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  1. I curse a lot when I'm angry and I am Christian but I cannot help it because I am fallen and I will keep on asking God for help and I will let him help me with this because in reality you cannot repent alone, God is the only one who can help you from sin.

  2. Fi Sh says:

    This is the serious Christian filthy frank and that's not a INSULT

  3. JacquesBeard says:

    Adele is humongous and her songs (in general) speak about being dumped and treated badly by men. This is why her fan base is huge, the ten ton tessies can relate to her, if she was average weight, she would not have grown into the big superstar she is today. She is a bum-chinned satanic wench.

  4. Fi Sh says:

    I'm not saying he should put in gameplay but those pictures are creepy af

  5. Nobody listens to songs backwards. So why does it matter?

  6. Wonder what Crowley thinks of he…LL

  7. Her song's phenomenon status is limited to the fact that such a lame, low quality, BORING song is such a famous "HIT"

  8. 54321mas says:

    Great video and great expose, but please brother, don't compromise your Christian testimony by swearing, otherwise you will sound just like the worlds does.

  9. GarageStudio says:

    Adele had a checkerboard floor in one of her videos right; I remember that from a while back!

  10. People have to wake up and see what is going on my mum always told me that with these people its not what you know its who you know I never believed her but I do believe her now

  11. Outstanding video! Thank you for this!

  12. Phil Bonner says:

    Can't stand her music. She is well overrated.

  13. Awesome video! ! God bless you a call for Uprising keep on waking up the sleeping masses.

  14. Thank you i keep trying to wake people up @my job but they look@me like im crazy but i dont get discouraged im a child of god

  15. Ugh…I hate when that horrible JZ song sticks in my head…(whatever his name is, I don't care…) it's horrible to repeat "murder Jesus"…so sick!!!!!!

  16. OBEY JESUS says:

    Don't let your anger cause you to sin 15:00

  17. Thank you for this video

  18. Such is Life says:

    Wow those songs in reverse have me the shivers. I'm was really surprised at Jay-Z

  19. Bootney Lee says:

    These guys are having a HUGE impact on society too. STD rates are at an all time high right now. There is nothing sacred anymore. No values, and certainly no virgins.

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