Alert: London Set To Be Under Martial Law In Next 24 Hours – Pictures, Videos


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Riots have intensified on the streets of London as police and bystanders fear for their lives as people protest in anger with their government.

Large swaths of the city have been overran by violence as the government hides the true reasons behind the rioting.

Some of the violence was captured by RT:


The rioting and violence has now spread to multiple sectors in and around London North, east and now south.

In a move that many fear will happen on the streets of America, there is talk of using the military to quell civil unrest on the streets of London as they continue to burn.

Widespread looting has taken place throughout the city which does not look good in wake of the coming Olympics.

Here is a local report of the much wider social problem:


The riots, which have been termed a protest for days, are now being labeled an all out free for all.

The Channel Ten reporter Bret Mason said, “What London really needs is to put the troops on the streets and really put those kids in their place”

This also lines up directly with what the government and press are pushing for around the world; “Oh it’s good for you to put troops on the streets… its for your safety.”

London is ablaze…


Police hit with bricks in the battle:


120 mile ring of turmoil:


This video shows a wide spectrum of footage:


The police even urged that parents take control of their kids.

This video shows police flee from the enraged populace:


Another video captures more disturbance in London:


More buildings burn in London;


Strangely enough this video shows people of all ages:


There has been over 215 arrests so far with more on the way.

Note: When the government and media are calling for military troops to arrest citizens that is MARTIAL LAW.

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  1. pp says:

    note, the UK government is not calling for troops to intervene, in a statement the prime minister stated that there was no need to deploy troops and that it would be the wrong course of action as this is a civil matter. Stop scare mongering and grabbing on to any event to push you’re own agenda forward, or if you do, then try getting the facts right first, it might help you’re message .

  2. Abaddon says:

    Now we see the reality of MULTI-CULTURALISM, this is nothing to what is coming. We will ALL be fighting in our streets, towns, and cities shortly, no one will be exempt. This multi-cultural policy was deliberately pursued to bring about what we are seeing today, and will intensify as the world economy breaks down and the basic essentials of life become scarce. Those in power KNEW that putting together peoples who have been killing each other for millenia because of their cultural, religious, and racial differences would bring about the desired effects that we are now seeing spreading around the world. The ONLY thing that has stopped what we are seeing now take place is MONEY, as long as the system functioned, lubricated with money, multi-culturalism would be tolerated. THE MONEY IS RUNNING OUT. As Aristotle said, “Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society.” We are watching the terminal decline of a corrupt global financial, political, and religious system.
    Google “Black on white rape.” “Black on white crime.” These are FACTUAL FIGURES as released by the American government.
    They are 12% of the American population yet commit 75% of the crime.
    Blacks are the biggest menace in the USA.
    Blacks have had autonomy in Africa for decades and it is a sewer of crime, disease and poverty.
    Now blacks are destroying the European continent. They have PROVEN by their track record to be nothing more than a black plague wherever they settle in numbers.
    Collection of 308 broadcasts by Dr. William Luther Pierce, former physics professor and founder of the National Alliance, from a program called American Dissident Voices>>> A powerful dialogue of the realities of life rather than the idealists liberal and damaging policies that are tearing societies and a world apart.

  3. JDavis says:

    First of all, London ISN’T going to be put under martial law. military personel have been called up for this. It’s kids rioting and looting. Sensationilist reporting isn’t dead yet then!

  4. Abdallah Jan says:

    This is a Country that is responsible of untold Millions of Massacre around the Globe for greed and power. I saw and heard Toni Blair LIE and manufactured fake document to prove his LIES. I saw and heard Gen boy LIE in the U N O about Iraq possessing the W M D. These Demonic Butchers Massacred Millions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Kashmir, Pakistan on FAKE charges. SHAME on you so called civilized Nations.

    I see every day how the have caused MAYHEM in North Africa and other Muslim Countries.


    This has nothing to do with multiculturalism as fools have narrated. It is about the INNOCENTS that has been MASSACRED and still dying from aftermath of Depleted Uranium usage in third World Countries specifically the Muslims. Have a look at hundred of thousands of deformed babies born in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places.


  5. Mansoor says:

    unless we w’ll not get rid off from the ethnic/cultural/lingual ties, there is no peace on earth.

  6. Archie1954 says:

    All the rabble needed was a spark and of course the police willingly gave it to them. All the US riots that started with police atrocities (and there were many) should be required watching for police forces anywhere. It might teach them to let the court system condemn an accused instead of the police acting as judge, jury and executionor.

  7. Abaddon says:

    The inevitable is now becoming the reality. MULTI-CULTURALISM is the enemy of us all. Blood is thicker than a passport, people cannot rid themselves of what they are, a piece of paper cannot make them what they are not. An african is an African no matter that it says he is a “British” citizen. How can anyone discard thousands of years of a bloodline coarsing through ones veins that makes you what you are with a piece of paper to say that you are now a citizen of a particular country where everything is alien to you? When that bloodline calls it dominates over all else, that is why multi-culturalism has and will never work. As situations become desperate people will stick with their own kind, especially when it comes to life and death situations that is why a racial bloodbath is inevitable where there is a mixed society. The British establishment are now reaping what they have sown, muli-culturalism=multi-problems.

  8. Karmen Nava says:

    Looks like another Los Angeles Watts Riot that we lived through. Before that happened racial relations fairly okay, but after that everyone became suspicious of each other. Usually police brutality provoked the incidents we had in L.A. California.

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