Accurate World War 3 Scenario #5


Accurate World War 3 Scenario #5 check out my channel for different ww3 predictions.


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  1. I have had army and naval training.
    John has had army training.
    All six of us have had Nazi training.
    Frank and Stewart have had air force training.
    Adam, Lauren and Benjamin have had army training.
    We are all ready to go.

  2. Since Amy’s subconscious has not been activated we do not know who she is working for
    unless she has been under MK Ultra programming.
    If she was under Mkultra then she would know how to eat, which she doesn’t.
    Amy may be a Denisovan Cross in which case she is too valuable to let go.
    I will have to buy her a dinner bell and give her some pavlovian conditioning followed by
    nazi training and uniform wearing guidance.

  3. I promoted Amy to Goddess but she accidentally touched my right hand today.
    Since the word ACCIDENT is not in the bible but is in the koran, it would have been
    more appropriate that I promote her to Allahess.
    If she actually did it on purpose, then she needs to tell us who she is.
    King of the Kingdom of Tatiara (miconation)
    President of the Republic of Carlroy (micronation)
    Christian King of the Austalopithicus.
    Prophet of Sarxkyn
    Part of the Human Race and part of other groups.
    New Sarxkyn Cellular DNA encoded, designed and installed.
    I can see the finishing line  for the human race 24 hours ahead.

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