AIRPORTS in the PHILIPPINES – Warning, Terminal 1 using letters not numbers


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Airports in the Philippines don’t have waiting lounges. You’re going to have to go straight outside to find a taxi. Leave the arrivals, go to departures and find the taxis. Check the lettered columns and select one if you need to meet friends somewhere. If you want a quicker ride than a taxi, try a motorcycle.

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0:01 okay when you arrive in the Philippines the one thing you’ll notice that there’s
0:05 no happy waiting lounge
0:07 for your friends to a wager imminent arrival you’re gonna have to go outside
0:11 now confined transportation or meet them out there
0:14 here’s I’m I shot a Terminal three departures
0:17 area now whatever as I said before my videos this is the best plane took place
0:23 to find a taxi
0:24 leave the arrivals go to departures
0:27 and find the taxes here you see the arrivals area
0:31 and there’s no taxis but on each pillar you’ll see a number so your friends are
0:37 going to meet your rivals
0:38 pick a number and meet them there
0:42 and this is the same at all the terminals you’re flying the
0:46 taxis at the departures
0:49 and numbers on all the pillars in the arrivals area
0:54 here’s the Terminal two departures area
0:58 an you see taxes going through there all the time and these are all metered taxis
1:04 and they’re desperate to get a trip back into the city me
1:08 to let your best bet it’s not always easy to find
1:12 the departures area but it’s always up stairs so where you are right
1:16 here’s terminal to arrive all you’ll see again
1:19 the Polish clearly marked with the bay number he again
1:23 agree on something beforehand as it can be a beautiful obscene tough to find
1:27 somebody
1:28 here you also see the yellow metered taxi there in the distance
1:32 they’re pretty rare and they’re more expensive here again
1:36 terminal one departures lots I love taxis
1:41 his people are always going everybody takes our own taxi there
1:45 no buses no jeeps nothing like that everybody takes a taxing
1:50 whereas in the arrivals area you can see here terminal one arrivals
1:53 obviously nobody coming in but if you were
1:57 also no taxis you’ll also see everyone these videos
2:01 my preferred method of transportation my motorcycle
2:05 much quicker

Once you get through the airport, it’s important to avoid getting ripped off by your taxi driver. Here’s a few tips…

1. Get a taxi in the ‘departures’ area of the airport

In most international airports the ‘arrivals’ pickup area is filled with scammers and bad taxi drivers. They’ve got a continual stream of desperate travelers asking them for rates so they know they can typically quote an insanely high price and still get a passenger.

The departures area is different. These taxi drivers are just dropping off their riders at the airport and are happy to get anyone into their taxi for the drive back into town. Because of this, prices will be lower and you’re less likely to find someone trying to drain your wallet of all that foreign currency you just filled it with.

2. Know where you are going before getting in the cab

If you don’t know where you are going it’s all too easy for you taxi driver to rip you off. They can drive you around in circles, tell you there is traffic on the main route, or even drive you to the other side of town!

Don’t give them this opportunity. If possible, keep your destination up on Google maps and watch to make sure the taxi follows the right route. If your taxi driver sees that you have a map, he’ll be less likely to drive you in circles.

3. Don’t put your bag in the trunk

It happens all the time. An unknowing tourist puts their bag in the back of an unknown cab and their driver hits the gas before they hop in the passengers seat. Their bag is gone, they have no idea where it’s headed, and the police won’t help at all!

Keep in mind, the things in your bag may be worth more than your driver will earn in a year or two! Don’t tempt them into an early ‘bonus’. Losing your luggage and passport on arrival to a new country is a great way to ruin your vacation.



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25 Responses

  1. Imhim247 says:

    Please tell me there's other international airport in PH?

  2. Master Joey says:

    Just an FYI… BE WARNED.
    I got ripped off 1st time I arrived in Terminal 3. After clearing immigration and customs, on exit, you will be bombarded by several vendors offering taxi's or a private van. They will show you a sheet of paper to all destinations in metro manila with a fixed price which are tripled the normal metered taxi price. My friend who travels a lot told me that airport taxis are actually on the arrivals level but all the way at the end, across the terminal on the left of the building.The guards and those vendors will not tell you this. They will just discourage you and scare you, that there are taxi's on the departures level, you can take but at your own risk, since the taxi's on departure level do not give you receipts and do not guarantee your safety. Since I did not know and I kind of panicked, I had no choice but go with them, I had pasalubong, gifts and my vacation money that I don't want to get robbed. When I got to my destination in quezon city, my sister told me that taxi's should not be more than P500 ($12) from the airport to eastwood qc.. These freaks charged me P1,200. Which is like $30! I do not understand why airport authority allows this? F'n corrupt, what a shame., they should all be fired and re-manage.

