Alert: Obama Warns World Leaders ‘Millions Could Die’ From Gulf Oil Disaster


A sobering report circulating in the Kremlin today from President Medvedev’s meeting with other World leaders at the G8 summit in Muskoka, Ontario states that President Obama has warned his counterparts that the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster “will most likely kill millions, perhaps tens of millions” of people during the coming year.

Obama Warns World Leaders ‘Millions Could Die

Fueling Obama’s dire assessment of this “Gulf Apocalypse”, this report says, are the oil and toxic rains now being reported to be falling throughout the US Gulf Coast region due to the fracturing of the Gulf of Mexico seafloor allowing untold millions of gallons of oil and millions of cubic feet of methane gas to escape unchecked into our World’s seventh largest body of water, not to mention the millions of gallons of dangerous disbursements being used that is poisoning everything in its path.

So dangerous has the Gulf Coast environment become to human beings the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a warning that, in part, says: “People, including pregnant women, can be exposed to these chemicals by breathing them (air), by swallowing them (water, food), or by touching them (skin). If possible, everyone, including pregnant women, should avoid the oil and spill-affected areas.”

With nearly 20 million American’s living along the affected Gulf Coast region one wonders where they could all go and leaving many to speculate a massive evacuation is being planned by the US Government of the entire region.

This view, however, is not shared by a Louisiana woman named Kindra Arnesen who was allowed unprecedented access to the BP Operations Center overseeing this catastrophe and reported to the Gulf Emergency Summit this past week that along with millions of fish dying because of this disaster people are falling ill all over the region.

Even worse is Arnesen’s incredibly reporting that even as this oil disaster grows BP is being allowed the US government to begin cutting costs in their cleanup and oil containment efforts.

Important to note about in this report is that Obama’s warning that “millions could die” from this disaster has been further confirmed by the American engineer who helped lead the team to put out the Persian Gulf oil fires set by Saddam Hussein in the first Iraq war and had warned a full 12 months before the April sinking of the Deepwater Horizon that BP was drilling into a huge methane deposit that if released would be beyond catastrophic, it would be biblical in its scale of destruction.

Note: Along with the unprecedented danger facing the Americans due to this oil spill catastrophe it is important to remember the billions of dollars being made from it by some of the most powerful people and corporations in the West, and as we had reported on in our June 16th report titled “Obama To Earn Nearly $85 Million From Gulf Oil Disaster”.

Interesting to note too is that one of the World’s top oil and gas industry experts Matthew Simmons is calling for the evacuation of the entire US Gulf Coast, and as we can read as quoted by him in an interview with the Washington Post News Service:  “We’re going to have to evacuate the Gulf States. Can you imagine evacuating 20 million people? . . . This story is 80 times worse than I thought.”

Now the “80 times worse than I thought” comment by Simmons is one of the most vitally important points to understand in this unfolding historic disaster due to the findings of the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) high-tech research ship Thomas Jefferson, and as we can read as reported by the Los Angeles Times News Service:

“The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Monday released new data from the agency’s latest research trip through the Gulf of Mexico, showing concentrations of oil below the surface at more than 3,600 feet below the surface, about 7.5 nautical miles southwest of the BP’s blown-out well.

The Thomas Jefferson research ship found evidence of depleted oxygen, a potential sign of microbes digesting oil, in the area. Acoustic and fluorometric instruments likewise indicated the presence of oil. Water samples taken on the trip have not been analyzed.

Since the leak began April 20, attention has been focused on surface oil washing up on environmentally fragile shoreline ecosystems. But “plumes” or “clouds” of oil hovering in the water column below the surface, where myriad marine life eat, breed and swim, has as much or more potential to cause ecological damage to the Gulf, scientists have warned.”

Not being explained to the American people about NOAA’s findings is that the live video feed of this spill being shown to them of this spill contains oil and methane gas being expelled at pressures estimated to be at 100,000 pounds per square inch (psi) and cannot in any way being associated with the massive underwater oil plumes found by the Thomas Jefferson nearly 8 kilometers away.

To where these massive underwater oil plumes are coming from, Simmons stated during an interview on the US television network MSNBC that the release point was “5 to 6 miles away” from where the Deepwater Horizon sunk.

In our June 10th report “Scientists Warn Gulf Of Mexico Sea Floor Fractured “Beyond Repair” we reported that Russian scientists (the only scientists to have actually viewed this disaster in their deep submersible submarines) had likewise confirmed Simmons dire assessment of this catastrophe; reports, mind you, that not only have we seen, but Simmons has undoubtedly seen too.

Most incredibly in all of these events is that Obama has issued what many experts are calling a “get out of jail free card” to BP in the setting up of a $20 Billion “sham” cleanup fund paid for by this British oil giant that allowed them to borrow from Goldman Sachs the entire amount and not affecting their bottom line for years, if not decades to come.

