Alert: Indian Army Ready For War Against China And Pakistan Simultaneously


Dec 2009 – India is preparing for a possible `two-front war’ with China and Pakistan, Indian newspaper saying Wednesday.

The newspaper said the Indian Army is now revising its five-year-old doctrine to effectively meet the challenges of war with China and Pakistan, deal with asymmetric and fourth-generation warfare, enhance strategic reach and joint operations with IAF and Navy.

Indian Army Ready For War Against China And Pakistan Simultaneously

Update: Tough Pak Army Warns Proponents Of ‘Adventurism’

Work on the new war doctrine — to reflect the reconfiguration of threat perceptions and security challenges — is already underway under the aegis of Shimla-based Army Training Command, headed by Lt-General A S Lamba, sources told the Indian newspaper.

It comes in the backdrop of the 1.13-million strong Army having practiced — through several wargames over the last five years — its `pro-active’ war strategy to mobilise fast and strike hard to pulverize the enemy.

This `cold start strategy’, under a NBC (nuclear-chemical-biological) overhang, emerged from the `harsh lessons’

learnt during Operation Parakram, where it took Army’s strike formations almost a month to mobilise at the `border launch pads’ after the December 2001 terrorist attack on Parliament.

This gave ample opportunity to Pakistan to shore up its defences as well as adequate time to the international community, primarily the US, to intervene. The lack of clear directives from the then NDA government only made matters worse.

“A major leap in our approach to conduct of operations (since then) has been the successful firming-up of the cold start strategy (to be able to go to war promptly),” said Army chief General Deepak Kapoor, at a closed-door seminar on Tuesday.

The plan now is to launch self-contained and highly-mobile `battle groups’, with Russian-origin T-90S tanks and upgraded T-72 M1 tanks at their core, adequately backed by air cover and artillery fire assaults, for rapid thrusts into enemy territory within 96 hours.

Gen Kapoor identified five thrust areas that will drive the new doctrine. One, even as the armed forces prepare for their primary task of conventional wars, they must also factor in the eventuality of `a two-front war’ breaking out.

In tune with this, after acquiring a greater offensive punch along the entire western front with Pakistan by the creation of a new South-Western Army Command in 2005, India is now taking steps — albeit belatedly — to strategically counter the stark military asymmetry with China in the eastern sector. There is now “a proportionate focus towards the western and north-eastern fronts”, said Gen Kapoor.

MissileTwo, the Army needs to `optimise’ its capability to effectively counter `both military and non-military facets’ of asymmetric and sub-conventional threats like WMD terrorism, cyber warfare, electronic warfare and information warfare.

Three, the armed forces have to substantially enhance their strategic reach and out-of-area capabilities to protect India’s geo-political interests stretching from Persian Gulf to Malacca Strait.

“This would enable us to protect our island territories; as also give assistance to the littoral states in the Indian Ocean Region,” said Gen Kapoor.

Four, interdependence and operational synergy among Army, Navy and IAF must become the essence of strategic planning and execution in future wars. “For this, joint operations, strategic and space-based capability, ballistic missile defence and amphibious, air-borne and air-land operations must be addressed comprehensively,” he said.

And five, India must strive to achieve a technological edge over its adversaries. “Harnessing and exploitation of technology also includes integration of network centricity, decision-support systems, information warfare and electronic warfare into our operational plans,” he added.

Apart from analysing the evolving military strategy and doctrines of China and Pakistan, the Army is also studying the lessons learnt from the US-launched Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2001 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and their relevance to India. PD Agencies



A rogue Indian general strikes China which massively retaliates. Russian communications knocked out by electromagnetic pulses hit Europe and China with limited number of missiles. U.S. retaliates against Russia and attacks China to destroy its nuclear stocks. Russia retaliates against the U.S. and hits U.S. ally Israel. Israel initiates revenge attacks against Arab and Muslim capitols.

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  1. rahim says:

    My dear pakistani and other muslim brothers and sisters ok lets believe you win the war as was predicted by someone and you convert the whole world into islam then what you will live in peace let me think ……well I believe then you are going to start a new war but this time it will be between sunni shia ahmadi and pathani and what not so brothers tell me is it worth fighting in the name of religion why can’t you guys realize that god lies in peace love and brothers who follow him through humanity all gods are one but only the name Is different why cant weall live in peace and show a little bit of tolerance

  2. Asoka says:

    As for the afghans comment I agree chinese people our really commendable as far development or any field is concerned a true warlord but on the other hand please don’t cal yourself as warlords coz the only war you muslims can fight is they acts of terrorism have you guys forgotten how israel defeated four of your so called arabian muslims where were your predictions then so afghans and pakistanis are nothing but cowards who can only prove their strength on unarmed civilians or women folks yes one thing is laudible the creeper pakistan always gets a firm tree to hang on to first it was united states and now china way to go guys

