ALERT! NATO Sends Tanks Into Latvia as Build-Up to World War 3 Escalates!


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  1. Maybe these Russians should tweet in rage that their President likes to just take countries and territories then threaten nuclear engagement to anyone who challenges him. Or that their President is sending troops and special forces into Ukraine only to deny it as they come back in body bags.

    Both sides are cunts, Putin isn't any better. 

  2. Europe Riots are breaking out everywhere. The EU is collapsing right now! After the collapse the EU, The US will collapse Economic with riots in the streets! Police shooting protesters! Ferguson was a dress rehearsal for the big event coming soon!   

  3. bob .right says:

    As long USA used volunteers they can start as many BS wars and kill as many people as they wish for the rich man's way of life. I know about the Vietnam war I don't want my grandhildren to follow a dumb ass road to hell for the rich man's way of life. I'm over 70 years old now I'm tired of these rich men's wars. To stop these wars we must first stop the Jewish bankers.All wars are bankers wars. The USA loves to kill people.

  4. Russia just can't trust America and UK any longer. As of today after eclipse marks the beginning of the decline of themAnglo American "empire". Sanctions are actually doing more harm to Europe than to Russia.


  5. You are right …war is inflationary….

  6. The dollar is strong only because of the QE of Europe and Japan…. So the who,e perception is false…..and with the shorts in gold and silver.


  7. This Canadian move is to support the dollar. It is all rigged….can't go on for long.

  8. Ian UK says:

    Great video, great presentations, consistent quality information. The proverbial is impacting the fan more or less in the floating 'fiat' currency world where there is no price discovery and most major markets are rigged by the usual suspects. What goes around comes around.

  9. runar500 says:

    Please enlighten me. I am trying to understand where the central banks mandate begin, and where "government mandate" (if there is such a thing?) ends?
    You say the swedish central bank is buying bonds. Fine. The government is the seller, yes? Are there "infinate" amounds of bonds available, or can the government say "no" to selling bonds?

    If there are no bonds for sale, will the bank then just print money under the guise of "creating nessesary inflation"?

    allways enjoy your vids, but I feel I lack some basic knowledge when it comes to the mandadets and the "tools" of the central banks..  Thanks!

  10. Tony Kinsey says:

    It is inevitable

  11. Hyper-inflation examples in US (mentioned) ignore the MASSIVE counterfitting by the Bloody British. See Zarlenga's, Lost Science of Money: Mythologhy of Money & the Story of Power.

  12. gogogo says:

    So the US wants another war, what a surprise.

  13. poohORpoe says:

    Those non-believing middle class still have the high pay, full benefits jobs, credit cards, mortgages, etc. think their 401K's, IRA's, pensions, few stocks, etc. are going to be there and hold their value. The ones who have not noticed their 25 yr old college grads are still living off them.  They also believe "their" job will always be secure and the US Empire can never fall. 

  14. Karan Jani says:

    Dude these videos are amazing 🙂 keep making more! 

  15. Adi Bill says:

    look deep into the NATO flag and one will see the Nazi swatsika

  16. Allan Green says:

    Some people just dont fully understand how bad this really is… When you have the most powerful countries in the world get into a fight there is no stopping them. US and Russia are no joke when it comes to fire power. im a US Army Vet myself and i can straight up tell you all this want be good and the whole world will suffer from it. The US alone has enough nuke power to destroy the world over many times and so does Russia so just put it together when this happens both countries will destroy eachother and other countries will either fall or be destroyed in the battle. now from a science stand point the earth itself will go into a winter state from the nuclear blasts. basically most of the world will either suffer or die.. but look at it two ways either both countries are secretly working together for a one world goverment and just need a excuse to do it like a major war or they just dont like eachother and wanna get into a fist fight. either way the people in both countries will pay for it and its not fare to the people of these countries because of the goverments not getting along.

  17. I come from Latvia. I love how Russia blabbers about shit, when it's crap.

  18. i would do suicide if ww3 would start cause i live in latvia and i dont want to suffer because of these russian fuckers

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