To the greatest consequence of this catastrophe upon the American people, an FSB appendix to this report warns that the US Soldiers currently deployed throughout their island territory of Puerto Rico are in fact being trained in how to “suppress and contain” large concentrations of people and being “recycled” to military bases throughout the State of Florida where they will soon be joined by an estimated 28,000 NATO allied troops where both will join up with an estimated 7,000 pre-positioned UN marked vehicles for purposes “still not known or clearly stated by the US”.

To the greatest danger facing the American people it comes from the founder of the psychoanalytic school of psychiatry Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays, the father of the field of “public relations” and propaganda, who said that news was made “when reality is distilled down to the most simplified and dramatized form and it appeals to the instincts of the public mind.”

Unfortunately, the “instincts” being instilled in these Americans “public mind” is going to kill them as there is NOTHING to be simplified about this catastrophe, and what they aren’t being told by their so called mainstream media, or what they aren’t willing to find out for themselves, is going to kill them.  Just like all of those who cleaned up the1989 Exxon Valdez spill disaster, ALMOST ALL OF WHOM ARE NOW DEAD.

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  1. romelpanarta says:

    and he also must not making war in libya.

  2. Tj says:

    False Flag?? if this one, it sure did put thousands out of work Also the people that are left, I hope and pray for you not to get sick because of the F-IN BP company, who thinks American people should pay for the clean up.

  3. Tj says:

    This is unreal, and to think that BP will get away clean as a whistle. They also think the American people should pay for the clean up. We should all boycott any BP product untill they go bankrupt , like they did to many Americans that were trying to make a living on the ocean.

  4. maria says:

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  5. ryan says:

    Usman, Chances are you will never see this, but i have to say you are a idiot. I unlike you have fought for my country. The hardest you have most likely ever fought in your whole life was to open a bag of chips. being as this is online i have no idea if you are a United States citizen or not. If you are maybe you should move to the middle east that way our troops will have a target worth waisting a bullet on. you communist bastard

  6. Myke says:

    Read about all the people who dumped their BP stock just days before the disaster.

  7. Richard Eastman says:

    The super rich creditors of the world are not God. Stop accepting their terms as though they were. They are criminals and this country doesn’t owe anyone anything that was obtained by fraud and murder. Fraud vitiates all contracts.

    The following facts do not mean that the US has failed, it means that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have failed the US. Any man can see that.

    Toleration of the super rich is at an end. The American are being murdered because we have not yielded to control by International Organized Crime.* The poisons in the deliberately Gulf of Mexico — especially the Corexit chemicals weapon which is now in the water cycle and is killing all forms of vegetation reaches in the rain all the way to the northern states of the United States — is going to result in the destruction of the US. This is only one destructive measure that the Rothschild/Rockefeller controlled government and international corporations have imposed on the US. The crime against the American people of the US now, has been done to people in hundreds of nations around the world, often many times to particular nations throughout their history. But now the last pockets of middle-class power that might stand up to this power is being exterminated in mass-media silence.

    Now the Rothschild/Rockefeller international money power and their globalization allies around the world — the ruling elite of every nation — is consolidating their absolute power over the destinies of all nations by taking down the last of the independent middle classes of the so-called developed nations.

    I will not let these evil and unworthy people kill my family and your family. Tell everyone it is time for everyone to raise their hand and stop the rich from murdering the poor. They have been given land and a monopoly of credit and political power and the organs of the mass media and they have used this power to murder us and rob us.

    Like the Corexit on the vegetables of America I am going to rain down on the on Rothschilds, on the Rockefellers, on the enclaves of their power in America and China and Africa and South America like the poison they have rained down upon us. You, my brothers and sisters of this planet, will rain down them with me — so that all of their organs of money and corporate power will fall down with them. To all mercenaries who work for the International Money Power, break your contracts now, return to your countries or place yourselves at the service of the Repudiation of All Debt, the breaking off all exploiters contracts. To all soldiers serving as slaves for the bankers who thought you were protecting your country — you will now follow orders of the highest ranking officer or enlisted man who supports his parents, his wife and children, his grandparents, his friends and neighbors in repudiating the Money Power in his own country — or joining the nation you have been occupying — and help them throw off the power of the banks and the corporations and corrupt puppet politicians. I want no fighting. I want no man left standing with the bankers to make it a fight. I know very well that these criminals will not fight themselves. They cannot even think for themselves. And so everyone who works for the Bank of England or the Federal Reserve or Goldman Sachs or Chase or the IMF or World Bank or any other Central Bank or merchant bank will expunge all debt owed to their employers for all customers. All workers for Money Power owned media will not report for work. Everyone will do his part. Everyone will stop making it possible for these would-be murders of four billion people to command anything. All of their secretaries and servants and middle-level executives stop serving them. No one is to obey any of their commands. If they are recognized they are not to be served in resteraunts. Pilots and chauffers and taxi drivers will now refuse them service. Money and gold and land and mansions and stocks and bonds and land titles in their possession are not to be transacted. Everyone working for corporations involved in the attempted murder of 4 billion people will now make known all they know about the mechanisms by which the crime was to be accomplished. They will stop all mechanisms now in operation to effect this end. The secret hiding places will now be disclosed and broken open and their stores distributed to the people.

