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  1. I am a Segregationist, & I want to BAN MUSLIMS!!!!
    I Donated $500 to HiLLary & Voted for HiLLary!!!
    Cuz of the SCUM who Voted for TRUMP!!!!
    Look at ALL the Jesus Fuks for TRUMP!!!!!
    Jesus Fuks for TRUMP, > [ W A S ] <——- the Reason for
    my SHIFT to HiLLary!!!!
    – – – – –
    2nd Place–> IGNORANT Fuks such as THIS—>
    " I (trump) can Murder a 2-year old on 5th ave. &
    I wouldn't Loose a Single Vote"!!!
    I Proved Trump to Be a LIAR!!!!
    I Re-Registered as a Democrat & Voted for Bernie & then
    I Donated $500 to HiLLary,
    $100 to DuckWorth & then I Voted for HiLLary. . . .
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    2-days After My Giving [ People's Media ] my Master Card Number,
    Nov. 19, 2016,
    I Got THIS on my G-mail –>
    >Response By Email (Stephanie P.oose) (11/21/2016 10:39 AM)
    Dear Justin Martyr,
    We were recently made aware of correspondence sent from your account which violates our Terms of Use. Therefore, Martyr's Account has been Terminated. We believe that this action is in the best
    interests of the member community.
    > [ My Note by ME, Justin Martyr –
    I did ZERO to Violate their Terms of Agreement!!! ]
    Please know that due to this violation of our Terms of Use agreement,
    a REFUND of any UNUSED Subscription FEES will >"NOT"<— be Issued.
    > [ I, Justin, had just Subscribed for 3-months, 2-days Earlier!!!]
    Said Step P oose, Due to our privacy practices, canNOT
    [ Disclose Specifics ] regarding the email.
    People's Media are just Pure Scum & Thieves in [–>DaLLas, Texas!!!]
    On Line Scams from Florida & Texas are as Rampant as from Nigeria!!!
    People's Media are just Pure Inter-Net SCUM & Thieves!!!
    Stephanie P. [ NO LAST NAME – Proves a LOT!!!] Customer Support
    TotaL Solution:
    1] I CaLLed these Thieves & Told them my Plans!!!
    2] I went to My BANK, & the Bank Tried to Contact these Thieves,
    but the Banks own Security Systems Blocked the Officer from
    Contacting these OnLine Criminals!!! People's Media was ALREADY
    BLACK LISTED in Banks Security System as a CriminaL SCAM!!!
    3] In Less than One Hour(including Waiting time) I had My Money Back,
    a Brand New Master Card, a Number, & old Card Destroyed, by Bank!!!
    – – – – – – – – – –
    Wut WiLL Trump who Works for Vladimir & who Commits On LINE
    CRIME & who WON the Presidency DO to FIGHT On Line Criminals????
    Wut do you Think ALL YE WHITE-low I.Q., Cock-Suckers who Voted
    for the MOST Corrupt Criminal since George [ W ] Bush the Midget????
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    Justin Martyr, Center Street, Salem, Oregon/ Justin.James.Martyr @ gmail

  2. cosmking says:

    This all stems from hate and racism…Its a crime against humanity and the earth.

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