ALAN THICKE DEAD- ROBIN THICKE CONFIRMS THE ILLUMINATI IS REAL! Growing Pains star Alan Thicke, 69, GONE suddenly after suffering a heart attack …


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  1. prinsexed says:

    69 is about the duality and the way Satan turns the laws of God upside down in the world's beast system. Ying and Yang. Good and evil. Black and white. That's what Jimi Hendrix song " If 6 were 9. Also it's been 69 years since Roswell this year…

  2. BRO take a valium….WOW!

  3. May God continue to bless you brother I hope that others turn to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  4. he doesn't have the balls to stand up much either.

  5. This last wk flew by.Barely even noticed the time.

  6. Peter McColm says:

    How do you wake up your "friends"?

  7. Robin Thicke's ex-wife Paula Patton is a MAN……….But ✋ wait. Paula Patton is nown dating Queen Latifah and Queen Latifah is the (Queen) of all (Tranny's) ). WoW they sure know how to trick the masses.

  8. I'm getting slightly sick and a little frustrated about sorting out all of this "Transgender Madness" Boys turning into Girls….Girls turn into Boys. The Boys that turned into a girl are dating girls and the Girls that turn into Men are dating Men. ((((WoW I guess that's why they call them the Illuminated Ones the Satanic Matrix))))

  9. Zipfreer says:

    Alan Thicke pushed the fear of the IRS slave taxation for the cartel He did this to get his son a music contract as for his death it's all speculations

  10. blue is low masonry , red is high masonry …. red and blue also are the colours of JESUS and the virgin mary in christian art …..

  11. Sabbieo says:

    When making a video you shouldn't yell so loudly.. My goodness ??

  12. B Robinson says:

    Bible tells us Satan is deceiving the entire word.Rev 12:9.

  13. could you shout a little louder please I cant hear you?

  14. Whoa! That's creepy! I just watched Alan Thicke's last acting appearance. He was in the 2nd season of Fuller House on Netflix. IMDB also confirmed that he died of a heart attack on December 13. I used to watch Growing Pains. This is evil and sick if he was sacrificed.

  15. amen amen amen that prayer at the end I felt the vibrations of the Lord

  16. Tyler Wilson says:

    i was wondering. i recently stop eating meat/animals is eating animals a sin? cause god placed adam and eve in the garden too eatfruit not animals

  17. FaithyFay says:

    Wow the way that he died…"while playing hockey" seriously…I know how heart attacks work but that's a little to out of the blue for me to believe. In the middle of playing hockey he probably was cut off by a microchip or something but I could be over analyzing. Anyway Robin Thicke definetly doesn't hide anything when it comes to being part of the elite. Great video

  18. great work thank you,
    Godbless you

  19. Ron m says:

    You know you don't need to be baptised in water.
    We are baptised by the Holy Spirit.

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