    Don’t wait for further instructions. You know where you have been cooperating with evil and where and how you will now stop it.

    I will not let these evil and unworthy people kill or enslave my family and your family.

    Become what I have just become.

    Richard Eastman
    Yakima, Washington

  8. Paul Shure says:

    Jesus h…………………….can’t you even spell dispersants correctly (disbursements, sic, probably form the kkkkhrisitan end daiz’ Armaggettin- it sites). Even if there were an attempt at deceit by NOAA, Coast Guard, hairy Barbour, Sarah Payless, Gov. Gin duhhhhh, Waterkeepers (Bobby Kennedy’s) and aba have done enough aerial recons to clearly demonstrate you are full of shit! Like Coast-2-Coast, their ‘science’ advisors (Richard Hoaxland???) don’t know how to pronounce toluene….toloon! Surreal. If you’re gonna bash Obama, then you’ll have to do it with real science, not Texas textbook references! Go take a goddamn Correxit enema!

  9. fredlox says:

    Original by known Internet Hoaxer Sorcha Faal

    Obama Warns World Leaders ‘Millions Could Die’ From Gulf Oil Disaster
    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    This story is NOT by pakalert

    AS this site states above

  10. Brigitte in Paris says:

    Just a brief comment to webmaster regarding a mis-spelled word:
    3 lines under the photo of Obama the word is not “disbursement” but DISPERSANT. Important word since it is the stuff that is sickening and killing everybody and every living thing.

  11. Billy Carpenter says:

    My greatest concern is why are we being invaded by 28,000 UN troops who are joining forces with our military to contain American citizens? From WHAT? Something else that has been ignored by US news media is the New World Order. We are the last country in the world who has managed to hang on to our right to bear arms against the will of the DEMs who have tried numerous times to sneak it through congress. When these troops begin their invasion we will be at war! Come on people. Obama is muslin. His first duty is to Islom. Why wont he protect our borders? Why is our government trying so hard to take our guns away? Why is he removing citizens from the Gulf Coast states? Stalin, after WWII was asked by a journalist if he would invade the US. He aswerred, I wont have to invade the Americans, soon I’ll just walk in and take over. Wrong dictator, same strategy.

    • pookie boy says:

      obama is a muslim?

      shut your mouth clown. Obama is 100% subservient to Israel.
      There is not one muslim bone in his body.

      stupid clown the muslims are our allies!

  12. william f mcdonagh 3 says:

    i am in utter disbelief, this oil gusher, is a total nightmare. God please help the poor people and animals affected by this crime against humanity,and the wildlife no words can express how much damage has been done bring our troops home israel is holding them hostage in the middle east,no terrorism for israel

  13. XX-616 says:

    You pathetic nutbags. Quit talking crap about BP, Obama, and all this political shit already.WORRY ABOUT YOURSELVES – and definitely forget about the people who lost everything that has to do with this epic-ass oil spill. The end of the world is more then NIGH FOLKS it’s is right around the corner and here you people are debating and worrying about stuff you can’t change LOL. IT’S TOO LATE FOR THE OIL DISASTER- IT’S GOING TO GET WORSEEE — the oil disaster as of now still has it’s leg open spilling out it’s fluids haha- Obama ain’t gonna help, Kindra ain’t gonna help, GOD ain’t gonna help them. Just look out for yourselves and fuck the rest. When I see these people suffer and complain about BP I laugh and turn the channel, as realistically can’t help them? it’s just becoming an annoyance this is what happens when humans think theyown the planet until we get knockeddown by asteroids, floods, oil disasters we cannot control, no these things are just meant to wipe humans out if it’s a really bad one. On another note this world needs fucking Anarchy- you best prepare, I’m ready….!!!!

  14. Bruce Ramsey says:

    Obribe-ya, I mean, Oblama-ya, sure doesn’t seem too bothered over the fact that it could kill millions. Is he our coolest dictator, I mean, President, or, what?

  15. Hodger says:

    O please- this is the result of deregulations- if the Oil industry was given the green light to police itself- than what do u think they are going to do?? there should have been safeguards in place to prevent this from happening (which BP clearly didn’t want to spend the $500,000 bucks for the proper necessities of prevention)- once it starts – thats it- the well is gushing at volcanic presure and man can not stop it – and FOX news?? please- they’ve been apologizing to BP for the ‘Shakedown’ of holding BP responsible since last month- Obama wasn’t responsible for this- this isn’t political- Homosexuals, Feminists, Abortionists, atheists were also not responsible- old fashion Greed and the pursuit of perpetual profit was responsible- pray if it makes you feel good- i’m not gonna hold that against anyone- if thats yer thing, than go for it- but stop turning this into something it isn’t- this isn’t Gods wrath- its the wrath of Greed!

    • Hodger says:

      And this kind of thing did happen in the past – 100% of all mass extinctions started in the seas- and the earth will clean this up…eventually… in a few million years-

  16. charles allan says:

    Lisa – this is a problem – but bacteria will eat the oil – it must have happened in the past
    God is in control of every atom. The bacteria will multiply – pray hope and dont worry.

