BS propaganda? If any of you half wits comes near my family or me, I will shoot you. You are all insane.

  12. PEREXUSREX says:

    Why would you shoot us – the truth is that babies are being sacrificed everyday in America by satanistic child sacrifice and the satanic practices have been passed as law – recently outside a supreme court in America pro-life people were demonstrating and opposite them were satanist high priests (woman) chanting hail satan . . . abortion is OK if the mother is in danger, or rape or incest etc. but 50 million aborted babies because they don't want the baby ???? This is wrong friend . . .

  13. I cant watch the whole video I am against abortion

  14. John Dill says:

    Archbishop Fulton Sheen once related a story of a woman he met on a plane. He engaged in conversation with her and as it was the holy season of lent she refused some food offered by the air hostess. He asked her if she was fasting and the chilling response he received was that she was fasting for abortions. Our Blessed Lord called Satan a liar and a murderer from the beginning and unfortunately he certainly has his followers and agents here on earth today. Pray the rosary to defeat abortion.

  15. PEREXUSREX says:

    So you believe woman should get pregnant and kill the babies because it is not convenient – you are destitute of the spirit . . . one day you will understand how wrong you are . . . and you will have to answer for the choices you have made . . .

  16. After the first abortion they should be charged with man slaughter.or keep your legs closed

  17. PEREXUSREX says:

    Get married and have a family . . .

  18. Diana Siller says:

    If it takes two to make a baby shouldent the guy have a say .

    Stop abortion s !!

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