Alex Jones: Obama Launching World War III – Video


The people of the U.S should voice themselves and get what they can to see the truth being this gov. We the people of the united states shouldn’t be toyed with like chess pieces for stupid officials in our gov. To decide our fate. Now I truly believe in ww3 starting with Obama the savior to the corruptor. It’s actually a global cartel of elitists doing this. Europe is getting robbed just as the Americans. Canada is a commonwealth nation with Britain who has a big role in this world.Now they are going to say “Oh my! We got attacked by Pakistan and WW3 will happen. They are going to make something happen like a false attack to go to war with Pakistan as Alex Jones stated. World War 3 is coming. Albert Pike predicted it. Gerald Celente is right and Alex Jones is right.



War typically leaves the economy in ruin and depression just like WW1 or pretty much any other major war you want to look at. The post war economic boom was caused by nation building like Eisenhowers interstate highway system and the Marshal plan which rapidly (using the government) rebuilt the economies of Europe. The strengthened Unions from the 30’s and 40’s demanded higher wage levels which sustainably boosted consumer spending and demand (wage growth not savings).

World War One left the British economy in such an appalling state they were in depression from WW1 right until after the conclusion of WW2. The British won the war but so what? The US were not so adversly affected because it was the US who was holding the debts owed by Britain etc and the German reparations were pushed directly into the US which was advantageous to them. In any event the depression was caused by the terrible economic policies of the 20’s. Sweden recovered with no war!

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  1. Manu Costa says:

    18 Pride goes before destruction,
    a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverb 16

    For this video, Stalinists are apparently (well) alive. Particularly noteworthy is the statement he made of some kind of mass destruction weapon “No explosion, no ray burst. Not some kind of a laser, not lightning; it is a calm and quiet weapon instead, with which whole continents will be put to sleep.” This could be reference to a Neutron Bomb?

    Comment: The problem with whose that fall is, how they perceive the imminent defeat, they not hesitate to push the red button, whatever the (final) “solution” that implies. That is, they not are willing to fall alone… as defeatists they are they will drag as many as they can with them. I don’t know about you, but I am entirely sick of lies, pretense and brutality.

  2. Percy says:

    Is this blog under new ownership from before??? The original blog had insight like nothing I Had ever seen before. This one is like the mouthpiece for the global elite. First of all saying that the British owed the US all that debt made me fall out of my chair laughing. Even a smiggen of research would have turned up the fact that the fed reserve is owned by Rothschild who is housed in LONDON WHICH IS NOT PART OF BRITAIN, RATHER A PINCIPALITY RUN BY ROTHSCHILD INTERNATIONAL. That is who the British have Always been in debt to and why the bank of London was given to Rothschild, that used to be controlled by the British gov.

    Why is a “non country city controlling that countries central bank”? Huh? Answer that one will ya? Because the queen is a khazar rothschild and is feeding Britain to the rothschilds one piece at a time. TREASON FROM WITHIN, BUT THEN SHE IS NOT A BRIT IS SHE? SHE IS A GERMAN KHAZAR, ISN’T SHE??? WONDER WHEN THE TRUE HEIR TO THE BRITISH THRONE WILL TAKE HIS RIGHTFUL PLACE AGAIN??? HE CURRENTLY RESIDES IN AUSTRALIA WHERE HE IS SAFE FROM THE GOTHE SAXIE’S ( WINDSORS). YOU KNOW, THE SATANIST PAGANS who give occult weddings to their kids on occult dates near beltrane festival. Didn’t you notice that???

  3. Marianne says:

    Americans are like Pakistanis. We are interested in having peaceful lives, and not war. Our American President and Congress never ask us what we want. They just do whatever pleases them. They do not represent us at all. When we complain, we are either ignored or silenced. This is not democracy. When the end comes, they plan to hide in underground caves, while everyone else dies. This is true for most governments.

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