  3. destroyer says:

    well said dev these guys live in a dream world where they think they won 4 wars with india all the wars were started by pakistan for having kashmir so if you really won the war why is india still majestically ruling kashmir and you are asking for un plebiscite like beggars guys grow up stop feeding on what your gov has to offer as lies check wikipedia if you want to see who actually won all wars and you will find it is india and don’t forget the surrender of your army in front of the whole world in 1971 and if not check it out on google images

  4. Dev says:

    Guys I have no idea how old this post is but as of now I would like to tell my friends that now india has an inter continental ballistic missile with a range of 5000 km and a quickly modernizing air force so there goes the afghans claim on indian missile range and about religious predictions guys please try to win war on your own accord s04 yes allah said that only the righteous stands victorious so that well proves india s victory over you in four wars and yes if you won all wars why is kashmir still with india so remember hindus our the followers of the oldest religion the fact they survived this long even when there were fanatics like muslims in the world well proves the might of hindu mess up with us and we will send you to your allah

  5. mahesh says:

    I want to know how many cruise missile indian have in currrent and how many missile under construction.

  6. refuse2lose says:

    I am assuming that Obama’s trip to India was not just about pretty light shows and coconuts. Barry is looking for friends to tag team with him when our criminal government decides to attack China.

  7. lyoklyok says:

    fucking madness, and a lot of insane people with their religious bullshit. why can’t the whole planet stand up all together in one day and change things for better… oh yeh, most of the people are too busy with their own bullshit… sad the humanity will just WATCH how our lives and planet will go down the toilet, that’s all we can do I guess.

  8. mahesh says:

    whoever is it
    in future pakistan and china will erased from the map
    because india will the super power nation in the world because they are making large nos milatary based and making enty gravity machine which can destroyed pakistan and china
    you forgot samefull defeat from india.

  9. tyson says:

    what hindu territory
    hindu does not have place in this planet, so they should be killed like wild animals

  10. khastria says:

    Jai hind!What you call today “pakistan” is hindu territory! We want it bacK!Our western neighbour is Iran.

  11. Anzar Jawad Pakistani says:

    Hey Genral Kapoor Keep in mind that what Gen Zia-ul-haq Wispered in the ear of Indra Ghandi on airport during our genral’s visit to india. After that Indra ghandi withdraw all the indian forces from pakistani border…

    Little brother “DB” You called pakistan pupy. This pupy is now going to insert his dick in india’s cunt with the building of a massive air force go and tell your genral deepak that pakistan is gong to manufacture 400 JF-17 thunder and 150 J-10 fighters till 2015.And further 1000 jf17 thunder and 500 j-10 fighters till 2020 that can held you Su-30 and Mig-29 on their cocks.and pakistan is also going to build a long rage misile system with help of its great friend china.
    Hey bloody indians! If you attaked the holly pakistan there will not grow any grass in india for next 100 years.

  12. Samim afghan says:

    hey guys im so confused with your comments
    do you think hindus have the moral to fight to pakis or chinese
    all over the world know that china is a great country with great people, but if they will fight, any country will not be able to survive, as china did it all their wars in the past.
    chinese people are warlords, so one chinese is equal to 10 indians.

    and what pakistan you are talking about ??
    why you pakis are so stupid? in all wars with india, you killed these bastard indians like wild dogs, and you won the war,
    pakistan only lost one war, which was because of corrupt and enslave bangalis, and because of their foolish mindset, now bangladish is as poor as africa.

    because of some communist leaders now we afghans are in a position, which we can not help the great nation of pakistan, otherwise we are the WARLORDS of this universe like chinese people, like Rome Emeror People.
    we invaded india many times and killed these bastards like wild animals, and still if needed we will join pakistan in any war against inhuman racist indians.
    Russia was not able to stay long afghanistan and US will leave like them shortly, then i will see if any indian will use our soil against pakistan,
    i want to say sorry to all paki people because of our ensalve communist leaders who were exiled in india for long time and accepted their slavery.

    india has 700 million hunger people who born live and die on the streets, but pakistan has only 23 Million with low level income who do not live in street, but has a small home atleast.

    pakistani missiles has 3500 KM range, but indian missiles has 2500 KM range, pakistani nuclear warheads are testes and prepared, but indian nuclear warheads are pizzle and total damn.

    just be powerful as ever …
    long life afghan-pak brotherhood…
    death to inhuman racist indians
    aur haaa, kehta rahega hindustan (dog indians), kashmir banega pakistan

  13. Fadi says:

    i hvnt read it properly i just passed through the short i just wanted to add sumfin dat being a muslim i knw dats gonna happen neways in the future coz dats wot our last prophet predicted 1400 years before i dont hve time to explain in details but in short we will be de victorious in de end…

