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7 Responses

  1. Karen Bowes says:

    there is nothing new about it i have seen all these video befor

  2. you damn right u will see it posted every two hours because if Celesta looked like her pic she would be to bissy to be reeeeeeposting every few hours

  3. dont believe this channel!!! there are no fact on this channel!!! and fuck you Celista!! of whatever your fucking name is….your a joke!!

  4. betty corey says:

    why do people keep posting videos of world war 3, they must be wanting it taoo happen and there is nothing good about wars, its time we all have some peace in the world if we can. But its not good to cry wolf cause if we ever were being attacked no one would believe it. Cause so many keep crying wolf. There is noithing funny about posting stuff like this. We need to be focusing on uniting our country and stop hating eachother.

  5. Shawn Troyer says:

    they repost so people they get seen it happens…. pull your diapers be happy we have news at all!!!!

  6. I can't get away from this retard either. is there no way to block channels?

  7. Shawn Troyer says:

    Celista you are going to have to give us some code when you mean War really starts though like Hey Assholes War has started then we will know…. lol yes assholes is the key word perfect

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