Aftermath: Population Zero – Full Documentary


Imagine if one minute from now, every single person on Earth disappeared. All 6.6 billion of us. What would happen to the world without humans? How long would it be before our nuclear power plants erupted, skyscrapers crumbled and satellites dropped from the sky? What would become of the household pets and farm animals? And could an ecosystem plagued with years of pollution ever recover?



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  1. Danny Dix says:

    If society ever fell over the world would be populated by tiny little chicwow….chickw…..cahwow…..rat-dogs that would all have to learn to walk first, owing to that fact that they had been carried everywhere all of their previous lives.

  2. Boldarn says:

    This looks like a EUGENICS advertisement … funded by Al Gore – The Gates of Hell & Co ? Hmmm , what is happening with this blog , huh ? Is this the future envisioned by today’s Global Criminal Cartel ? Is this what they think to inherit when they emerge from their underground facilities ? It is floored and unrealistic as it is based on the assumption that life is still possible as we know it today . This is for the trash .

  3. vljones says:

    I just see the film and I thought it was great seeing how the planet improve itself without any humans. I do not want to see us extinct but I see the damage that we are doing to this planet. I feel that we really done alot of damage to this planet. Nature really been having a beat down because greedy elites, world leaders etc. had been stripping this planet of the resources for years. It would of been nice if we cherish this planet and respect it and live the way that people do not have to abuse so much. The Earth would of have plenty of fresh air, water and enough food to provide for all of us.

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