  14. Abaddon says:

    Does it really matter if India goes to war with China and/or Pakistan! Does it really matter as regards the reasons why? What about Israel and the Arabs! Or North Korea, or Russia, or the whys and the wherefores of all and any of these Global hot spots and their political, religious, trade, or land issues etc, etc, that are just a few of the numerous reasons for conflict. The world has gone past debating about, the global problems are to many and varied for any solution. Looking from a neutral point of view, and not being swayed because we are Indian, Chinese or otherwise, which means we look without prejudice or bias at a WORLD which is in a state of terminal decline. Whatever is the fuse to set it all off is immaterial, for we all know it is going to go off. It can be illustrated by those who work in an explosives factory and they all smoke, it is a foregone conclusion that it is only a matter of time before everyone goes up in flames, as to who will be the one responsible for that disaster has no relevance, and neither does it have any relevance today. For nations will not change or stop smoking, or disarm,the international community cannot even remedy the problems between Jews and Arabs, so how can they come anywhere near solving the GLOBAL problems. World War Three is inevitable, surviving it should be your concern, not as to how it will start.

  15. Hussain Farooqui says:

    Pakistani Army may have some inefficient generals like Niazi and Yahaya, but the Chinese army is commanded by very patriotic and dedicated generals. However, posing any such threat is based on the Indian General’s insanity. This region is all nuclear. Any war will be too devastating for the entire region.

  16. Ammar says:

    A massive arms build will endanger the peace in the south Asian region, for years India and Pakistan have engaged in arms race at the cost of poverty and the masses being deprived of opportunities , as developing nations the cost of such adventures is too high.

  17. 1st January 2010

    I have heard and read the Indian Army Chief’s dream. What a dream! 96 hours, India needs to force Pakistan to surrender. In 96 minutes India can be erazed from the map of the world. Some one must tell Indian generals no to behave and talk like fools.

    Major Timotheus Nasir

  18. Syed Hussain says:

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    A) Press Clip Daily Jang Akbar Issued In Karachi, Dated 14th October, 2009, Page Classified, Marked As Annexure ‘A’.

    B) Press Clip Daily Jang Akbar & Daily Dawn Akbar Both News Papers Are Issued In Karachi, Dated 21st October, 2009, Page Classified, Marked As Annexure ‘B’.

    C) Press Clip Daily Jang Akbar Issued In Karachi, Dated 22nd October, 2009, Page Classified, Marked As Annexure ‘C’.

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  19. sikander says:

    India is getting paranoid. They have nothing better to do than rile against Pakistan.

  20. DB says:

    If Pakistan and China atatck India together , India will need to prepare to fight at the both fronts together . It cannot ask either Pakistan or China to wait till the war at other front is over .

    However if there is a full scale war in this area , it will go nuclear which will lead to total wipe out of all the 3 coutries . Will also lead to 3rd world war where no country will go untocuhed .

    So hope better sense prevails and there is no war . However it is diffuicult to for India to walk the tight rope and menatian sanity as both its friendly neighbours try to bleed it slowly and plan to disintregrate it. At some point , India will snap and that will not be good news for teh neighborhood .

    Neither for the elder brother China , nor the younger “puppy” brother Pakistan.

  21. In spite of very well written (in that the author has taken pain to collect the in-depth information about the design and preparation of Indian Armed Forces) the plan lacks the practicability. Pakistani and Chinese brass tacks are not sleeping with thumbs in their mouth.

    The statement of Gen. Kapoor in the seminar is highly politically motivated. He knows for sure, that to attack China and Pakistan simultaneously is a fool’s dream, specially so when both Pakistan and China have nukes. In nuclear war every second counts. China has more powerful missiles that have mass destructive weapons on their noses. So has Pakistan. Even if, for argument sake, it is presumed that India has an edge in missile technology, one should not forget that our nukes have U235 (destructing a vast area of target) whereas Indian nukes are equipped with U238 (Plutonium – less destructive). Moreover, as India has covered Pakistani strategic areas, Pakistan has also achieved the thrust powered missiles that can reach up to Calcutta and Raas Kumari. So five thronged strategy or make it five hundred, if India attacks we are ready. And India knows this very well.

    The hoax statement of Gen Kapoor is similar to 1962 Nehru cry in Chinese-India friction that fetched them billions of dollars, arms and equipment from USA. Same cry now, but it would not work this time. Americans know for sure that reactive effects after the war would be more hazardous than war itself. They are already experiencing the same in Afghanistan and Iraq. From this forum, I caution American Congress not be carried away by Indian General’s foolish claim. India doesn’t have that capability, they just want more and more arms and ammunitions to be branded a super power and claim a seat in Security Council – nothing more than that.