  17. I have read this article here and on many other websites. Some credit you with it and others do not. I believe this information is true, but unfortunately there is no source except you. How do I convince someone to believe this if 20 websites are saying the same thing and all of them track back to you. Who will believe it if there isn’t someone or something credible to show them.

    I know that the lamestream media is not going to cover any of this. They’re too worried about stupid. How did you come by this information and where do I pursue it from here? I can’t convince people I love to leave this dangerous area if everything comes from rumors. And sadly, that’s all that I can give them is rumors.

  18. glory says:

    I serve my Fathers House. All who live on planet Earth will seek his justice soon, There is no difference from Christian, Jew or Muslim in His eyes. It is the deeds that you have done, whether you have helped in your existence while here, or not. This planet is His, and you have been a visitor for the short time you were here. I hope you have done well. As far as the Ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico and its rupture…..May God help us all….

    • pjl_u2 says:

      1 Peter 4:16-18 (King James Version)

      16Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.

      17For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

      18And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

      Salvation through HIS Grace comes by the Catholic Faith…. that you make up your own story in 2012 is foolishness on your part, you heretic.

  19. Usman says:

    How long Americans do expect to go unpunished for their crimes starting with Bombing of Japan in World War 2, dropping of Agent Orange on Korea, Vitnam, Afganistan, Iraq and on and on. The list of American crimes is very long.

    Nature will one day punish and destroy the Pharos of modren times.

    Read the Bible, Quran and other books. It is all written there.

  20. Sandi says:

    Never Forget! GOD (Yaweh), the GOD of Abrahem, Jacob and Isaac HAS IS ALWAYS AND WILL ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL OF EVERY HUMAN, EVERY NATION, and ALL OF NATURE! HE is in control of the WORLD, EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!!!!

    • crystal says:

      Sandi, Yes, but this “god” of the bible is NOT God the Creator of the Universe. It is an Annunaki scientist who manufactured homo sapiens from primitive man and his own DNA.

    • Owen says:


      Prayer and churches across America need to band together now for revival! God is finished playing games with America. Our nation was founded by Men & Women seeking God Jehovah!

      bless you,

      Pastor Owen

    • pjl_u2 says:

      “O Yahweh, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. Out of the mouth of babes and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger.” Psalm 8:1-2
      “But when the chief priests and the scribes saw the wonderful things that he did, and the children crying out in the temple, ‘Hosanna to the Son of David!’ they were indignant, and they said to him, ‘Do you hear what these are saying?’ And Jesus said to them, ‘Yes; have you never read, “Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise”?’” Matthew 21:15-16

    • John says:

      WTF? Annunaki Scientist? Of course the God of the Bible is the Creator of the Universe, what proof have you otherwise?

  21. Natural Born says:

    Both Josh Ribakoff and topo gejo are incorrect.

    Thousands have requested facts from Hawaiian state employees and elected officials. The Hawaiian legislature passed a bill recently to thwart repeat requests to the Dept of Health. Gov. Lingle signed the bill into law. Instead of resorting to the childish practice of calling someone a liar, Josh, why not research a topic first?

    Topo is incorrect in that “they” did not state they don’t have birth records. The office of the AG wrote the Post & Email it doesn’t have records to support Fukino’s statement that the Dept of Health has records. When generalizing about “they”, specify who “they” is.

    Gov. Lingle has since disputed Fukino’s written assertion in that Lingle did instruct Fukino to view Obama vault records. The Hawaiian Election Board’s Tim Adams has since disputed Fukino’s assertion as well. Adams claims there are no birth records. Adams also claims both hospitals have no records of the birth.

    Regarding the so-called Honolulu newspaper birth notices, a private researcher found differences among microfilm versions of the notices in the Library of Congress, University of Hawaii, and other copies. The Post & Email article describing these distinctions leads to the question of who corrupted the microfilms with faux notices? To date, we have yet to see physical newspapers with the notices. Instead, we’ve seen multiple microfilm versions with distinct differences among the notices. The birth notices are unreliable.

    In terms of Robert Gibbs’ Fight the Smears COLB, a you-tube video demonstrates how, in under five minutes, you too can produce your own Obama COLB from scratch. We haven’t seen any evidence of a Gibbs/Obama written request for a BC or COLB addressed to the Dept of Health. Nor have we seen evidence of a mailed, postage-cancelled, written response from Honolulu to the Obama campaign containing a COLB. The Dept of Health has expressed its view that it cannot vouch for the authenticity of the Fight the Smears COLB.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Obama is nowhere near being a Zionist and the ruling elite are not Zionists. They HATE Zionists, Christians, and Jews. They hate Israel and want Palestine back in power. They hate Christians and love the occult. That is why Barack Obama is a Muslim devoted to Sharia law. LOL!

