Hello Friends! This was my first airsoft action in this year, first organized action on this place. there was around 180-200 people. A few people from Poland …


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  1. ARTIS says:

    4 sides, 2 vs 2 all people was divided to 4 countries.. i played as USA soldier, other Allied side, EU states) second team, states.. ( Ukraine, Russia) division dependent on the brightness and on the typ camouflage.

  2. LoL ! Posles mi odkaz na tvoju zbran ? A kolko ta stali vsetky gulky ?

  3. Russia??? Disgusting country and people. I live in Ukraine and I know that Russia is evil.

  4. Trasfo says:

    Man,this is for real or is just a game?

  5. A nemal si fps dropy ? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D

  6. Wow the gtx 970 is really good to be able to run this

  7. pawelos45 says:

    Hey man, what gloves do you have? These look really nice and seem pretty durable? Would you recommend them?

  8. John Wick says:

    punkbuster na vás pěkná akce kotel lidí :)

  9. Fr3xT says:

    +ARTIS_SvK Please tell me man, i'm going insane to choose between MSI 970 GTX and Gigabyte 970 g1. I have all my pc on paper but the graphic card. You have the final word for me. Thank you !

  10. I like it! You play by yourself or do you bring friends with?

  11. ZeoArts says:

    Yo! Ive just bought this cam but i was just wondering is the casing protective from BB hits? or did you buy additional case for the cam

  12. Awesome gameplay, wish i was there :)

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