Alex Jones Here Is The Evidence For WW3


Alex Jones released a video in the last 24 hours sharing the warning from President Putin to Journalist of the impending danger of a global war. World War III.


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  1. To say that Obama is leading this nation to ruin is disingenuous and pure manipulation of the emotionally weak and informationally lacking. Obama as president of the US does not control the US. The global agenda reflected by US foreign policy is not the brain child of this president nor any other president. Globalism is the agenda of Rothschild Zionist who have long ago determined that the world will be controlled by but a handful of mainly European elite with international banking economic enslavement as the means. You would do well to be truthful on this matter and stop misleading people into believing that your beloved Rothschild Zionist inspired, financed, led and fallen Israel is just an innocent bystander on the worlds stage protecting its right to exist. As your flag reflects, the agenda of Ashkenazi Zionist Israel is to extend its borders from the Euphrates to the Nile river, controlling the New World Order, One World Government. Yahushua Ha Mashiach has long ago determined the end of Israel as a 'Chosen People'. All true believers must realize that when scriptures says that 'none come unto the Father but by me (Yahushua)', that most definitely includes modern national Israel, the Frankenstein Monster of 1948, the butcher of Palestinian children.

  2. Dalton Brown says:

    Well, nuclear war has already been prophesied so….

  3. Curtis Price says:

    They are all tied in with each other. This is prophecy.

  4. Email me the link please

  5. Alex Jones is not to be trusted lol hes a SALESPERSON at the end of the day period

  6. Bill Salter says:

    if you go to William mount you tube channel, he proves that it is on the shooting are on purpose.

  7. 69ciclon says:

    Nothing will happen everything  is propaganda,all these leaders eat in the same plate.

  8. You are absolutely correct in what you are thinking is about to happen I'm afraid. And you know as well as I do, as a Christian, this is what the Bible said was going to happen…..we are here my Brother in Christ. I have mixed emotions right now, because I know a lot of people are not saved and are going to be left behind when the Rapture happens, and will be left here to fight for their lives and their families lives in a world that will be more horrible than any movie on Horror has ever been made. But at the same time, I am joyful for all of the people who gave their lives to Jesus Christ and excepted Him as their personal Lord and Savior because we, the Church, the True Believers, His Church will be removed from this horrible Tribulation that is about to occur. Holy Spirit I pray and ask in Jesus Name that all those that are not saved, please open their eyes and ears to the Truth and help them to realize their need to be forgiven and saved by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ before it is too late. AMEN. God Help Us all.

  9. putin is the aggressor, when the soviet union dissolved, ukraine became a sovern nation. now putin wants to take it back, because ukraine was a VERY strategic submarine base.

  10. putin doesnt want the us in his backyard, like the cuban puppets have been in our backyard doing russias spying and dirtywork.

  11. Tina Sprouse says:

    Praying for the World ..God Bless ,Thank you

  12. when world leaders start meeting with the pope, the shits getting ready to hit the fan!!!!

  13. rod helms says:

    no religion no war

  14. please send me the link as well.. thank you

  15. Thank you for your dedication, praying for you and your family.

  16. RainCry527 says:

    Keep going my brother God bless you

  17. tkguyok says:

    You're right, looks like something major will soon happen. God save us, trouble, trouble everywhere!

  18. jim says:

    You know what is really sad. These corrupted western leaders have plenty of boot licking minions to do their bidding. Plenty of traitorous soldiers and traitorous cops and traitorous FBI types always ready to do their masters bidding

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