  3. ronald black says:

    Mactan is way better . I have learned to avoid Manila unless its a domestic flight.

  4. Lito Dagale says:

    Yeah it's easy to fined you???

  5. Sean Cooney says:

    They are numbered A thru Z. Just pick one letter so your friends can find you. No terminal fees on the way in, P550 on the way out though.

  6. thanks for the information how many meeting bay do they have in terminal 1 arrivals? i will be arriving there in manila next month and just wondering andwhat are the terminal fee there in terminal 1 if you know by chance any info thatyou can help me with is greatly appreciated..

  7. homer30 says:

    Worst Airport in the World.

  8. may the man that will take video not knows where is the taxi counter, inside the airport… they want a visitors in a good hands ,, to bring you safe where ever you want to go in a hotel

  9. koukimonzta says:

    The solution to this is to heartlessly bulldoze the surrounding squatters so that the govt can expand its infrastructures. This is soooo 3rd world.

  10. Meepster says:

    I believe that Terminal 1 Is the WORST Airport in the whole NAIA. Why not they would change international flights to terminal 3? Such a shame. Well, If you guys want a better intl. Airport, you have no choice but to go to the farther one in Pampanga. The Clark Airbase or Clark intl. Airport Lol.

  11. Spent most of December 2012 in Philippines. Airport situation was odd , terminal 1 to terminal 3 and vice versa. Definitely was a big help to have someone I knew meet me there. Looking forward to returning as soon as possible

  12. toni amor says:

    Yello taxi´s in Terminal 1 are so expensive ! Tha´s what makes me sad if i arrive in Philippines , just when you arrive , you feel being robbed .I paid 480 pesos from terminal 1 to terminal 3 – that small distance ! But seems like there´s no choice , you have to ride the yellow taxi´s . well, unless you prefer to walk with your luggage outside .

  13. roguemale57 says:

    For all those wishing to go to mindoro. Take a cab to Pasay City (about 200PHP) all the bus terminals are along Taft Avenue near the corner of Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly Buendia).

  14. pvn2474 says:

    What is there to love? Why haven't I been able to find it, yet? On the contrary…

  15. pvn2474 says:

    Just to the coming visitors (please stay away!) of Manila airport: please do not expect a very nice treatment, and please do expect everyone to rob you off big time. And do expect to get into lots of trouble the moment you leave the airplane. Just wanna warn these innocent guys out there…

  16. terminal 1 is were most flights come into , my advice grag a yellow taxi on the meter only 300 p to malate very cheap

  17. rookash4ever says:

    thanks for all your videos as its so informative.. keep it up and its great, thanks!!!

  18. Sean Cooney says:

    @frtforwrd You are absolutely correct. Thanks for that and i will make the video. Cheers, look forward to seeing you here. Send a message to so we can hook up

  19. Sean Cooney says:

    @Twobeers1 …Kool, get in touch when you get here, maybe chat over a couple of ice cold beverages !

  20. Two Beers says:

    I am not sure which terminal I am mentioning. The one that I'm writing about is the International arrrivals at NIAA. I loved your video's. I'll be heading over to the Philippines in Feb or Mar of this year. This will be my 7th trip. I want to retire over there also. Currently I am in the electronic security business. (Alarms, CCTV, Card Access, ect, ect,)

  21. Sean Cooney says:

    Cheers ! What terminal is it you mean ? Terminal 1 ?

  22. Two Beers says:

    I've got an even quicker way. Take the exit downstairs to where the jeepney's buses go. Walk away from the airport thru the parking lot, it's not that big. Once out on the street you can either jump on a local jeepney or flag a taxi down & haggle with the driver.

  23. Sean Cooney says:

    Be informed that TERMINAL ONE has changed to LETTERS last time i checked so pick a letter if you go there

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