    • They are not dumb. They are smarter than you can imagine, and all they do has been their objective…to cause perpetual chaos and destruction. Make no mistake, Obama was fully behind this oil rig explosion. Make no mistake, Obama was groomed decades ago by the evil American Hater, Soros. Make no mistake that Obama is the architect of evil with one objective…to destroy our economy into economic collapse. This is what Marxists do…to completely take over all things American….And so far he has succeeded…Every day it is a new scandal and this is by design by the Obama regime. The Media, especially FOX cannot possible adequately cover all the scandalous back room deals in the Obama regime. This, too, is intentional, according to Saul Alinskis “rules for radicals” By the way Obama taught this book to college students in Chicago. THIS BASTARD NEEDS TO BE INDICTED FOR TREASON. FOR FORCING HIS ROT GUT AGENDA DOWN OUR THROATS. NOVEMBER 2ND THE ELECTIONS…NOVEMBER 3RD.. WE INDICT THIS BASTARD AND THROW HIS ASS IN PRISON FOR TREASON !! HE DOES NOT LEAVE THIS COUNTRY. HE IS A TRAITOR AND KNOWS TOO MUCH. HE DOES NOT GET ALL OF THE POST PRESIDENTIAL PERKS, WITH BOOK DEALS, AND HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR SPEAKING TOURS. NO FU**ING WAY. IT IS A PRISON CELL WHERE HE ROTS.

  23. Mike Furlow says:

    I love this country, but we have some stupid assed MOT**R F**KERS without compassion or conscience running the show. How can these dumbasses NOT see how they are making things worse? STOP using that dispersant on the oil. What the hell are you thinking? If it sinks the oil to the bottom that it’s all over and done with? Once the chemical let’s go, do you believe that it’s finished? That oil is going to surface again. Do you shitstains think that the chemical will have no effect on everything? And BP is a COMPANY….. How can a country, the government and elected officials just allow BP to do what they want and block the media coverage? This country should be telling THEM whats in the best interest of this country and what we will not sit still for. Who owns stock in the oil dispersant? Do a back ground check on it! Because of people lining their pockets, probably millions will develop illnesses and future children will have birth defects. This country really needs to open their eyes, get up off of their knees, wipe off their mouth and turn this around. We’re about to lose everything that means everything to us. Why don’t you chicken shit assholes stop hiding information and man up on the responsibilities. From the extreme very top and work your way down, who is responsible for doing what? If there is a question on this subject or that subject, who is THE person in charge you son’s of BITCHES can find oil miles below the ocean-gulf floor but you can’t find the pecking order of BP’s officers….and what they do. You people make me sick.

    • Lisa says:

      Mike….u have nailed everything !!! i wish u could be out spokesperson to Obama all the way down to these BP jerks…. thanks for saying that so well… as a native Gulf Coast Native I am literally scared to death…..

  24. charles allan says:

    God knows about the Gulf oil spill – God is in control of every atom in the universe.

    He is in total control of his planet earth – so dont worry but pray.

    • fightnwo2010 says:

      yeah right pray that will really get us somewhere…………..God helps those who are bright enough to help themselves, then he covers for you and protects you.

    • Guy says:

      Oh jeez, please be trolling.

    • Lisa says:

      Charles, yes as i said above I am scared because of living here forever, but I do know who can handle this and I also do know this is just another sign if not the sign the end is getting closer and he is just giving us more warning…..

  25. charles allan says:

    It might be that the Abrahamic curse has fallen on America. America was once the most
    blessed nation on earth but I can see that slowly slipping away due to their falling away
    from Christ and their diminishing support for Israel.

  26. Mihail says:

    Barack Obama is a “house nigger”
    In the US, no one regardless of race or skin colour becomes president without the approval of the ruling elite, made up mostly of Zionists Jews controlling the entire government. Anyone wanting to understand the true reasons why Barack Obama is now “president” must start at that point as the base for learning the rest of the story. Barack Obama was not “elected” by anyone. Before millions of duped zombies voted for him in the charade called “elections,” the decision to put him where he is now had been made long before the circus between two “rivals” had begun. What they sold the world as “campaign” was in reality a well-orchestrated mass media show designed to make dupes believe that he was the “saviour” when he offered “change.” How stupid can so many people be..?

    Different analysis are being published now on the subject by professionals with solid background and credentials, most of which coincide with similar or identical conclusions. To their opinions we add the belief that Barack Obama is not only a puppet and an agent of Zionism, but also the product of a plan going back to the 1960s “civil rights” farce that included blood mixing as he is a mulatto.

    • Pamela says:

      Your crazy he’s a worthless muslim nut. He’s anti zionist. anti israel. He plays footsies with terrorist. wake up.

    • crystal says:


    • two eyes says:

      pamela & crystal, dont tell lies. havent you people got any faith? what does it say? dont tell lies? dont hate? dont slander?..etc etc. Obama is not a muslim and he can never be until he submit to almighty God and believe in His messenger. He is a supporter of the Zionist and their motherland; the secular, criminal & unholy state of Israel, evidenced through his conduct as President of US. He cant and wont stop the occupiers new settlement expansion in Palestine and can only give lip service to try stop it. He was silent when Israel attacked and killed aid volunteers on the mavi marmara the ship that was suppose to send aid to gaza. He prayed at the wailing wall in Israel just like Bush did. He ordered the bombing of afghanistan, pakistan, yemen etc. He blocked the reopening of 911 investigation becoz it would have exposed the true perpetrators and mastermind of the attack, who are non-muslims. There are tons of material out there for everyone to see but what is it that you cant see? Playing the bogeyman card are you?

