ALERT World War 3 fears, Russian nuke bombers mysterious maneuverer off Scotland




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  1. uk should ban war then everything will be ok

  2. Well take them out if they won't to play games. The smart picks, NATO your looking weak.

  3. epsilon936 says:

    No worries when you feel menaced on the street you find
    Options to deter your aggressor if the aggressor sees he could get hurt badly the out come is a mouth full of words and nothing more
    You have to remember all humans have one thing in common self preservation so I don't think total destruction will ever be an option unless our politiciens are psychopaths:)

  4. Zip Zenac says:

    As long as Israel continues to make America its bitch, things will continue to go from bad to worse. If you are stupid, this is what happens to your country.

  5. This all happened on September 22nd so please don't suggest this is as a result of yesterday's events.

  6. Ron Hunter says:

    West, US preparing for possible war with DPRK. Russia? Getting ready for possible war in Middle East I am guessing.

  7. Self destruction of the US has been planned perfectly well by it's Zionist masters. They will all run away to underground bunkers in Brazil and Africa when see imminent destruction of America.

  8. stop these propaganda,, us is a gangland run by bunch of murderer in White House who Trrorising the people around the world killing innocent people and creating terrorism such as taliban and isis, with blod money frome Saudi Arabia and other persian Gulf nation, you turned the world in to a military Base, just looking for trouble Every Corner of this world.. and media play runs by Zionism rich don't let the people see the true .. shame on you.

  9. snoozinghipo says:

    Sweden is not a member of NATO.

  10. Mark Graham says:

    its no wonder e.t dosent come to visit they take one look at all the shit going on

  11. john d'costa says:

    Incursion?, I bet they never entered any sovereign airspace. What is good for the U.S. should be good for the Russians.

  12. Neil Taylor says:

    No no no no and no. Russia pulls these stunts every few months and as been doing so for at least the best of ermmmmmmm forever. I live in England specifically Whitby and we get to witness fast jets being scrambled, this is nothing new and happens ALL the time. This is just scare mongering. Last year there was going to be a war between the west and Russia and the year before that and the year before and the before that and so on. You guys will keep clinching at straws with high probability of no outcome.

  13. I guess the NWO and asteroid conspiracies didnt happen as planned so now the WWIII conspiracies start.

  14. Why don't you fucking warmonger rednecks stop poking the bear? Russia certainly does not war, but you do… beware the Bear…

  15. David Grant says:

    From America with love…?

  16. Neddskorg says:

    This is just the world preparing for Donald in the White House.

  17. Chin check says:

    poke then kick ass

  18. I can tell you that we are mobolising are millitary here in Sweden and building new bases and removing wolontery millitary service fore inlistment !!!!
    In the words of our millitary chef
    We are doing this becuse the threet from rusia is emidiet !!!
    After he Said that the hade a 2hour long televised breffing to us the people about whats gona happen when they come and what we are as a people should do !!!!
    So i say to the world Sweden is the first country to go and we are redy to give them a fight and we now that we dont have a chans in hell butt still "come and get some"
    Maby we can bye the rest of the world a litle bitt of time!!
    Exuse My spelling!

  19. We should put real-time tracking chips on Obama and the other war monger leaders… and have their locations posted 24/7 on the Internet, so their enemies could focus their attack, and Innocent Americans could stay clear. Maybe then they'd start acting rational.

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