– WORLD WAR 3 // Sweden & Bulgaria ! #UNCUT


Me and Royal rep our traditions and destroy this agar server! royal is fitta: http:// ⇘ Thank …


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  1. Dawid Twardy says:

    Ale miałem beke z Ivora. Nie dość że jakieś gówno buduje to jeszcze se lata iksde zgadzam się z Vertezem "co on kmini?"

  2. ти да не си станал скинар ве лешник

  3. ℬℊ₮☣ ЛОШИЯ ✓
    ℬℊ₮☣ ЗЛИЯ ✓

  4. What's the intro song

  5. Yᖇ ? Clan says:

    im from sweden

  6. Pac - Agario says:

    Royal is fitta in swedish fitta means pussy

  7. What if that is the real Jumbo O.O

  8. y copie le thème et les image de TYRANO

  9. Tamie Adams says:

    hero koji I want to join hero clan can you please get me in hero clan my name will be hero sniper

  10. Tamie Adams says:

    and by the way my names Dylan and I am on my mums pc and I am 9 years old thank's

  11. MASTERSMOKE says:

    u guys are so badd… lol and stulid

  12. Im sorry but i roasted you on our channel you can watch if you want.

  13. 1:18.. This is how it goes LMAO Koji-WAAAT.
    Let's do some school with koji ?
    What koji is thinking.. I think that trick splitting means to aim at your partner and split 16 times at him?
    So kids… Tell koji how to tricksplit.
    Let's pray for koji. Sad violin

  14. PRO Gamer says:

    I like the video but koji please stop curseing

  15. stop screaming for everything plz:)

  16. а бе брат ти си от българия? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  17. Gooz says:

    Why weren't you in the hero clan facereveals my boi :=(

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