  27. gail says:


    • Mihail says:

      Is Alex Jones Linked To Zionist-Jew Bronfman?
      THE CONTROVERSY OF ALEX ‘BULLHORN’ JONES being an alleged Zionist shill has now expanded to his apparent Zionist-Jewish connections on his 1) Personal Staff 2) Website Advertisers 3) Link To Time Warner President, Edgar Bronfman Jr.

      Jones’ seeming allegiance to Zionism, which explains why he virtually never targets Zionist Jews or the racist, Zionist rogue state of Israel when engaging in his notorious rants and attacks, may well stem from a Protestant-Zionist belief system, and the widely circulated reports that his wife is a Jew – – which makes his two children Jewish under Talmudic law and eligible for the Israeli Law Of Return. In that Jones’ wife is of Jewish heritage, both she and the children would be automatic dual citizens…Alex would not qualify.

  28. Jenny says:

    Not to worry one bit! Just listen to Rush! “The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there,” Limbaugh said. “It’s natural. It’s as natural as the ocean water is.”

    Nice! let’s keep it up! “DRILL BABY DRILL”-gotta make sure our politicians & political preachers can afford their vacation homes, and Dick Cheney’s stock increases. We wouldn’t think of using ethonal, biodiesel, hydrogen, compressed air, electricity, even hybrids to run our autos. Alternative fuels don’t grease anyone’s pockets-“DRILL BABY DRILL”!

    • Curt says:

      Yes we need to drill but them fags in Washington such as barney Frank wont let them drill in shallow water or inland where something like this would be much easier to control. We need to drill and there are thousands of oil wells already drilled throughout the country but not allowed to pump.

  29. jules says:

    The name Obama is an African name and I too believe fully that whether you call him Obama or Sotoro or whatever he is not an American. Look at the time he was sworn in to office they didn’t show that about him swearing on a Bible but most likely didn’t swear and if he did it would have been on the Quran. If a Muslim converts to Christianity he is murdered by his fellow Muslims. Look it up what is going on in Egypt and other countries. Only here in N. America can they do such a thing. I truly believe that the Gulf oil spill was done on purpose and yes millions will surely die eventually over the horrible gases that are in the water. Obama is not Hawaiian in any way, shape or form so the person who said that go back and pick up where you left your brains.

    • eightysixchef says:

      Just throwing this out there, since you’re obviously a Rhodes Scholar and can answer this. What name makes you an American? And you have to be Christian to be the president? Or did I magically get transported to an alternate America where religious freedom is non-existent?

    • two eyes says:

      people like u, crystal and pamela are the typical idiots of the modern age. the slightest thing that goes wrong around you, you people find the standard bogeyman promoted by the very same evil forces that wanted to shape your thinking. whatever evil that comes, find the simplest avenue, blame it on the muslims. for a second i thought you people are just the “sayanims” becoz thats what they are told to do. google if you are not familiar otherwise you already know it if you are a sayanim. There are many ex muslims in my country and none has had their head chopped. misinformation, misinformation and more misinformation. The last age is full of liars who tell monstrous lies followed by their congregation of stupid zombies who think they are progressive and intelligent in their designer suits and stilletoes.

  30. WANDA EHLERS says:


    • MC2505 says:

      Everyone in the Gulf area should be getting outta there as fast as they can. Did you ever think the reason they aren’t doing anything or only half heartedly about protecting the beaches and coast or actually cleaning it up, is because they know that it is going to get infinitely worse so the clean up would be a waste of time and resources?? Get out before it’s too late

  31. Dave says:

    hungry4food, Did you even look at the Public Financial Disclosure Report in the blog entry? Here is the link again:

    I am not defending the president in any way here as I don’t trust hardly *any* politician. And the headline of the really raised my ire. BUT, I always,always,always “check the facts” before jumping to conclusions.

    Whereas the blog states “President Obama holds all of his wealth in just two Vanguard funds”, The facts are he has more money in US Treasury Bills and Notes than anything else. His holdings in Vanguard funds is less than $400,000 so there will be now way for those holdings to “generate 8.5 million a year for 10 years” as the blog indicates.

    That blog entry is a clone from Sorcha Faal, It’s a scam propaganda site.

    If you relly want to worry about something, worry about this:

    Reuters) – As much as 1 million times the normal level of methane gas has been found in some regions near the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

    I don’t know if the article is legit or not. As of 6/28/10 @ 11am EST, I have not found anything that proves or disproves it, But I am certainly searching for the truth on this….

    If anyone finds any “facts” please post it.

