Airports, Shopping, Yakitori & Karaoke | Sid & Nat’s Japan Adventure – Day 1: Arrival


Sid & Nat’s Japan Adventure – Day 1: Arrivals – My English friend’s arrived in Japan on Holiday. Time for some Japanese adventures. Please subscribe to my …


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  1. Ben CG says:

    You're better at karaoke than me!


  3. This is living! Glad to see Sid and Nat didn't go hungry or have to resort to eating with their hands ? They've become pros at chopsticks in no time! ?? Karaoke was great! Always a fun time. It was lit ? Ahemmm…fire truck and all ? What a first night! Can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans you all get into next!

  4. Bold moves with that karaoke bit!

  5. Day One was cool! My favourite bit was the baby forks! Which bit did you enjoy?

  6. Great video and looks fun. Miss being in Osaka!

  7. LOL I cracked up when the smoke alarm went off in the karaoke :D

  8. zak inshya says:

    This looks amazing man

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