    To India, my message is loud and clear. We are muslims – not much difference between life and death for us. May be we all die, but not before destroying the whole of India.

  22. Raw says:

    When Pakistan was whore of US it was Ok.
    Now US is our Friend only but Israel May be our Ally
    in future……………..
    So better mind your own business

  23. kalkichrist says:

    Tension can be dissolved with the attention of even a newly realized soul on a troublesome situation. All the wars are our headache and we must face the waves of hatred and relativity to bring true Power into Earth, as a family together.

    “The Attention does not get dragged into things that we have been doing or that we have understood through our memories, or through our experiences or whatever it is. And is not also dragged towards too much on the right hand side that we try to overpower, or try to dominate someone. Because if you move too much that side you have seen it becomes blood. It is difficult for people to understand how, when we become very religious minded, like now Iran. the movement is on the right – all the austerities, all that, everything. Now bloodshed. Christians also did the same. Brahmins did the same in India. Buddhists did the same, even they talked of non-violence they got to bloodshed, because movement started right hand side. Left hand side movement will take you to very sly and dark methods. So right-sided people like big nations who are supposed to be developed nations, they justify war. “We must have weapons to face each other”, but You all each other are the same people from God’s point of view. Why are you fighting? I mean, God asks you, “Why are you fighting, what is the need? Why don’t you sit down properly and listen to each other? What are you fighting about? You are fighting about land – is it your father’s land? It belongs to God. God has created this land. Why are you fighting?” But your Attention is such that immediately you say ‘Oh! This is my land, this is my motherland, this is my fatherland, this is my brother-land. But what about ‘your’ land which is within you? Is it not your own? So if you go on telling these people that we should have no war they would not listen. Realisation is the only way. By realisation, your attention gets higher and gets separated from that strata from where these things bubble in. You understand My point now? The strata goes higher. The Attention goes higher. At a higher state. and these things that used to bring in – by right side movement you get (vikshpa) confusion. Must you get confusion? Every intellectual, whatever brilliant he may be, he is confused. And the more confused he is, the more he asserts himself; because he is confused, he is not sure of himself, so he asserts: ‘This is the thing, this is the thing’. I mean, if it is so, why should you assert it ? But he goes on asserting “this is the thing”. Then understand that he is now going towards lunatic asylum. Absolutely. And the way he asserts, and goes on talking about it, all the time, that means he is not sure. He becomes like a ‘possessed’ personality. When he explains everything through his brains. That ‘this is the thing, this is correct, we must all do this is what…’ and he convinces many others who are confused like him. They depend on him; he becomes a leader because you see they are much more confused and they find somebody who is not so much confused ‘outwardly’. They stick on to him, and all of them get to war or some sort of a blood shed or some sort of – they want to see blood. They become heartless, passionless, compassionless, you can say ‘Compassionless’, loveless people.” Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – ‘Attention – Chitta’

    The Powers of a realized soul

  24. satwa gunam says:

    I can understand that his job was done by pakistan for the last twenty years and it continues. Obviously pakistan is not happy with the new entrance to their business.

  25. sana says:

    one plan They make . One plan Allah make and He is better planner .

    those who follow Hazrat Naimatullah Wali’s poems knows that he predicted creation of Pakistan and about previous wars between India and Pakistan . He also predicted remaining up coming war .

    I think we r seeing the emergence of Hazrat Naimatullah Shah Wali ‘s prophecy . This last war according to his poetry will result in acute damage to Pakistan in beginning so much so that they will penetrate Lahore . then Pakistan will gain ground and will hit back with full force .

    ultimate victory according to him will be of pakistan.

    Ziad Hamid informed and give us details in the July 2009 … and it seems with this news that he was right ……

    Hzrat Naimatullah shah Wali also said that the unrest will clearly include the area of Tibet , swat , china ….but during this time unrest within India will also start due to extreme Hindu sects further one prominent member( may be a big political figure ..) will convert to Islam …which will result in extreme ppl ( may be shiv sena) to create further unrest .

    go and search Naimatullah shah wali + Zaid Hamid readings on You tube … u will get the complete picture . His interviews r uploaded there …

  26. good post. I like it. I think it is time that citizens of Pakistan urge the media to give space to liberal elements so that news of this sort can be aired more frequently. It is very important for us to know where the world is going free of extremism.

  27. jojo says:

    America gives India jobs as bribes.Israel gives weapons and training ( thousands of MOSSAD agents).
    Doesn’t take much to know what America is upto–Using India as a cheapWhore. Sorry for being blunt :^/

    • Kailash Guleria says:

      Indian Gets the jobs because they are brilliant & hard working. America is not doing charity.
      They need best work force

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