  32. Maresha says:

    Well, the rain is coming in from the outer bands of tropical storm Alex, and I already have a headache. Thinking I need to be spraying my entire yard with a mixture of Dawn and water…but really in the end what good will it do?

    Maybe I should just leave the area and go stay with my son in Washington this summer. It is extremely disturbing what is being suggested, yet I find elements of truth in what is being said.

    Pensacola, once a beautiful place to live, now what will become of it in the days ahead. This rain will go all the way up the North East coast. Maybe when it starts raining oil on D.C. something will get done.

  33. Tragedies happen – through mother nature and through man-made mistakes. Period. This oil spill in Gulf of Mexico is big time. This is no crude oil tanker’s leak. This is due explosion under the Gulf of Mexico waters on a BP’s rig site. The trouble is the explosion has caused a deep leak hole from where the crude is pouring out profusedly from under water oil well and spreading over the sea level. It will continue pouring out till the whole crude reserve beneath the sea is depleted or the leak hole is plugged – so far no success.

    Apart from a collosal loss of marine life, it will also play havoc with people living along the coasts of Louisiana. It is no time for blame game. Government of USA might be doing what they deem appropriate. Period. But people of Loiusiana should also take immediate remedial action on their own. They should evacuate the effected areas that would save them from the fall out of acid rain and other toxicity of benzene, lead, sulphur gases etc. Do not wait for government volunteers or ngos to help you out.

  34. Dr Simon says:

    We know that this spill will cause countless deaths, and this administration has done little do clean this up, but we have a hard time believing that Obama went and told leaders of other countries this was going to kill millions of people, knowing this would get back to the people of America, and it would ruin his presidency…….

    We are not so sure this story has merit……

    • topo gejo says:

      Oh I believe the story has merit. If you head over to YouTube and listen to the interview between Lindsay Williams and Alex Jone, or Lindsay Williams interview on Coast to Coast, then you’ll get it.

      These elites are playing hardball and they could care less ‘who’ or ‘what suffers’ as long as they can use it to bury the population. And you can take that to the bank, sir.

  35. Miriclaire says:

    The G8 summit is in Muskoka??????? Really??????

  36. Iris Tedder says:

    Amazing. Obama can tell Russia..other countries that millions will die..but he has yet to address that to us here in the United States of America. What on earth is wrong with this man? Has he totally lost his ability to have a conscience, or did he ever have one?

    So many of us on FB have come to the conclusion that this huge Gulf Oil spill was no accident. Way too much money to be made off the chemicals being used, and by the way…Obama himself is one of the main investors .
    This is so unbelievable that my mind can barely take it all in. Our beautiful ocean is dying…and all of the marine life will be destroyed. Devastation runny rampant, and no one is doing a dang thing to stop it. What is wrong with this picture here????
    God help us All!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • topo gejo says:

      He tell everyone BUT the Americans because he KNOWS that we’d drum him right out of the presidency. He’s been walking on very thin ice since he began breaking his promises to the people who voted for him…which I did NOT. And those that didn’t vote for him are not blind to the fact that he has picked up where Bush left off. He’s letting BP run naked in the wilderness, without consequence. It makes the American population wonder exactly WHO’S payroll he’s really on.

  37. j98j98 says:

    Obama is the most dangerous person alive. The damage he will do to this world cannot even be calculated. He is a radical Muslim that will do everything in his power to destroy America. Anyone that voted for him has to have an IQ of about 30.

    • mike says:

      you’re an idiot. Obama is, and was raised Christian. His name is a HAWAIIAN name. Hence the fact that he is HALF hawaian, a quarter black, and a quarter white. Get your stuff straight you racist moron.

    • topo gejo says:

      You bet!! I totally agree. When he extinguished the National Prayer Day, and then went into the Muslim temple to pray…that was the straw that really broke the camels back.

    • topo gejo says:

      There are several who’ve contacted the Hawaiian government. They stated that they DO NOT, repeat…DO NOT have ANY records of Obama’s Birth in Hawaii or on any of their Islands. So, stick that in your pipe..okay? Stop sticking up for this man…HE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN, AND IT’S THE TRUTH. HOW MUCH OIL SPILLED INTO THE OCEANS WILL IT TAKE, HOW MUCH LONGER IN IRAQ, WITH THE MILITARY EITHER STEALING OR DESTROYING ANCIENT SUMERIAN ARTIFACTS CARRYING IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THIS PLANET

    • Chris says:

      THE RACE CARD AGAIN. Obama relied on that once, and his mindless pawns will continue to throw it out. His REAL NAME is Barry Soetoro, and he was not from the US. Try to find a real copy of his birth certificate that issues an IDENTIFICATION NUMBER. He was raised in a Muslim school, and was forced to attend a Catholic school for a short period of time. His biggest influence was his father who was a radical Islam enthusiast. He claims in his own book that if it came down to his Country and his religion, he would most definetely choose his religion. He CHANGED HIS NAME to Barrack H. Obama after he became muslim, much like how Mohammed Ali.

      Truth, anyone who voted for Obama was either a Moron, or doing it because he was black. Well now the Ocean will resemble our great leader, black and dead inside.

