ALERT: George Soros is Behind This Huge Obama Plan to Help Destroy the Economy

truther March 25, 2015 0

President Barack Obama and billionaire liberal George Soros are working together to take the capitalist free market system out of the energy industry.

Obama Plan to Help Destroy the Economy

WND reports that new EPA rules for power plants would drive the cost of energy production so high than many companies would be forced out of business, all without congressional approval. And that’s only the beginning, according to Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center.

DeWeese said that efforts to push through the massive new regulations — 645 pages of them — are backed by Soros and other well-heeled liberals. But it’s not about climate change, despite what they may say. “It’s about control,” DeWeese argued.

He said that no matter how much money the energy industry invests to cut back on pollution or clean up the environment, liberals says it’s not enough. In fact, he said, despite the fact that well over a trillion dollars had been spent to address environmental concerns, “the way these groups talk you’d think we never spent a penny.”

“The truth is,” he said, “it’s not about pollution. It’s about control. This is nothing but a show because they are frustrated that the facts are coming out [about climate change], and there is no truth to what they are saying.”

As evidence, DeWeese cites a 3-year-old article in which climate change activist Naomi Klein explained that skeptics who see a threat to the capitalist system in global warming claims are right.

She said that the development of “real climate solutions” will require nothing less than “shredding the free-market ideology” that currently drives energy, agriculture, and transportation — three tremendously important segments of the economy.

“So when [climate change skeptics] react to evidence of human-induced climate change as if capitalism itself were coming under threat, it’s not because they are paranoid,” she added. “It’s because they are paying attention.”

“That is the root of this entire fight, which is to change our entire system,” DeWeese concluded.

The fact that energy production, transportation, and agriculture make up relatively small percentages of the American GDP means little in this context. Any group that controls these three vital areas controls not only the economy, but the population.

The free market system is imperfect, without question — everything is. But government intervention in the name of environmentalism or any other cause cannot make it better, only worse. All government intervention can accomplish — all it ever has accomplished, on this scale — is the erosion of personal liberty that the Founders wrote the Constitution to protect.

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