    • Josh Ribakoff says:

      “There are several who’ve contacted the Hawaiian government”

      They contacted “the government”? Who is that exactly? The census bearu? Post the written response from that agency then, you liar.

    • Shauna says:

      Pointing fingers at everyone, except ourselves, will not help the disaster in the Gulf. In the end we are parasites that damage this planet everyday, we’ve turned this planet into a dumpster of toxins and waste, creating diseases everywhere and deteriorating a planet faster than should be humanly possible. It’s so easy to just sit back and play the blame game, but we should all take blame for not instilling “greener” laws in regards to oil, for putting ignorant politicians in charge, and not looking into the future to prevent this. I believe it is kinda dramatic to call Obama “the most dangerous man alive”… I don’t know about all that. I did not vote for him or McCain, I saw them both unfit for presidency but it is pretty ignorant and immature to say “anyone that voted for him has to have an IQ of about 30”, the truth is the media filters any information that we receive about political leaders, so no one can say for sure they have the facts, cause you don’t.

    • Andrea says:

      So if you voted for CHENEY(Bush) puppet show ……what is you IQ? 10 I find It hard to beleive that people who wrk for less than 20 an hour voted for a C student twice!!! We went to Iraq pilvedged there oilfields and yes I am a christian but KARMA is a bitch and those souten republican big Cat states are theones God is punishing for not opening there eyes!!! Also doesnt Chene/Bush have any responsiblity for signing and allowing the rigg to be built by HMMMMM..haliburton…who ows maj stock in that??? get an education and think before you speak…those of us who go to college learn his thing called research..backed by facts!! Everything I’ve seen is either from Muslims or KKK propoganda..and yes i am whie married to a white man!!!!

  38. The situation is very serious indeed, I posted a thread on this issue today:
    was Halliburton involved in this débâcle? It “cemented/sealed?” the well a few hours before the blowout. Obama never mentioned the name of this notorious American oil company….only BP..BP…BP…BP

  39. JOE says:





  40. gail says:

    huuummmm !! makes us think ,, dont it!

  41. bondwooley says:

    And it goes beyond just this. Obama told America that if we can win WWII and put a man on the moon, we can solve our dependency on fossil fuels.

    But there’s a missing piece: the soldiers in WWII had the Pentagon and Neil Armstrong had NASA. What’s the man on the street supposed to do to solve the fossil fuel problem? Is it time for an organized, funded effort?

    The following link is to a satirical video, but it underscores this issue in real terms.

    Link: You’re Soaking In It

    • charles allan says:

      Use coal again – this will produce more CO2 which will make vegetables bigger.
      God gave us coal for energy and CO2 is the most important Gas which plants cannot
      do without. Global warming is a scam – Al Gore and the big banks are making a fotune
      out of carbon credits. All life is composed of carbon – there was much more CO2
      in the past. CO2 is about .01% of the atmosphere and we need more. So get efficient
      coal burning fires and power plants and enjoy the assets that God has given us.

  42. hungry4food says:

    Goldman Sachs wasn’t alone either in its astute “foreknowledge” of the collapse of BP’s stock value due to the Gulf disaster as BP’s own chief executive, Tony Hayward, sold about one-third of his shares weeks before this catastrophe began unfolding too.

    But according to this FSB report the largest seller of BP stock in the weeks before this disaster occurred was the American investment company known as Vanguard who through two of their financial arms (Vanguard Windsor II Investor and Vanguard Windsor Investor) unloaded over 1.5 million shares of BP stock saving their investors hundreds of millions of dollars, chief among them President Obama.

    For though little known by the American people, their President Obama holds all of his wealth in just two Vanguard funds, Vanguard 500 Index Fund where he has 3 accounts and the Vanguard FTSE Social Index Fund where he holds another 3 accounts, all six of which the FSB estimates will earn Obama nearly $8.5 million a year and which over 10 years will equal the staggering sum of $85 million.

    The FSB further estimates in this report that through Obama’s 3 accounts in the Vanguard 500 Index Fund he stands to make another $100 million over the next 10 years as their largest stock holding is in the energy giant Exxon Mobil they believe will eventually acquire BP and all of their assets for what will be essentially a “rock bottom” price and which very predictably BP has hired Goldman Sachs to advise them on.

    Important to note is that none of this wealth Obama, Goldman Sachs, and other American elites is acquiring would be possible without this disaster, all of whom, as the evidence shows, “somehow” knew what was going to happen before it actually did, including the US energy giant Halliburton who 2 weeks prior to this disaster just happened to purchase the World’s largest oil disaster service company Boots & Coots”


    • Vanguard: Dick Cheney has his assets there and at least two oil companies use Vanguard for their 401(k) programs.

      BP does not perform as well as Exxon in the stock markets, even before this disaster.

      I do believe that Goldman Sachs will use this $20 billion slush fund to trade, netting GS and BP big profits.

    • Rob D. says:

      To Chris

      Have you ever seen the site above check out the link.

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